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First they came for chess, then Go... and now, oh for crying out loud, AI systems can beat us at curling

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Re: The Phantom... ...in CHAOS*





Depeche Mode - Martyr Of Love


GNOME alone: FOSS desktop folk to start counting in whole numbers again

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Re: "especially... ...marketing perspective"

they probably take it as sorta sup-dup X (went common quickly, eh?), which is not grown up yet.

It's IPO week and one of Wall Street's own is raising the spectre of a stock market crash

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Re: Hedging... ...realistic future expectations

Rozenbaum. Au.








UP, vote?

Coding unit tests is boring. Wouldn't it be cool if an AI could do it for you? That's where Diffblue comes in

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woof like a dog (-:


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The Battle of Britain couldn't have been won without UK's homegrown tech innovations

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Re: They haven't gone away, you know .... Immaculately Resourceful Assets

They haven't. See or, better say, remember the start of the Discussion @ #65. Not Anon.

Something to look forward to: Being told your child or parent was radicalized by an AI bot into believing a bonkers antisemitic conspiracy theory

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Re: Modern AI machines are like 2yo with enormous knowledge

Much depends of what agent you take for an AI, and of its training team, of course.

Agent, not AI. Sure, I can't believe ElReggae could sound so dull.

As promised, Apple will now entertain suggestions from the hoi polloi on how it should run its App Store

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Re: Joe Gurman/A larger share ?

In fact, an anti-capitalist character was Trotsky. Do you have any, and are there, @hand, those who can build a wall around his activities that may spread further than was planned... or an ice pick... peak... iSpeak, uTube... hmm, what a fancy language this English speak is.

China requires gamers to reveal real names and map them to frag-tastic IDs

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Re: Is there no societal problem to be addressed?

Yes, amanfromMars, there *is* a problem, and it's a rather societal than technocratic one, I suppose. I believe, ransparent and leaky social messaging environment, The Great Firewall, and expensive and wiretapped international telephony and money transfer systems can once make a sort of specialised software, like the gaming one, play the role of a relieving medicine.

The question is how legal this medicine is, which extent of l'egality and its potential of trouble-making in poo-litical sense had been probably measured by people from not technical, but social directorate, or whatever structural thin'gamma-jiggery in a foreign land it be bound.

Alright, a Soviet anecdote then.

An old jew comes to OVIR and says:

"Dau, I, already, want to emigrate"

"Where to?"

"I, already, haven't decided yet"

So the lady clerk gives an old man a globe asking him to choose to where finally drop the old bones.

The old man rotated the earthball right, left, pondering deeply about something, and says:

"Daughter, do you, already, have another globe?"

PPK Reload / Remake of Cyberiade Theme, Ed Artemyev, 1979 - https://youtu.be/UyUUAFxj4YM

Fitness freaks flummoxed as massive global Garmin outage leaves them high and dry for hours

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Some Old But Good Maritime Tales


Fancy the cartoon is comissioned by the USSR State Commitee of TV and Radio (and there's more to life from the Days of Tweeting Modem)


English subs are @ your disposal.


Seven 'no log' VPN providers accused of leaking – yup, you guessed it – 1.2TB of user logs onto the internet

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Up # двадцать девять.

FYI Russia is totally hacking the West's labs in search of COVID-19 vaccine files, say UK, US, Canada cyber-spies

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Re: US... ...why


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Re: Difference in response

Something big is out of the woods in Iran, looks like.

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Re: US... ...why

Such taxation, so wow, and - zilch vaccine. Zero. Nihil. Нету. None. Maybe the one from the anonymous US lab that kil3d the four poor Ukrainian militaty testers, come test the band.

Of course the Russkies stole the show of effectiveness of the taxations. Do you think different? What you're gonna do when they come 4 you? Ah. Rhetorical. They will not. One seems to have just shown ones patriotic Drive C: for the examination by the forces one is afraid to name...

Poor America. Where are the times where Russians were beckoned by the ripe aroma of your fruit of true spirit of freedom? Are they gone forever?

Looking at some of the comments, it comes to mind: they are.

Luckily, there are few of them.

Putin? What Putin?

Signed: 55 73

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Re: I 4 1

да тут чисто веселуха прёт, бро, it's alright

RAND report finds that, like fusion power and Half Life 3, quantum computing is still 15 years away

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Re: What the ... </s>


It's only a game: Lara Croft won't save enterprise tech – but Jet Set Willy could

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Re: I guess....we can

well, finally, SomeTHInG like this should have been happened one sunny day

you certainly look informed, Doc

"e". envy

If you're writing code in Python, JavaScript, Java and PHP, relax. The hot trendy languages are still miles behind, this survey says

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Re: Russian, where?

" I rarely give a thumb about anything" (-:

Thank you wholeheartedly for participating, jake, I normally don't give a thumb in the icon field, so have one where it's supposed to be [click Upvote], and


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Russian, where?

Trendy, says you?

23:16, March 2, 2020 Source: Interfax Reliable source

Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted draft amendments to the Constitution to the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the lower house of parliament, said.

The draft amendments to the State Duma *database* at the time of writing the news had not been published, but Volodin spoke about some of them.

So, according to the State Duma speaker, one of the amendments to the Constitution is proposed to add a mention of God. “The Russian Federation, united by a thousand-year history, preserving the memory of the ancestors who transmitted to us the ideals and faith in God, as well as the continuity of the development of the Russian state, recognizes the historical unity of the state,” Volodin read the text of the amendment.

Another amendment, said Peter Tolstoy, vice speaker of the State Duma, states in the Constitution that marriage is a union of a man and a woman.

In addition, the amendments proposed by Putin suggest that the Basic Law stipulate that Russia is the legal successor of the Soviet Union, add a provision on the inadmissibility of alienation of parts of the Russian Federation and appeals to it, as well as give the republics the right to establish national languages ​​as state languages ​​along with Russian-state language of the Russian Federation.

GOOG translated, sry folks, load up ur guns, whatchamaythink of it?

'Don't tell anyone but I have a secret.' There, that's my security sorted

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Political SExpo Sec Advisory

Another Mmercilessly Influencing post, AD.

Where's the button "Download ElRegMesser"?

Huawei to the danger zone: Now Uncle Sam slaps it with 16 charges of racketeering, fraud, money laundering, theft of robot arm and source code

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Re: Out of the frying pan into the fire ......

erm, Mac'Whatsyoursurname boy, that made it nearly because you're far, must be so :-)

Report on AI in UK public sector: Some transparency on how government uses it to govern us would be nice

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Re: Can we stop calling this "Artificial Intelligence"

Aloha katrinab.

49 oF in Fresco, it's what I see @wundeground when I ask my brick about weather. Moscow goes at 5 oC. Plus. Hope no bears out there.

Hmm. There are definitely more than even a hundred cities on the globe. Why Moscow, katrinb?

Ah, you've been on a FC in 2018 and need a refreshing tour?

Not now. Reports say dizzy environs, windy, wet, etc, no want to leave metro -


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Re: Can we stop calling this "Artificial Intelligence"

Does it mean, katrinab, that word processing is the only processing AI processes during its processes?

Well, it's just a typewriter then, this AI box. The only thing that slips out of it is Where and how the fingers that push the buttons get the orders that order to order the alphabetical order order in this or that order that orders one's pretty fingertips order to push the buttons of your keyboard in order to order OP's mind read the conclusion:cr@p?

Former Autonomy boss Mike Lynch 'submits himself' for arrest in central London

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Re: Again, and again, and again...

"why communist Russia" -

you re still living on stereo Mac

as was said here its an age of 7+1 nowadays

Google says its latest chatbot is the most human-like ever – trained on our species' best works: 341GB of social media

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Re: Learn a new language eh?

Lingua Latina - non penis caninæ {est}

Cache flow problems continue for Intel: Yet more data-leaking processor design blunders discovered, patches due soon

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Re: You aint really seen nothing yet, have you?

all tentacles in and welcome the m.b. offer

Remember that 2024 Moon thing? How about Mars in 2033? Authorization bill moots 2028 for more lunar footprints

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Re: Looking at... ...Perspective ...*

"most probably rightly enough fearing for the loss of their own enlightening and exciting sanity is not an illogical reason for failing to embrace the myriad crazy opportunities easily made available ? :-)"

(-; shxp://https://forums.theregister.co.uk/post/reply/3961332

Rockstar dev debate reopens: Hero programmers do exist, do all the work, do chat a lot – and do need love and attention from project leaders

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Re: Rockstar... ...Service

"for mutually beneficial outstandingly rewarding positive satisfaction" -

Sight and Light... ...Leaderships.

Wholly/T(h)ot(h)Ally Yours.

55 73

Google and IBM square off in Schrodinger’s catfight over quantum supremacy

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....Suddenly -

whether both schcats are in a quantum state, is the result of thieir fight a *delayed* quantum state, is it not?

if yes, what if you have come to a pre-ficht agreement with one of the schcats?

ok, where do you guys n gals usually sew your Nobel tuxedoes?


beer. gimme.

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Re: Seems my post still hasn't made it yet

сука ржунимагу бляя аххахахаха!!!11

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Shroedinger Catfight. Nice

Another ElRegd memetic headline. Love this place

Is there alien life on Earth? Maybe, says Brit 'naut. Well, where did they come from? How about this far-away cluster. Or this 'Godzilla' galaxy...

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Re: lets not bring science into it. Colossal Fortunes are at Stake.

"for those were interstellar spaces you traveled through ...... and graciously shared in the posting/hosting" - this is the truest and brightest description of what we presently call imagination.

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the only extraterrestrials on this planet are us.

every tiny leaf of the grass shouts about it.

We live so fast I can't even finish this sent...

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Great Dabbing, Worth Repeating (-:

Dammit, Alistair...

Anyone to develop a CMYK monitor? Drop a PM please*

PM - a personal message. Not a Prime Minister.

Holmes by Vasily Livanov here. With at least one of ElReggers qualified to write a humble screenplay to blow some Thomases' minds away totally.

It may be out of sync with the US govt, but Huawei is rolling out its Harmony OS to more devices in 2020

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Re: Honor Vision and what you may not

3 downvotes just because of a question asked, while a possibility to answer is not taken away. Never can I understand things like this.

Google claims web search will be 10% better for English speakers – with the help of AI

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WTF sources: before - wash*post.com, after - US Embassy.

AI? What AI??

Whoa, bot wars: As cybercrooks add more AI to their arsenal, the goodies will have to too

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This will... ...Understand

@IlyaG -

"milliseconds and a very tiny fraction of one the US cent" -

hmm, see, should every English-speaking pattern calculator (PC)... oh pardonme, a human - carry a power US tiny cent nippers on oneself for these daily payments and rewards, every millisecond, or maybe use, you know, sort of those modern currency counter equivalents... like those conducted back in 2008)) by a likely Japanese-speaking PC?....

...which might be very vvell heading out towards being tied to a power unit. This will give base to expanding the Bordered Linguistic to Teaming principles, where unruly politic PCs will be finally devoided of armed powers to steamroller the Surface.

55 73

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Re: Since Internet will soon see it, here is not a secretive top secret when universal fact

You are fine, amanfromMars, not sure about SomeOnE else as a Director, because It is you who See The Directions on This Map long before others do see just a quant of SomeTHInG ahead, or around, if they have Real/Surreal/SureReal "I"s.

Would it be AIHuman experiment to informally task AI in such an Appointment 1 is 2die4?

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can AInyone find the lyrix to WIN-WIN -- THE NATURE OF TRANSCENDENT FORCES

none in the hole internet....

loox like an offtop, but we do know (-;

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Re: The only way to avoid the catastrophe... ...as soon as it is possible

Me again. Why, might one ponder, does Cybersport look so Warfacingly Counterstruck? [and yes, I've seen a human one who dispixeled a good dozen of bot fighters in CS]

Sport, IlyaG, and with this proposal comes the opportunity to keep the ptb a human look.

No other way. Ah, a Space Race also fits well. But No borders, just Teams, alright? Не нужно наступать дважды на грабли, верно?

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Re: Since Internet will soon... ...see it

up, but added: since IT's :-) beginning, it is most probably already so, IlyaG, by some it's believed to be so by God's own design, no matter how many capitals He/She/IT sits on. well, I may be mistaken sometimes, but I find myself mostly being misunderstood.

dammit. two "I"s. well, anyway IT's not bad, esp if AIspelling runs before the text (-:

For real this time, get your butt off Python 2: No updates, no nothing after 1 January 2020

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Re: For All Those Right Comfortable in the Driving Seat with AIMagical Monitoring Mentors.*

Do the ten downvoters seem to be ready to loose?

Be still, our drinking hearts: Help Reg name whisky beast conjured by Swedish distillers and AI blendbot

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Re: Marvin...

спс поржал)))

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Re: You might like to Realise IT is Far Too Late to Lay a Claim to Taming AI. *

Seconded by a witness

Cubed When Doubled

Double Irish one, please.

The shifting SANs of enterprise IT: You may have been burned in the past, but live migration is and will be your friend

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Re: Keep IT Simply Surreal ........ in AIMaster Piloted Trips

"AIDivine Intervention from Future Failsafe Secured Missionaries" -


Magical Mystery Tour

"Sorry, stuck in a traffic jam". Fancy reading this.

Shhh! Microsoft, Intel, Google and more sign up to the Confidential Computing Consortium

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Re: Clarification required

A-Men To That, amanfromMars (-:

My god, it's full of tsars: A gun-toting Russian humanoid robot is on its way to the International Space Station

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Re: Pathetic> 4Upgrade2Esthetic

Elon, Richard, you space guys always wanna have something bigger than just kicks, so here it is. KICKS. Get a JSC Fedor, Elon and Richard Co, and I seem to know a man who can help Skybot with AI... and help the whole company, okay, fleshbags may exclude "Artificial" for'emselves, because, and it's designed to not to be sounding offensive, you really look needing a humble upgrade from time to time.

Get on. I kno this reaches you because first, this is ElReg, second - Mysterious are Ways of the Lord, agree?

Would be nice if have kicked. Mankind, Womankind, Robokind expects, etc.

Как вaм такое? (-;



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