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DBMS pioneer Bachman: 'Engineers have more fun than academics'

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Pretty Good, but...

The network DBMS stuff has been OK but the reality is Ted Codd's Relational approach has been orders of magnitude more relevant and useful. Also, a lot of stuff is still used decades after development (heck, even some of our decades-old designs are in that bin) but that usually just means it's not cost-effective to redo them - they're there & they're done so just work 'em until they're not needed. And it's probably just me but there did seem to be a vague wistful tone there - 'specially that dismissive (and timely) personal insight on Relational = punch cards. Sorry, Charlie - but I'd think it's probably more appropriate to equate Relational and spreadsheets (just two of the most useful and widely used tools for many modern folks...)