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UK launches SKYNET – not a doomsday plot, just shopping for improved satellite comms


I agree, it is a good name.

Now give me your clothes and your motorcycle

Could a leaky capacitor be at fault on ESA's Sentinel-1B?


Re: Leaky ceramic?

Leaky in this context means it has parallel internal resistance so there is a DC current flow.

This is common in ceramic and tantalum capacitors.

Nothing to do with your perception of an electrolyte leak in an electrolytic capacitor.

(Speaking as a former capacitor design engineer).

Thank you, FAQ chatbot, but if I want your help I'll ask for it


So is that Norfolk or Sussex?Re: I am here to help. What can I do for you today?

You're not in the UK are you.

Pi calculated to '62.8 trillion digits' with a pair of 32-core AMD Epyc chips, 1TB RAM, 510TB disk space


Re: Bah. I've done more.

I'm waiting for the peer revue.

Hero to Jezero: Perseverance, NASA's most advanced geologist rover, lands on Mars, beams back first pics


Re: "If we see a hedgehog, we would know there’s current and certainly ancient life on Mars"

"Or that hedgehogs have developed a teleportation device".

I, for one, welcome our spiny overlords.

Voyager 2 receives and executes first command in 11 months as sole antenna that reaches it returns to work


Boldly Going...


Google wants to listen in to whatever you get up to in hotel rooms


Too late

They all left on Ark B years ago hence the situation we're in now.


Re: Presumably these things need power...


Firefox maker Mozilla axes a quarter of its workforce, blames coronavirus, vows to 'develop new revenue streams'


Re: This is actually a good thing

These days all the development is done in Chrome so expect further reductions.

Japan to test self-destructing satellite to shrink space junk with string and an inanimate carbon blob


Header picture

Made me think of Dark Star.

The original 1974 not the 2015 one.

Square peg of modem won't fit into round hole of PC? I saw to it, bloke tells horrified mate


ain't no problem in the world that can't be solved with hot-snot

i always use duct tape and WD40


NASA mulls restoring Saturn V to service as SLS delays and costs mount


Poisson d’Avril

Where's my paper fish?

Official: Apple debugs MacBook Air of sucky Butterfly keyboard



If you're unlucky enough to own one of the devices affected by the original (flawed) design will you get a free upgrade to a keyboard that works?

Ha Ha Ha.

Forgive me.

What was I thinking.

World Wide Web's Sir Tim swells his let's-remake-the-internet startup with Bruce Schneier, fellow tech experts


If this means I can access the internet without all the American suspects tracking what I do Then Hell Yeah.

I do you use adblockers etc but shit still gets through.

Ever wondered what Microsoft really thought about the iPad? Ex-Windows boss spills beans


Classic Shell is so popular

It works.

Why tinker with it.


Re: Let me fix it for you

"Win 10 is a sod" full stop.

Period if you are from across the pond.

Boeing aircraft sales slump to historic lows after 737 Max annus horribilis


Just an observation

I live near the Airbus wings plant in Cheshire where the Belugas go over my house.

Flights have tripled over the last 4-5 months.

Just saying.

Are you getting it? Yes, armageddon it: Mass hysteria takes hold as the Windows 7 axe falls


Re: Time to grab the book ...

"42" years.

Where's my towel ?


Re: one would think

Windux/Lindows ?

Place your bets now.


Re: Ah, Git ...

what have the Romans ever done for us?

They gave us Easter.

IT exec sets up fake biz, uses it to bill his bosses $6m for phantom gear, gets caught by Microsoft Word metadata


Re: idiot

The "smart" criminals have already done this.

Hence you have never heard of them.

Europol wipes out 30,000+ piracy sites, three suspects cuffed to walk the legal plank



From the article"making the internet a safer place for consumers".

So rather than getting what YOU want you have to stream and get ads and tracking.

I see how that is "safer".

Embrace, Extend, and… Enclave? Microsoft guards Kubernetes' privates with TEEs



Good luck getting that Intel CPU into the AMD socket.

Questions hang over Gatwick Airport after low level drone near-miss report


Re: Point defense?

Frikkin' lasers!


Re: Drones

And looking at people in a funny way.

Facebook iOS app silently turns on your phone camera. Ah, relax – it's just a bug, lol!?


Burn It !

Delete/uninstall/burn/whatever Facebook.

You don't need it.

It's the most insidious software you can ever put on your devices.

"But I need to keep in touch with my family/friends" Use the phone or email.

I expect incoming downvotes but I don't care.

Facebook is evil, nuff said.

Dough! Jobs microsite for UK's data watchdog set hundreds of cookies without visitors' consent

Big Brother

Thinking laterally

As this is a recruitment portal perhaps it was designed as a filter to sort the wheat from the chaf?

Just saying.

Chrome OS: Yo dawg, I heard you like desktops so we put a workspace in your workspace


More slurping

From the article :

"Another new feature is the ability to right-click a phone number in Chrome and send it to an Android phone. This requires enabling sync between the Chrome browser on both devices."

Stay away.

I discovered the world's last video rental kiosk and it would make a great spaceship


Re: Recycling

You may want to back off the smugness of self agrandissement.

Just saying.

If you really can't let go of Windows 7, Microsoft will keep things secure for another three years


Win 7

I've installed a clean Win 7 sp1 on several peoples computers over the last year or so.

Turned off updates and all is well.

A lot quicker than with all the "updates" too.

Remember Win 7. The last best OS.

Cortana makes your PC's heart beat faster: Windows 10 update leaves some processors hot under the cooler


Agile !

It's the future !


Storied veteran Spitfire slapped with chrome paint job takes off on round-the-world jaunt


Cabin Pressure

Episode was Qikiqtarjuaq S03E01.


Re: Call Sign

I was going to refer to Cabin Pressure but you beat me to it.

Upvote and a pint for you sir.

Googlers hate it! This one weird trick lets websites dodge Chrome 76's defenses, detect you're in Incognito mode


Simple workaround...

Don't use Chrome but a browser you can tailor to YOUR needs.

Several are available.

Upvoted the first post by the way.

Maybe double-check that HMRC email? UK taxman remains a fave among the phisherfolk


Buzzword Bingo!

" In the next year of service, we are intending to retender the service and look to onboard more public sector customers"

Do I get a prize?

Google's reCAPTCHA favors – you guessed it – Google: Duh, only a bot would refuse to sign into the Chocolate Factory

Big Brother

A lot of people think Google IS the internet.

Unfortunately, Google think that too.

The Year Of Linux On The Desktop – at last! Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 brings the Linux kernel into Windows


Re: But why?

" the world's largest desktop OS platform"

It certainly is.

20GB on Win10 64bit just for the OS.

(your hardware drivers may vary).



Call me a cynic but maybe Microsoft have realised that their bloated OS has seen its day.

They don't do QA anymore (Win 10) and imagine how much it would cost to rewrite a Windows OS from scratch without the cruft.

A Linux OS with a Windows UI would save them a lot of money and staff.

But on the downside imagine trying to tell your granny how to use the terminal.

Just my opinion but I see this coming.

Firefox armagg-add-on: Lapsed security cert kills all browser extensions, from website password managers to ad blockers


Firefox ?

Are you still using Firefox ?

Pale Moon FTW http://www.palemoon.org/

Take control people.

Altered carbon: Boffins automate DNA storage with decent density – but lousy latency


Decode the human genome

It would be interesting to put the human genome through this,turn it into binary and see if it came up with 42.

What do WLinux and Benedict Cumberbatch have in common? They're both fond of Pengwin


Pen gwyn in Welsh literally means top of the white.

So how the heck did the Welsh come up with that for a bird from Antarctica.

I've lived in Wales for 50yrs and my partner and daughter are fluent (I consulted them on this) before any pedants get upperty

'Now is the winter of our disk contents'... Decision on Lauri Love's seized gear due next week

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El Reg Headlines

Isn't this one of the reasons why we come here?

The headlines are worthy of Pulitzer prizes sometimes.

Keep on keeping on guys.

You're legit and you know you are... Thanks to chanting racist footie fans, linking to dodgy stuff isn't necessarily illegal (well, in Europe)


Kodi is a media player/server so what's your point?

Android Phones are 10: For once, Google won fair and square

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Other OS are available

Lineage is the way to go.

Take back control people!

Curiosity's computer silent on science, baffling boffins


Re: It has gone to the dark side ( amanfromMars 1)

Google translate doesn't work with this.

Must be that phase of the moon again or because we've just tipped over the equinox.

Bouncing robots land on asteroid 180m miles away amid mission to fetch sample for Earth


Huey and Dewey ?

Ex-UK comms minister's constituents plagued by wonky broadband over ... wireless radio link?


Re: For His Masters Voice Transport Missions with Tramp Steamers/Sleek Tenders


I see from your postings you've not been here long.

amanfromMars is a "special" person in that he's let out into the community occasionally.

Click on his name in his posts to be awed by his pearls of wisdom.

What happens to your online accounts when you die?


Re: Re: Huh?? (Off Topic) My thoughts too.

Thanks for the upvotes.

Much appreciated.


Re: Huh?? (Off Topic)

My thoughts too.

My daughters sister died yesterday (same mother different father).

She'd had cancer treatment for 5 years

She was 35.

Nobody should bury their children.

Life is shit.