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Microsoft emits Office 2016 for Apple Macs (you'll need Office 365)

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Still no Lync upgrade

Nice to see a new version of Office.. but where's the update to Lync for Business (or is it Skype for Lync these days)?

You know one that works where screens can be shared and video calls made, the one that broke horrendously with Yosemite which you're forced to use if you want Office 2016.. Bah

F-Secure won't speak at imperialist lackey RSA's 2014 conference

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RE: Childish

I'm pretty sure the NSA have reviewed it and said there is nothing to worry about

Siri gets Android rival as Cluzee goes live

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I can get it to start.. when ever I speak to it is when it crashes. Maybe it just doesn't like my voice..