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NatWest and RBS' mobile banking apps go TITSUP


Whah Whah Whah

It's a great app and works really well. I use it a lot and really don't mind a wee cockup now and then. People need to remember how rubbish this banking malarkey was before technology and Internet have us unfettered 24/7 capabilities. So there that's what I think. Don't you all feel enlightened due to my opinion. ☺

Labour has a pop at the government over missed GDS targets


Who pays the bills?

Can I just remind everyone that whilst this "wasted money" from both parties is good headlines it also pays for a lot of us IT bods to do things like eat, drive, and have a very overpriced roof over our heads. Aye it's bad value for tax payers but it's an ecosystem which would be worse for all of us if 11bn of revenue etc was pulled. Just saying.

Man trousers $15,000 domain name for $10.99 amid registry cockup


Re: So How's Pets.com Doing?

That's exactly it. I mean when was the last time anyone typed or used a full tld? It's either a couple of letters for Google instant or for your search history over the last few years to pop up with the needed site.

Coming to Blackphone: An app store loaded with privacy tools


Stay alert citizens

"we can neither confirm or deny the existence of the blackphone.

. . - sent from my blackphone"

What a pity: Rollout of hated UK smart meters delayed again


Re: I've got a better idea....

Don't get me started on the enforced downgrade that is DAB. What a sodding joke.

Game pirates 'donate' compute power to Bitcoin miners


Know what's in any software.

Yes there are nasty things out there but from a reputable site with an active community behind it really reduces the risk. Also when did we all stop checking whatever software we put onto our machines? I'm not getting into the morality of software pirating but a few common sense efforts is all it takes to evaluate what you're doing. Sometimes El reg comments really does descend into the depths of "pc advisor" territory.

Femto fail: Vodafone's Sure Signal gets a bit shaky again


Vodafail and suresignal woes

Its been dead since Friday AM.

It's still dead. I told Vodafone on Friday AM that it was there end. They denied it. I jumped through hoops and eventually someone said they were having reports of outages.

Its Tuesday AM and we have no mobile use at work. Vodafone are being useless. No explanation, no time scale for a fix. They just don't give a shit.

Get cut off by their phone system after queueing. Their forums go down. They churn out the same PC Active "try a factory reset" bullshit.

Against better judgement I just renewed our business lines with them (busy and was easy :( ) - oh how am i regretting that.

New iPad: Crack open your wallets, fanbois, here's what it'll cost


Touching £700 (by the time you buy a smart cover and a mochachoccaskinnysoylattefrappecino) is a held of a price to pay to have the privilege of buying from the app store and itunes using your fingers.

NHS has to pay docs to put life-sign sensors in patients' digs

IT Angle

a nothing story

As mentioned above your GP Practices are private contractors and as such any work not within the PMS / nGMS contract does provide the opportunity to earn extra income from it. But also when a new system or major change comes in such as telehealth then it does cost money and staff and time to train GP staff, the write the protocols, to integrate it into how each practice works. An Enhanced service with payments for something like this is perfectly normal and routine - you wouldn't ask the local cable pulling monkeys you have contracted to change a tap or make lunch would you?

eBuyer £1 sale fail: Customers vent fury... on Facebook


it was a cockup

There were some good things to buy, £140 mobos and £130 plantronics headsets for a start - although I never managed to complete the purchase. I also then failed to buy what I originally went to ebuyer for. So i went across to misco and ordered through my business account on there.

They knew it would fall over - any muppet could see it was going to fall over. They emailed thier customer base and informed them that if they "liked" Ebuyer on facebook then they would get the sale url 30mins earlier. So people did and they got the url and the site went kerfizzbang.

Pretty annoyed by ebuyers response to be honest - so much so I have just paid up and cancelled our account with them. Just feel a bit duped by the sale but also annoyed that my regular buying was screwed because of this as well.