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Developers get new IE10 for Windows 8 preview


No one uses IE

Firefox/Chrome have the majority of market share.

A lot of companies have migrated away from welded in Windows platforms to open source solutions.

They can have IE version 1,000,000 it will still be NON-COMPLIANT and still require custom code to be created for it to display the majority of websites.

Another fact is, it is an open pathway for exploits, malware, spyware, trojans, viruses this is a GREAT feature set of Microsoft Windows.


Run Firefox on Linux distro's

I have never had any problems with Firefox, Internet Explorer cannot interpret web-pages correctly period.

It does not conform to the W3C standards, try the ACID3 test on IE and it fails miserable.

Anyone who has designed web-sites, or maintains web-servers know Internet Explorer ALWAYS has some sort of rendering problem.

A website will work on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, KDE Konqueror, old variants of Gnome browsers and Internet Explorer will FAIL.

Ask any developer they always have to make exceptions for Internet Explorer because MS does not want to follow the rules, nor do they have to.

But like all kingdoms they eventually fail.


Browser lock-in

I do remember how sites would say requires Internet Explorer, the majority of this non-sense has been washed away.

Why does Internet Explorer get exempted from conforming to web standards?

Mint Linux freshens up web searches


Need to give this a try

I have typically been a hardened CentOS now to Scientific Linux since the patches updates are fast.

I am going to give this a go.

HP shows off filer and dedupe monsters in Vienna


Great example

I never thought of data in this aspect but I think you hit the nail on the head.

It is putting a band-aid on a bigger problem.

I think data manipulation is the hardest of all task as a system admin.


end of life for the mechanical drive

It would be one of the biggest achievements once the technology/money is available to end the life of the mechanical hard-drive.

It is the Achilles heel of computing, being the slowest part of the equation.

With the economy floundering most companies are not investing much on R & D unfortunately.

The sustained I/O of solid memory is unparallelled in performance and speed. This will revolutionize IT eventually like a new awakening, it is as if mechanical drives will never meet an end. It is like dial-up Internet services it is time for it to be eliminated.

Ubuntu team questions Distrowatch share slide figures


Linux/Unix powers the Internet

You would not be on this forum if not for Linux/Unix variants that power routers/switches/servers and the myriads of other devices like smart phones.

You are speaking of applications, you do not need Windows to create a (.doc) and/or a spreadsheet.

The public Internet is full of bot networks powered by non-else than Windows machines.

If Microsoft was so wonderful why is the iPad and Macs taking a strong hold.

You can virtualize any application, you do NOT need a Windows server to run an app that requires Windows.

Before you start trashing all Linux/Unix variants that make the Public Internet available you might want to do some research.

There are many countries that have abandoned Windows and run pure 100% Linux distro's and a lot of other companies have made the switch.

There is no need in paying for software when you can have a hardened OS that can withstand the Public Internet such as Linux distro's. A Windows machine cannot face the Public Internet without some barrier to protect it with the 50-70 MILLION lines of code full of security holes and back doors.


careers today

I find this almost comical because the top paying careers involve open_source and Linux distro's building virtualized apps and middle-ware technologies.


Linux distro's are one word AWESOME!

The more distro's the better, the advancements and packages are mind boggling.

Canonical releases first alpha of Ubuntu 12.04


3.2 kernel

With the 2.6 kernel the advancements were mind boggling, with 3.2 it keeps getting better.

I have to say Ubuntu has a powerful base.

Virtualised storage: the perfect space-saving solution


Totally agree RAID5 = Disaster

I have been burned by RAID5 sets with 1 drive failing then another drive has already 1/2 dead and shows its defective side once the replacement drive is inserted.

RAID50 is what I am running in the SAN's, however I opted to go with RAID10 on standalone servers (for video).

RAID0 & RAID5 are like snakes, they do their worst work after a disk drive fails. You put a new one in and the machine crashes and you are left with a blinky courser.

The day the mechanical hard-drive can go to a permanent retirement will be a wonderful day. One can only hope static ram will eventually come down in price and not be unattainable at the current prices. Plus the I/O is amazing with static ram, I checked out the RAM SAN prices and they are still pretty high.

Antarctic ice formed at CO2 levels much higher than today's

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Fraud of the century

Why is this on a tech site?

It is nothing more than cannon fodder and it is bunk science.

When Al Gore gives up his many mansions that have $20,000 electric bills and his SUV's and his Jets flying all over.

The same people telling others not to breath or eat meat, live like kings but the elite are exempt so which is it?

Hypocrites, stop using computers, electricity, fuel, basically stop breathing according this trash science.

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Carbon is the building block

So basically get rid of carbon, now that is intelligent...

China/India are really worried about this, they pollute 1,000 times worse than any other country and no one is telling them to live in mud huts.

This is irritating at best, the sky is falling, stop breathing, eating and jump off a cliff to save mother earth.


Fact Mars is heating up

The fact that the entire solar system is warming, NO man can change the climate if the sun is hotter it is going to be warmer period.

If the sun is cooler then the temp will be cooler.

1 volcano spews more into the atmosphere than all of the years of man being industrial!

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The biggest FARCE of the century

The earth is freezing, oh no it is melting and burning up.

Basically whoever can control energy usage will control the earth.

This has nothing to do with nothing more than someone selling carbon credits and making BILLIONS of dollars.

It is all a fraud period.

UK lays carbon plan before Earth Goddess


goodbye electronics

There will be 2 classes of people.

Controlling class = Global elites, Political cronies.

The rest of us = 3rd world living.



Energy is now going to be in 'short supply'

Scarcity of energy will = SKYROCKETING energy prices.

Get ready to pay for breathing, it is coming and the political elite will be exempted as well as the social elite.

Basically going back to pre-Industrial living without air-conditioning and rationed electricity and water usage.

YOU will not be able to afford the things you have today.

Chrome passes Firefox in global browser share


Google Chrome

Google Chrome works great on Linux distro's, Firefox works great as well I use it on my Scientific Linux workstation daily.

That being said, Internet Explorer is not the most use browser on earth. It is down in the 25% rating.


IE usage is not that high

I do not believe the stats for IE usage that high, I do not think the user agent is reporting correctly.

Example, on Linux distro's a lot of people use a user agent switcher to display Windows with IE and so on and so forth.

College sticks cloud into geothermal igloo data centre



I think the volcano would be a big concern.

Red Hat's sales architect exits on Linux high


Private companies

Well sometimes private companies are good for a change, however you always find yourself back at a big mega corp again.

Lovefilm dumps Flash, BLINDS Linux fans with Silverlight




So basically it is like extortion?

Google researchers propose fix for ailing SSL system


google needs to stay out

I would prefer the open source community come up with a solution, I find that most conceived from mega corps always have big security holes.


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