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Apple loses 'Most Valuable Company' honor to ExxonMobil


Re: Dividends


1000 @ $700 = $700k.. so a $200 return for a $700k investment.!! and a $250k loss!



I noted that Apples last dividend payment was just over $2 dollars a share... so if I'd held 1000 Apple shares when it was trading at around $700 dollars I would have expected a check for $200 dollars on my $70000 dollar investment.... mmmm not a very good rate of return... even more so when considering if that now my investment would be now down to $45k, a $25k loss... ouch... no wonder Apple share owning ifanbois are foaming at the mouth

Having said that.. what is more unbelievable is the P/E ratios for Facebook (293) and Amazon (3800) considering the market capitalization of both, Facebook worth 69 billion dollars... ha ha ha

Sorry, Apple-haters, but Cupertinian doom not on the horizon


What proportion of the iphone sales were for the 5?

That's the interesting question

US patent office: Nice try Apple, but pinch-to-zoom is NOT a new invention


UPSO = Knobs, Apple = TROLLS

How about instead of confirming or denying that the 'pinch zoom' patent is valid via prior art, they actually make a judgement based on the fact that this and the plethora of clearly obvious ideas that Apple (and other companies) are registering cannot be valid because of either they are so obvious or downright simple.

Using the concept of basic human behaviour i.e. gestures cannot and should be part of any patent. For example, just recently Apple have submitted a patent for the animated turning of a page.. FFS! This is cleary just a generic software function tied of a physical function of a device. It must stop.

Lets hope this and other similar stupid patents are binned soon.

Sorry, Apple - China's just not that into your iPhone 5


Apples reality distortion field in action


Ho Ho Ho....down she goes :-)

Facebook takes aim at SMS with new Messenger app



In preparation for this assault, and as a non-user of this sh$te how can I submit a request to facebook that they must never/store/use my name, email address and phone number i.e. Non facebook information, when their scavenging app is used on peoples mobiles/devices?

Apple: You'd want hi-fi streamage from us, not poor-people Wi-Fi audio


Re: Bluetooth

I'll think you'll find they've invented nothing, just re-branded bluetooth to confuse the isheep who are so ever keen to fill their coffers...

Samsung tells Apple: Quit your 'frivolous' whining over court doc leak


Thank heavens for Apple Originality

What do you mean? A rectangle with rounded corners, icons and a touch sensitive screen. How about it having a black bevel? That must be original, or using standard human gestures to control things on a touch screen. Bloody hell how innovative is that...

I wish someone would setup a technology shop right next to every apple store called Everthing But Apple and fill with all the stolen tech that Google, Samsung, etal have robbed Apple with...

Facebook's ONLY failure: Expectations management



Now I'm not your average investor or market trader but the over hyped value of Facebook is farcical in the extreme. After dropping around 20%+ in value over the last few weeks, it is still valued at between 50-60 billion pounds. Nuts!!

If the share price fell to $10 dollars, that would still value facebook at around 20 billion!! Barking mad for a company whose main user base lies in the 14-20 year old bracket... the exact people who do not have the disposable income that the IPO has been hyped about... Once Facebook attempts to apply a more rigorous advertising model, users will leave in droves and its share price will collapse to a more meaningful value.. et al Yahoo...

The main investors are trying to pump the stock, which might work in the short term.. longer term though its there is only one way its going and thats down.

Either way for the punters on the sidelines watching this farce, its too much of an opportunity to miss in making some money shorting the stock.... Roll on $10 dollars a share! (may take a few months though)

IBM unveils high-capacity, high-speed storage chippery

Thumb Down

from the ultimate Vapour Ware company. I doubt its using any new tech.. just making sure its not left behind

Apple files avatar automation, emotion patents


fuck off apple, go do something original instead parasiting on human behaviour... wankers


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