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Arm freezes hiring until Nvidia takeover, cancels everyone's 'wellbeing' allowance

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Re: Flim Flammery

Nice post!

I just find it hard to fathom how selling off British innovation & technology to non UK companies secures a strategic advantage for the UK. I can see the 40 billion price tag is too rich for us but I can't help think that this is more shortsightedness than securing a technologically beneficial resource.

It does rather piss me off that we went from being a preeminent computing superpower to where we are now.

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Re: Flim Flammery -> Hunger Games

I have to admit my first reaction was 'I would pay to see that'.

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Flim Flammery

1 - Why is there no UK interest in ARM?

2 - How hard are the board hoping no execs need to exit the business?

3 - Flexpot (and schemes like it) requires the OK of management to use. Yet it is part of their compensation. Any employment lawyers here?

4 - I would be hugely amused if, after the sale, and most employees realize they've been shafted, again, the majority of the workforce resigns.

What happens when your massive text-generating neural net starts spitting out people's phone numbers? If you're OpenAI, you create a filter

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Security In Depth

Good to see that as a part of coding fundamentals management are taking information security seriously.

£30m in contracts awarded in Post Office's £357m ATM overhaul

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I wonder how many innocent people will wind up in prison.

To plug gap left by CentOS, Red Hat amends RHEL dev subscription to allow up to 16 systems in production

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Several years ago I was approached by RH as they were looking for a service delivery manager based in Brno. Eventually got to interview.

What a complete shambles. From the hiring manager excusing himself from the interview because he 'had something important to do' to being asked what I would to support the companies charitable work and gave as an example how I would deal with someone on my team who did not want to be involved.

Needless to say I didn't get involved in what was clearly a toxic environment. I don't know if its changed or not but after that experience and some of the quite rankly bizarre tech choices they've made I am glad I didn't get involved.

Oh yeah my answers - to the guy that left I said that was not making a good impression on me but he still fucked off and the charity one....frankly I really do not think it is a sign of leadership to tell people which charities they need to support and that the suggestion was pretty bad and that whoever thought this was a good idea was an idiot. Clearly by that time I had no interest in them.

That they are now with IBM and getting seriously reamed is not a surprise.

Microsoft says bug, sorry, 'a latent defect' in Safe Deployment Process system downed Azure Active Directory

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Re: Microsoft and its rings

Rings? Sounds a b it goatse-ey to me...

What's worse than an annoying internet filter? How about one with a pre-auth remote-command execution hole and there's no patch?

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Show it works


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Re: It wouldn't make the slightest difference.

A good pun is by nature bad.

Lets not get hung up on the manager thing. Even though I brought it up.


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Re: It wouldn't make the slightest difference.

Sir Spoon.

Bad punning is what I do. I am manager.

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Re: Huh

The issue is that vendors don't really do much in the way of securing code or coding securely. Is it the fault of the devs? Perhaps but certainly the vendor should be ensuring devs get the correct guidance. On the flip side are customers who will take any s/w willy nilly with no concept of acceptance testing and indeed the security posture of the software is absolutely part of that acceptance.

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Re: It wouldn't make the slightest difference.

Ha yeah you're ...not your. I didn't even catch that.

I note my critic has removed they're post!

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Re: It wouldn't make the slightest difference.

Hide into nowhere

No...hiding to nowhere (also hiding to nothing) is correct. Hide into nowhere isn't even a phrase.

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Re: It wouldn't make the slightest difference.

First you audit the software before implementing it. Not only what resources it requires but also how it 'does' security. So in terms of authentication ....network layer authentication to be the way to go coupled with MFA. Of course if your MFA is compromised then your on a hiding to nowhere.

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No multi factor authentication? Pretty standard these days and if your system does not support these kinds of authentication you need to ask yourself how secure is this.

Normally I would add the beer icon and make a quip. However it's about 07:30 and I refuse to let the lockdown turn me into a booze hound.

ICANN finally halts $1.1bn sale of .org registry, says it's 'the right thing to do' after months of controversy

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Re: What's Really Behind This?

RNLI...from its foundation to now is just incredible. The people who do the job are even more incredible. I hear some of them say that the day job is what lets them be able to do the rescue.

I'm not a seafarer by stretch but I do go to the beach often and when I do and there is a RNLI station I tend to slip them a twenty.

It isn't the heroics that makes me do that but rather the dedication they have that enables them to do the heroics.

Good: IT admins scrambled to patch 80 per cent of public-facing Citrix boxes to close nightmare hijack hole

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By that I mean what the fuck.

Patching and keeping track of patch releases is a daily house keeping task that every sys admin must do to be worthy of the title.

UK Home Office opens AWS cash firehose even wider with £100m public cloud services deal

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The man who once compared government IT to twitter and therefore easy to do.

I kid thee not.

Beer coz its Firday.

Another senior Gov.UK bod makes a dash from public sector, falls into AWS's arms

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Ahh Good old Liam...on the gravy train.

Amusing that the reason he joined the Cabinet Office was through his highly qualified tech career as an on line estate agent.

UK Home Office: We will register thousands of deactivated firearms with no database

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Interesting to see how they will meet GDPR requirements.

Dough! Jobs microsite for UK's data watchdog set hundreds of cookies without visitors' consent

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Really? Who the fuck uses Hays for a tech project?

Leeds IT bloke pleads guilty to hacking Jet2 CEO's email account

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Re: Setting Up Generic

Sounds fishy to me....

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Setting Up

Dunno...he was a project manager. An org like Dart would not give a PM that level of access. If they did then I bet it contravenes their ISMS.

Beer coz well...Beer

Like the Death Star on Endor, JEDI created a ton of fallout and stormy weather in cloud market

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Re: Nope (space hunter)

Good grief! You and I are probably the only people to have watched that...blast from the past that!

Also Barbarella.

/mic drop

Haunted by Europe's GDPR, ICANN sharpens wooden stake to finally slay the Whois vampire

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Re: RDAP web client

Much to my amusement I was returned the below message when I tried to look up our company domain name -

"No registry RDAP server was identified for this domain. Attempting lookup using WHOIS service."

Beer coz its the only solution.

IBM looks to boost sales the same way it has for 65 years – yes, it's a new mainframe: The z15

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Re: "In The Box"?

Rules of teh fiziks

Not sure there are the normal network components at the bus level within mainframe architecture.

This summer's hottest sequels: BlueKeep II, III, IV and V – the latest wormable RDP holes in Microsoft Windows

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Patch Levels

Don't laugh. No really.

Just joined a win 10 rds shop. Not used Win10 nor Server 2019 in anger. Previously I would use the various baseline/security tools to find the patch levels pre Win10. So I searched for a MS tool for these later OS versions. Nada. Nowt. Bollocks all.

Besides one person making a droll comment about Nessus is there a tool out there that provides this? Am I barking up the wrong tree? In fact am I losing my mind?!

Yes yes Linux...and mostly probably agree but MS shop.

A (web based) pint to all who help!

FBI, NSA to hackers: Let us be blunt. Weed need your help. We'll hire you even if you've smoked a little pot in the past

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Only if you're white. Natch.

Hull be damned: KCOM shuts shop as UK High Court waves through £627m Macquarie deal

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Re: Network Engineers Celebrate!

Pretty standard for all private equity firms that...and indeed a good point.

Frankly the best thing for KCOM is to be nuked from orbit and let BT take over. Oh wait...

Pirate coz well pirate is as pirate does.

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Network Engineers Celebrate!

Most likely short lived as you can't really improve a turd but I for one, who first encountered this lot in the late 80's...good riddance.

I have often said to those moaning about Microsoft that they are lucky the did not have to deal with KCOM and I am not a huge MS fan by any stretch.

Beer coz I do feel for the worker drones under the thumb of horrible management.

New UK Home Sec invokes infosec nerd rage by calling for an end to end-to-end encryption

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Thumb Up

Re: More useless


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Re: More useless

Truly ruling on a wing and a prayer.

Watch as 10 cops with guns and military camo storm suspected Capital One hacker's house…

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Re: Missing the Point?

It will be interesting to see how one can audit against GDPR requirements...

I recall having a robust discussion about why we (the company I worked for) need to be careful about transitioning our accounts package into the cloud. Partly about the risks of multi-tenanted environments and certainly about access controls to our data.

Sadly (for them as it turned out) costs efficiencies won the day (short term). In a strange twist it was an outage issue that did for them.

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Off Boarding

I'm wondering if her ex-company took the appropriate measures like disabling accounts and the like. And of course regular password changes for admin or root accounts.

Beer coz why the hell not.

The inevitability of K8s: Pivotal CEO describes the pain and benefits of technology transition

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Re: If a tree falls in the woods....

Leaf it to branch out and become the root of the business.


There, I said it.

Beer coz its lunch time.

Oh good. This'll go well. Amazon's Alexa will offer NHS advice

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Data Rape

I'd rather they trial it with BUPA first...

Beer coz el Reg doesn't sell anything stronger.

Oracle goes on for 50 pages about why it thinks the Pentagon's $10bn JEDI cloud contract stinks

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Re: Rise of the machines

That might be a digit too far...

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That Oracle, itself a predatory organisation was fucked over by Amazon and then took even more biz away from Larrys lawyers and the local Merc dealerships is hilarius. Not that Amazon is/are any better.

I suspect Admiral Hopper would be mortified at how things have turned out.

Why are fervid Googlers making ad-blocker-breaking changes to Chrome? Because they created a monster – and are fighting to secure it

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Bit annoying it hits Firefox as well.

JavaScript tells all, which turns out not to be so great for privacy: Side-channel leaks can be exploited to follow you around the interweb

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Re: JavaScript is only a threat when it runs

Oh and by the way ds6 you'll find that that dial home feature? Not a default. You needed to actively opt into the scheme.

Ghostry were and always have been quite open and transparent so not really sure why you got your nickers in a twist. I mean you clearly didn't even read the article you posted! lol

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Re: JavaScript is only a threat when it runs

Thanks ds6....that was 2013 and indeed not great but they have revamped their revenue model recently.


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Re: JavaScript is only a threat when it runs

Ghostry is quite fun as well. Nothing more enjoyable than going to a website and seeing a ridiculously long list of trackers and other assorted bollocks. Actually no...it isn't enjoyable at all! More like incredibly depressing.

Can't get infected via email if your messages aren't delivered: Seven-hour slowdown hits Symantec cloud filters

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Caveat emptor

In this case the clue is in the word Symantec.

No, eight characters, some capital letters and numbers is not a good password policy

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Re: Layers...like an onion

Probably though not the best policy for...

We are not talking about family pictures or drawings by ones kids. We are talking specifically about information that is considered sensitive.

So when you don't need it you lock it away. It is not difficult or complicated. Of course if you approach this like a bull in a china shop you will put peoples backs up. Much like any project that involves people...get the interaction wrong and you will have an uphill struggle. Basic management 101 (or should be). You are right in that regard. I find most reasonable people understand the reasoning if explained properly...not to viewed as a punishment but rather a best practice.

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Re: Layers...like an onion

Best practice??? By whose definition?

Pretty much every infosec pro I've spoken to or worked with. On top of that we also consider passworded screen savers a best practice.

New regulatory issues also drive the adoption of these policies, the newest being GDPR. Of course GDPR does not stipulate clear desk policies but as a security manager one would consider a clear desk policy as a mechanism to reduce the risk of data breaches.


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Layers...like an onion

Thing is that you cannot look at this as just a password policy. There are other security aspects that also impact on usage.

I see a lot of people say that post it's are vital to remembering a password. Well as we know that is also a risk. We mitigate that risk by using clear desk policies as a best practice.

Of course in and if itself will not solve the issue of bad passwords. There are plenty of other policies to deal with that. As already mentioned...monthly scans to blacklisting.

So yeah...onions.

Amazon, ditch us? But they can't do without us – Oracle

IT Hack

Data what?

Should have gone Access.

The above is an attempt at humour. Can't be arsed to slag off Oragivemeallyourmoneycle or indeed Amazlavelabouron.

Still if Oracle goes tots I bet a bunch of luxury car dealers will be sad.

IBM memo to staff: Our CEO Ginni is visiting so please 'act normally!'

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Re: "Act normally! Ginni and the team are here to see what Austin is really like."

LDS - That's why true entrepreneurs show up unexpected and look at how things really work.

I wonder. I suspect you are right that many CEO's have a bit of a delusion going on when it comes to visits. Some not so much.

I used to work in a tech support centre for US based storage appliance company a few years, ok a lot of years back. Our CEO was coming to visit the place (not only the support centre but also euro HQ). I was (don't hate me!) a tech support manager there and was working to the of shift with the guys and we started talking about the CEO and the visit. On of the team said the CEO would never come up to the centre to see them hard at work as the clock headed towards 7pm. The company made a big thing of being a team etc so thought bugger it.

I went down to the reception area where the great and mighty had congregated and was lucky enough to catch the CEO sort of by himself at the buffet. Now not really having much truck with this kind of thing I asked him if he'd like to visit the tech centre. He readily agreed and I must say the look on the faces of the people in reception as I ascended like some tech support god (ok ok...maybe not but I enjoyed the look of horror/shock on my local compatriots assorted EVPs, SVPs and senior leadership very much). I engaged in some small talk on the way up, mainly about my team.

So we reach our floor and I introduce the CEO to the team. Who then went around to each of my engineers shook hands and spent a good twenty minutes chatting with the guys. He then went around the rest of the centre and met the other teams also working late shift.

Frankly if you cannot approach execs then there is a major problem.



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