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Queen of WorldPay cash-machine scam sent down for 2.5 years


Re: More worringly...

two and a half years for nicking money**

LulzSec sneak Sabu buys six more months of freedom


Why not release a book!!! Sellout!

Even if he is a grass he should still get punnished, lets face it he was the head of anonymous so he directed most of these kids. Send him down and let him write a book!

Google expected to cough measly $22.5m for Safari privacy gaffe


where on earth does this money go to... $22.5m is still alot of money. will help the US economy lol

Desktop virt used to cope with Starbucks workforce security

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Great Idea

Virtual Desktops are so much better than VPN's my company is going down the citrix VDI route early next year. Will be a welcomes change.

Six cuffed in £1m student readies phishing probe


name and shame

name them!!!!!!!!

Sth Korean gamers suffer joystick curfew shock


To be quite honest its not a bad thing is it..

Hacker cuffed in job interview sting with hotel he blackmailed


lmao man this guy was stupid.. "Dude i just hacked you.. any chance of a job"

Cruel new punishment for hackers: Twitter, Facebook bans

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The last thing this bloody contry needs is people worrying about posting on facebook or twitter for fk sake.. Why not waste more money introducing pointless policies.