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NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is returning with its first-ever asteroid sample


I've seen the results of this 'project' before

I'm Captain Morton. There's a fire sir!

Saved by the Bill: What if... Microsoft had killed Windows 95?


Great another day shot

Now I have that Emin-Em (M&M, 'im'n'im) song ditty stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Thanks el Reg.

Qualcomm crams more smarts into flagship mobile chip: It's the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1


Re: But then comes Google

"November 2021 marked the moment when all new Android 11+ apps in Play Store using the microSd card must take a 10x to 10000x performance penalty. A really fast 1TB card is reduced to a few IOPS by Google's SAF."

The whole "don't use a SD card, use internal storage" thing is a huge turn off for me. I've been fighting it since they first started down this path with various hacks. It's stupid and just adds to the frustrations in trying to choose a new phone these days. The phone makers/OS are going backwards IMHO and I don't give a flip about making it lighter/thinner anymore. Give back my 3.5 jack and removable SD/Battery yah bastards!

Not certain which alternative to go with these days, not sure I want to fight the fiddle bits to keep something running once it's installed. The whole 'smart phone' world has gone mad as far as I'm concerned.

Every time I even consider Apple/IOS they come along and do something stupid / lock in to the walled garden even more so it's all a bitter pill.

*Old man yells at clouds while fumbling with his S5 that's still running but on borrowed time.

Arista and Juniper hike prices as component lead times blow out to 80 weeks – that's May 2023


Zero and you are a hero

"In other words : zero stock is now coming back to bite with a vengeance."

Sure, it's a shit sandwich, but it's a very LEAN shit sandwich.

Would you like some of our 6SigmaSauce with that?

Samsung stops providing security updates to the Galaxy S8 at grand old age of four years


Re: Imagine my S5 feeling lonely

Ah yes. Just put in a new battery, the third one of it's life.

Still have the other two, they charge but don't last more that an a couple of hours. I keep them charged as "spares" but honestly don't really use them.

Still use the headphone jack and removable SD card as well.

Amazing how 'obsolete' still beats current shiny at certain functionality.


Imagine my S5 feeling lonely

I guess this means my S5 will continue to not receive updates?

Yeah,yeah. Still works, still does what I need. I keep it as stripped down as I can and have no "apps" that come anywhere near any personal finances or health.

I'm not even sure Lineage supports it anymore though to be fair.

Wi-Fi 6 isn't signed off yet, but boffins are already teasing us with specs for venerable wireless tech's next gen


How about just fixing all the little bug?

Enough with the featuritis, how about fixing some of the bugs, security holes, tightening up the code and just getting things working as they were designed (promised) to do?

Some stability instead of pushing the marketing/sales wish list would be nice.

And not just for WiFi. For almost all soft/hardware these days.

AMD pushes 64-core 4.2GHz Ryzen Threadripper Pro workstation processors


Lots of cores and 2 TB

Crossfire (cuz AMD) a couple of high end video cards and it should be able to run the new MS Flight Sim with multiple screens.

Of course should and can are two different things.

Logitech Zone Wireless: Swanky headset means business, but that also means it comes with a hefty price tag


The earpads will fall apart after 18months

Bought the H820E DECT headphones from Logitech. They actually work (still!) quite well and the range hands down beats any bluetooth only headset. I can wander around at work and at home I can basically cruise the house while waiting for my 15 seconds of fame (Are you mad? All that on such a compressed timetable! Impossible!) during terribly boring Zoom/Teams/WebEx/Whatever meetings.

The ear cushions however will fall off becoming unglued even with extreme care to not toss them about after a year to 18 months. The outer covering simply decomposed and the cushions contained within went AWOL. I was forced to improvise new covers as just using the hard plastic earphone by themselves were torture.

Judging from my searches on line this is not a one off event. Be forewarned.

Samsung's Galaxy S7 line has had a good run with four years of security updates – but you'll want to trade yours in now


S5 still rocking

S7? Luxury!

I'm still rocking my S5 that I bought new about 6 years ago now.

Still works, on it's 2nd battery (cuz it's REMOVABLE without soldering!), and basically does all I need for now. SD slot, headphone jack, bluetooth, camera.

Plus I'm cheap.

And....I'm.....a......poor. :-( And very untrendy / unstylish as well.

Uncle Sam's nuke-stockpile-simulating souped-super El Capitan set to hit TWO exa-FLOPS, take crown as world's fastest machine in 2023


Re: I wonder...

Having once worked for GSK (before my jerb was sent to Mumbai) I can assure you nothing would come of it. It would sit idle waiting for the endless meetings to discuss what should be done with it and how to actually, sorta, maybe come to a conclusion.

Then it would have to wait until after the re-org of the re-org to be completed so the group now responsible could determine if they should move forward or wait until after the upcoming re-re-org.

Meanwhile someone would be trying to get Crysis up and running on it so they could appear busy during the next series of meetings to decide what should be done with it.

Open wide, very wide: Xerox considers buying HP. Yes, the HP that is more than three times its market cap


Re: Only in the business world

"The plan" is do set off alarm bells at HP. HP execs will panic, realize they are way bigger than Xerox and if anybody is buying out someone by golly it's going to be HP buying X.

HP gathers the usual suspect bankers to 'advise' and 'package' a buyout of X first. Declares victory, champagne all around.

Meanwhile the Xerox execs cash out all options, pat each other on the back for their brilliant plan going off without a hitch, then run like hell out the door to "pursue other interests".

Meanwhile 20K workers face the chop to pay for it all.

Spin doctors: UPS gets permission to expand drone delivery fleet in the US


Droning on

Not really that close to the coast, couple of hours drive away. No more inclement than anywhere else.

No mention of which campus. WakeMed has multiple campuses in the area. Wondering if the drones will fly between campuses, thus avoiding the usual traffic tie ups rather than just between buildings on one campus which doesn't seem worth the effort. Unless of course it's you walking across a blistering parking lot on a hot day.

Judges dismisses majority of Cisco's 'insane' IP defence against Arista


Re: Since When . . .

"Since When . . .have U.S. judges worn wigs?"

Well the judges name is "Beth" so..... you'll have to ask the judge.

Flying on its own, Thunderbird seeks input on new look


Now I'm feeling old

Forte Agent?

Almost forgot about that one. The flashback was sudden and the sense of loss deep on that mention.

Damn I'm old.

Comcast celebrates Presidents Day with Gerald Ford impression


It's not just ComCast

TimeWarner has really been having issues the last couple of months. Several big outages usually blamed on a "cable cut".

Was waiting on a snarky Reg article but don't recall ever seeing one. Disappointed I am.

Public enemies: Azure, Amazon, Google, Oracle, OpenStack, SoftLayer will murder private IT


Why not? What could possibly go wrong?

The scandalous security breeches to date and data center "outages" haven't been big enough yet to inflict enough pain to deter "cloudy" business plans.

Eventually there will be a big enough slip up that will end up in severe business losses and the usual lawsuits to recover damages that examples will be made.

Even then it'll never go away but completely trusting others with your storage and data will not be taken as lightly as it is today.

Eventually IT will cycle back to the next big thing and it'll be interesting to see what place in the grand scheme of things "private IT" winds up.

Cisco admins gear up for a late night – hardcoded password in wireless points nuked


Re: Testing? We've heard of it.

Testing is for whimps. Cisco sez it's good to go, it's good to go.

Just look at the original release software. Good to go.

Wait. Hang on.

Boffins baffled by record-smashing supernova that shouldn't exist


It's the funny looking one over by the de-phaser plasma laser fire control button.

Trust me, Xerzizo, I've been doing this for years. Just push it and let's go to lunch.

JetBlue blames Verizon after data center outage cripples flights


Cloudy virtual remote outsourced data

What could possibly go wrong?

Microsoft backports data slurp to Windows 7 and 8 via patches


Re: settings-win.data.microsoft.com.


Maybe there will be an open source code that can be compiled to replace the MS supplied one shortly.

You care about TIN? Why the Open Compute Project is irrelevant


Nordstroms don't do internal data centers anymore?

So scratch off Nordstroms as a place to shop. Unless it's cash only.

North America down to its last ~130,000 IPv4 addresses


Re: So how many get freed?

The rather large company I used to work for until very recently has at least 3 or 4 class B ranges they aren't using that would keep ARIN going for another day or so. Plus a couple RIPE could get back.

We won't discuss the multitude of </16 ranges they have scattered about the globe.

I think they could keep a few of the /24 for NAT/other purposes and get along on the 1918 ranges until they convert to IPV6.

If only they were actually converting to IPV6 instead of yet another committee to study the idea. Maybe next decade.

Tesla reveals Powerwall battery packs for homes, Powerpacks for cities


Can't be for real

No mention of graphene in any form being used in the product!

Sounds like a scam to me. ;-)

You've got $60k: So, 2013 sporty Corvette, or a year of AWS's new I2 beast?

Paris Hilton

Make mine the 2014 'Vette please.

Topless of course.

Oh and please show me the proof that cloud servers help you pick up the opposite sex?

I know which one would bring me more pleasure and while it might be an Amazon (if I'm lucky) it won't be bare metal.

Crooks target Target: 40 MILLION bank cards imperiled in cyber-heist


Insider Job?

Since it was a targeted attack (sorry) on the in store registers/scanners sounds like someone had access to a master controller server that updates all the stores registers. Push down a bit of code, install code, run code. Probably sent a copy of the card info to an offsite storage location as each transaction took place.

Of course I'm guessing since I'm not a talented security bod, but this doesn't strike me as the sort of casual scammer or anon attack vector. Until proven otherwise I'd say at the very least they were very familiar with the inner workings of the POS systems / software.

For once I guess being dirt poor and unable to obtain credit / bank accounts pays off.

Cisco and iRobot build videoconferencing robot for remote workers


Re: 1st Picture?

No. He's busy smearing the fancy, trendy, oh so cool glass walled offices with his greasy hand prints.

Something the "open space concept" pushers didn't think about. Our glass walls look horrible after about 6 months. And the so called cleaning people just smear it all around with a cloth until it's an impenetrable haze.

I predict lots of these will be 'demo'ed'. None will really be sold.

John Sweeney: Why Church of Scientology's gravest threat is the 'net


It's the cake picture again.

Damn. I get suckered into articles every f'in time by that cake and milk picture.

Mmmm, boobies.

What were we discussing again?

NASA snaps pics of China's 'Airpocalypse' pollution disaster

Thumb Up

True, but you'll just need an OSHA approved "EPA Opinion" Flamesuit

Up voted for truth but you'll just be hammered for daring to suggest that a regulatory agency has overstepped it's bounds by a large margin.

Making MACH 1: Can we build a cranial computer today?


Shoot the Hostage!

Err, certainly I can't be the first to reference that?

I tried to buy a satellite and all I got was this lousy $67,000



Another case of the Free Shite Army trying to mobilize for even more FS.

Maybe if it's not "Free" someone might just un-ass themselves to provide the service. If no one is willing to pay, then maybe the demand wasn't there or it wasn't worth the expenditure?

Soz, switch-fondlers: Doesn't look like 2013 is 10Gb Ethernet's year

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Re: It's probably 1Gig which is the odd one out

Spot on. Outside of the data center or core to distribution runs, the cost of upgrading the cabling to support 10G just isn't going to happen anytime soon. Last I recall you still couldn't go very far on copper, TX6A is only 70 meters which isn't a drop in replacement for 5E (100 meters) so it won't fit in existing runs.

Plus it's damned expensive to boot and requires even more expensive and carefully certified terminations.

Canadians nab syrup rustlers after massive maple sap heist


It's all in the Grade

I'm not so certain the tree species influences the taste that much. I do know the grades can vary in sweetness and taste.

Grade A Light Amber ("Fancy"), Grade A Medium Amber, Grade A Dark Amber, Grade B.

The A light fancy is very sweet and very light on the taste. The Grade B is very dark, almost 'industrial' syrup, very thick and a heavy taste. I guess it depends on how you are using it (cooking, pancakes, ice cream) as to which works best. I've used it in coffee before as a substitute for sugar. :-)

I find the A dark over plain vanilla ice cream to be better than sex. Wait. No. Yes. Much better now than I'm getting old.

Hero Playmonaut lost at sea as SPEARS ditches in Channel



Sounds like a Mafia job to me.

After all, the Playmonaut sleeps with the fishes now.

Is running IT for the Olympics the worst job in the world?


ITIL? It'il end in tears

Tons of paperwork, committees, and change boards. It'll all go swimmingly(!) I'm certain of it.

The CIO invited his managers to a safari by the desert. He lent his four-wheel-drive car and recommended a route through the desert.

After 20 miles of travelling, they got a flat tire and the car got stuck in the middle of a dune.

Just a second after the puncture, the incident manager left the car saying “go, go, go!!! We’re in time!” put a chewing gum on the tyre, got into the car again and said “Solved, let’s go!“. The Change Manager responded “But, it will only last for a few meters.“, But the Incident Manager said “It doesn’t matter! I can put another gum if it fails again.“

Half an hour after running out of chewing gum, the problem manager said. “EUREKA! I know!. There is no more problem! The tire wasn’t designed for the heat, and it melted“. The Incident Manager said “OK. But… how can we get out of this situation?“. “Hey! Don’t put pressure on me! I know the root cause. Now it isn’t a problem, it’s a known error“, the Problem Manager retorted.

The Change Manager said. “I know how to change the wheel. But I can’t“. “Why?” Asked the rest. “Because I can’t contact the owner and I don’t have an approval“, the Change Manager responded.

The Incident Manager ran out of patience, and began to shout at the Release Manager. “Hey, we are all trying to get out of here, and you are not doing anything!“. He answered “I’m doing more than everyone of you. I just finished a RFE so the next version of the tire won’t fail in the future.“

Finally, everyone looked at the Service Level Manager, who said. “OK, OK. Maybe it’s my fault. Well, I’ll pay you a coffee when we return and we’ll be even“

Speaking in Tech: The worst government IT deal of ALL TIME

Black Helicopters

Re: wait a minute

WV is run by the blue team. Remember all the .Gov largesse projects named for Sen. Byrd? He who had to be carried out of the U.S. Senate feet first?

He wasn't just blue because he stopped breathing.

Virgin Media site goes titsup in Pirate Bay payback attack


Am I the only one that..

is glad to see the boobies 'n cake picture back?

I'd gladly turn pie-rate to motorboat those.

Sorry. One track mind. Carry on with your censorship debate.

The Ethernet Alliance is thinking fast


1 Terabyte? No problem, that'll be a slight upcharge.

Pretty useless speeds when they can't even deliver a steady 10mb to the punters already paying outrageous prices.

Plus the usual bandwidth caps and tiered pricing, that should do the trick.

The Hardware Hacker's Guide to Home Automation


Re: C4's "Home of the future"

Of course you could just activate the 'electric grid' floor while being burgled.

Not a clue officer, looks like he had a heart attack and just died on the spot. Pity.

China churns out homemade aircraft for global travel DOMINATION

Black Helicopters

Re: what is it a copy of

Depends on who they stole the plans from.

UK-French drone aircraft blueprints nicked at Paris station


Not entirely old school

What? No handcuffs between user and briefcase ala spy novels of old.

Heavens, what's the world of spys coming to these days?

Fondle my slab, baby: Inside the tactile world of Apple-fan iDating


So, no real income then?

"designers and creatives"?

Is that code for nothing really productive and meaningful being produced?

Meh. I do so hate the new terminology.

James Bond savages the Kardashians


Craig Married?

Marriage of convenience? I thought he was gay?

Well, I know he can't drive a manual shift. That about seals it for me.