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Novell won't pull a SCO


They were sure?

>In 1995, Novell sold its Unix trademarks and other assets to SCO, and SCO was quite sure that the deal included the Unix copyrights as well - so sure that it started waving them angrily at the Linux industry.

Of course SCO was quite sure they owned the copyrights... Apart of course from Darl McBride, Chris Sontag and Ralph Yarro* who (according the the court ruling) "continually contacted Novell in late 2002 and early 2003 requesting that Novell change the APA to include the transfer of Unix copyrights and asking Novell to transfer the Unix copyrights to SCO". Which particular part of SCO was quite sure the deal included the Unix copyrights?

* Darl McBride, Chris Sontag and Ralph Yarro are the three principals of SCO.

Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone


Re: Uneducated discussion...

Wasn't copyright law originally enacted to ensure that the body of creative work continued to expand for the public good? Authors where provided the right to control copying of their works for a period of time after which the work entered into the public domain. Thus providing the author with an incentive to create works and the public a reason to grant the author these rights.

How this dovetails with your rant about theft of property I do not know. The pendulum has certainly swung too much in the direction of the agents of the copyright holders for your ludicrous ideas to have any currency at all.

We (the public) give these people a temporary grant of rights.

Chav-hunting toffs cop some flack


Nancy Boys?

What sort of nancy boys are these toffs? The chav beating scene looks like a little girl brandishing her favourite fairy wand - WTF?

Cops taser crap-smeared Oz clubber


Re: Logistical nightmare

Just slash yourself and relax your spinchter and there will be a crap flood of crap/blood. Head butting a brick wall also works if there is no knife to hand.

Windows Vista unreadiness revealed


seven-year-old Windows XP ?

Ok, so how does 26th July 2007 - 25th October 2001 equal seven years?

'Suspicious looking' man hauled off translatlantic flight


Running Men, Running Scared

"Hmm, okay, an illegal immigrant (his visa had lapsed by at least 6 months if I remember rightly) and he ran from the police. Perhaps, if he'd stopped and obeyed the police commands, he might still be alive now."

Hahahahahahaha. WTF? Are you a fool man? Soundbites from Fox News have become reality have they? Wearing bulky clothing, was he? Vaulted the barrier, did he? Ran from police? Of course he did. Disobeyed their instructions while he was pinned to the ground and had 8 bullets pumped into him did he?

The only thing you have said which seems to be true is that he didn't have a valid UK visa - now there's grounds for summary execution. And it seems that was said just to blacken the name of an entirely innocent man. Oh yes thats right there is still an IPCC investigation into that and other comments made by the Police Commissioner.

Ignorance really is no excuse. Persecution of innocent people in the name of anti-terrorism is asinine. Execution of innocents is tragic. Justifying the execution of innocents for ex post facto discovery of minor visa breaches is downright unconscionable.

Welcome to the brave new world indeed.


A few things...

Being brown in the UK and catching the Tube is grounds for summary execution. Don't even need to be an ay-rab, brazilian brown will do.

WTF? Dissent and Terrorism are undefined which would make your average C compiler barf, AMERICA isn't a problem (well as long as you are white)- good to see the quality of compsci grads nowadays.

"we would pull Germans off the plain too". Yeah get those bloody krauts out of the midwest.

Paris Hilton says jail term has changed her


Money can't buy justice?

Poor Paris can't buy her way out of a jail term? Hahaha. In Australia poor little rich kids don't go to jail. The average Joe would get locked up for 12 months minimum pulling a stunt like this - whereas this joker gets 200 hours of community service, cause his daddy can afford a murder* of QCs! http://www.walk.com.au/pedestriancouncil/Page.asp?PageID=2038. Maybe Paris needs some better lawyers who know what the job of judging is all about.

PS Paris is my dream girl. OK looking, rich as a sheik, thick as two short planks, not shy of a video camera, and best of all she's the sort of girl that would likely find me disgusting. How could it ever get any better?

*don't know if the collective noun for QCs (Queen's Counsels) is murder or unkindness - an unkindness of QCs has a certain ring to it.

Dutch police arrest 111 West Africans in 419 clampdown


The milk of human kindness

So the sly preying on the gullible is a source of amusement? Survival of the fittest indeed. What is worse? Narrow minds? Foolish greediness? Artless deception? How could anyone expect anything other than selfish thoughts for selfish times?