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UK gives military's frikkin' laser cannon project a second roll of the dice

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Re: Via VAIOSystems, a SMARTR Portal for Trailing and Trialing/AI Mentoring and IT Monitoring

it don't


gaia terrain not a battle field is






the Child has escaped. 42 rules


55 73.

Apple emergency patches fix zero-click iMessage bug used to inject NSO spyware

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Re: Who's leading Whom a... ...Path... ...Worth Going?

howdy, Doc,

the only problem of the English-speaking downvoters is that they think they can speak English as well as you do... well, your own version of it has a bundle of a mysterious, airy swifty touch of a surreal upgrade... they must read more Shakespearean writings, maybe. keep IT up, and thank you. the Dolphins are getting back. pity noone's to pray for letting me see them rush down the Waters kinda right out of the Blue. though i hope i will (-:

no hennessy badge? alright, beer then

Windows 11 still doesn't understand our complex lives – and it hurts

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Re: A RAT not hiding out of sight and mind risks a'morphing into a fancy brick





&if_ none=

1 put_sprite AR GMT, 42000000;

2 goto >



begin_proc, would you?

>end tweak(@)

/wait for incoming mail

not connected with binary-hid os, but a great win-win doze

london royal symphony musicians need for a starting advertising. lots of fun. as real as el reg's comments fcuk why so many anons here must be from MS? ;-)

wholly a matter of culture. well, you know (-;

GlobalFoundries shifts HQ from Silicon Valley to join its tip-top chip fab in New York

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Re: A Complicating Union... ...to be regarded

The Manufacturer of weapons might have covered the cost of utilisation, which should be included in brutto, by fari-vagnaring of a tiny bit from one's blackjack (and let's frankly name the bank responsible for its proper circulation)... or from anything else soothing the soul... hmm, soul... alright, just which allows one sleep well after its proper use according to Mother Nature's Personal Genetic Instruction Set.

Not an advise, just one more block post on the road to Hell.

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Re: A Complicating Union... ...to be regarded

Juct one more example of the lessons taught in School of Excellence from amanfromMars, written in the Copy-book with a good thoughts..

Please review the following sketch. No Joke Alert badge pinned, but itching to stick to the Helicopter.

-- The Interested Parties are invited to discuss a sort of Petrov-Bashirov Law, according to which, the weaponry and ammo subject to removing from the locations of its secure storing, should be utilised within the nation's territory where it is stored.

Any international transition of this weaponry, except the cases of threats from the Outer Space, should be understood as a crime against another unnamed nation.

The authority of laws allowing such transition, should be dismissed.

Blockchain and common sense to the rescue. Universe expects. God bless.

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GCHQ boss warns China can rewrite 'the global operating system' in its own authoritarian image

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Re: whilst Britain is moaning about the rain.

Ah, please don't mind that. Weaponry waterproofed, as well as people, the Invited Visitors warmed up accordingly, and - Fcuk The Coronavirus!

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Re: ... take control of Karlingsgrad ...

Err.. how spells correctly, Iraq or Iran?

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Re: Russia is affecting the weather

Indeed it was an ordinary algo for messing with Belgian telecom . While, regarding the previous comment, search algos added a fact of developing a non-existing plan to attack Belgium, which one was flagged as real, to their data churn.

Some sort of a game, alright. Thank you.

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Re: Russia is affecting the weather

Вы там совсем ебанулись / Absolutely ridiculous statement

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Re: Russia is affecting the weather, whilst China is shaping the climate

Ahha, Russia. Thousands of years of changing the Sun into the Rainfall On Islands (-;

Always at ur service.

China, come in.

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IT Angle

Re: Anonymous poster - China without Xi, Russian without Putin

You must be a one of these chess players that come boozed to play and leave on their four. Lost, surely.

One could watch less commanding pixels on a TV screen and more asking the population representatives on the territories you invade with black and white figures, if they are really for a w*r or any other conflicting issues.

All that the pixels really need from your ilk is your obedient financing the removing the outdated pieces of iron shit out from ammo depots on a global scale to stuff it heavily with the new one. Dare to guess where the staff goes?

Right, man. To their European and African trading partners, represented by Pixelatrix throgh a "democratic" procedure as their population's representatives zombifying their people with tales about the "Eastern aggressors", while, in fact, the aggressors are military production-based, Hollywood shit-supported economics, protected from the sky piss by the umbrella of some high-ranked wannabe forever-living officers and bureaucracy clerks.

Ah, Uigurs. What s vast array to poke loads of the dated weaponry into this territory. What a endless space will be opened for storing the brand new killing machines on the land where peaceful families serve as a covering shield for this ugly racket.

Hope, this is the global operating system that "China" wants to crack and which was meant by Mr Flemming, especially when you suddenly find that there is no even a slightest wiff of sorrow in his word about this coming up beginning of the event. Because what else GOS can he mean, BGP churn? Protonicity instead of electricity? Huh?

Care trying not posting Anon when replying to the post on such matter, or would one prefer being taken for a cockroach from the propaganda bot kitchen?

Dear Reg and Reggers, I tried making my reply non-political. Beg your pardon if something. Накипело. Умники, бля, намотрятся по тв всякой хуйни с похмелья, и несут чушь в массы...

China’s highest-ranked university creates school dedicated to integrated circuits

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@bombo - Re: But.. but... how does that affect your SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE?

Hello bombastic bob, let me share my humble point on communism -

it's been long time ago elaborated, implemented and kicked in to life, but - for children only.

This form of communism was Ideally shaped in the USSR.

No adult version known. Yet.

Beer, 'cos this one only is free. But sorry, bob - the quantity of glasses is limited even here in RegBar. I think it most clearly indicates that до коммунизма - как до Луны пешком.

PS oops, not yet published... perhaps, because of too much communism and Russian Moon (-:

Ah, you know what? Keep your crappy space station, we're gonna try to make our own, Russia tells world

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Re: Don't believe it for a second!

Pfft, you don't mind that!

A little more expensive vodka and tickets to United States, and, in a year or so, RU has its own station. If petrol rises, than - yes, blackjack will come as a bonus. Et cetera, my friend, et cetera.

China has a satellite with an arm – and America worries it could be used to snatch other spacecraft

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Re: 0pt10na1

By Lock Or Stock


The Beatles - Revolver


Billy Joel - Back in the USSR / A matter of trust --The bridge to Russia

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.Just like a roller coaster (-:

Who knew Uncle Sam had strike teams for SolarWinds, Exchange flaws? Well, anyway, they are disbanded

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Re: In your dreams maybe, baby, but not in the Fields of 0days and Knights mares/Trojan Horses

Mwahahaa aaaarghh Knight mare, you made my morning, amanfromMars, what a fancy medicine your wordplay sometimes is!

Rhetoric: how/where, reliably and quickly, find some to get to?

Pentagon confirms footage of three strange craft taken by the Navy are UFOs (no, that doesn't mean they're aliens)

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Re: Can't it be both?

Nineteen Russians keep their thumbs up for your comment, Yet Another AC. Nineteen is not nine teen, so the expression of the feeling is quite massive and mature.


AWS straps Python support to its automated CodeGuru tool, slashes prices – just don't go over 100,000 lines

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Re: Swinging Gangbang Style


Apple's Steve Jobs: Visionary, dreamweaver... and the kind of fellow who might tell a porky or two on his job application

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Re: Apple. A Fruit To Bear... And Wear

... By God, Apple could beat all IBM sales in the block (-: by this time, thanks to a simple sweatshirt, tiny me and excellent people wearing it with enthusiasm, because --

it was sent to their friend straight from the United States. Perestroika, etc.

But what are you doing to it now, dear America...

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Apple. A Fruit To Bear... And Wear

In my 16 in late 80s, I received a Happy Birthday letter from 20525 Mariani Ave, with a "Sorry, we can't send you a computer"... but there were an Apple sweatshirt and an Apple logo pin in the parcel box. Hardly a single dozen people in around hundreds of thousands of square miles of the Soviet Union near me knew just little anything about Steve, Woz and Co, but maybe a half of my city have checked in wearing my sweatshirt, which, as I remember, was very comfortable and warm enough for Siberian Spring.

Thank you Mr Dave Barram of Apple, Inc. Such things are never to be forgotten.

The Roaring Twenties: Future foreign policy will rely on rejuvenated 'cyber' sector, UK government claims

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Re: Heading towards AI Singularities

Just.. ughm... sometimes somewhere in the world, tthere must be, at least, a drop of a common sense, ready for newtonization. Probably, in this exact timing, it's situated up here. May I have a pint, drop by drop, I can wait.

And - oh, One more Lord. A Cycle Registered.

"Hack your net on the fly. With Lord almighty." - P#65, ComSec, 2008 / -rm'd

DM - World In My Eyes


/No connotations. Just Cicada RMX

The sooner AI stops trying to mimic human intelligence, the better – as there isn't any

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Re: "Experience matters"

1. 1/4 of glass of Moonshine

2. 3/4 of strong sweet tea

3. Enjoy

The perils of non-disclosure? China 'cloned and used' NSA zero-day exploit for years before it was made public

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Re: TL/dr @find... ...tail


RHCP - Easily

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Paris Hilton

Re: Offence vs Defence. There's No Escaping the Truth

Notice the downvote is not mine... inspite of a sensitive matter (-:

Paris, thinking wtf the Eiffel tower is not built there, like if the magnanonymous landlord has had no money for this little pleasure.

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Re: Offence vs Defence. There's No Escaping the Truth

C'mon CT, it's beginning to be habitual to see at your side... the stupid shmucky salto mortales got the package with all five aces not bet, simples?

If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?

"It looks like the internet has cracked the code in something like 6 hours! Oh internet is there anything you can't do?"

Big names hurl millions of pounds at scheme to hoist UK's AI knowhow

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No Lyrics For This In The Internet

"What say you?" -

// The Nature Of Transcendent Forces feat. D Armour / Win Win


I have 7 minutes to edit post or to add anything, so -

Howdy, CT.

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Re: The... *

"to mount a fake program laying false trails to alter that perception and observation".... -

Would it be of no disapointment to Hearts and Minds made of the Right Staff as a Friend, or as a Foe, if the latter is a more convenient point to elaborate the further positive ongoings,, but - it's unlikely to be possible, because seeding an easiest whiff of the untrue in Vocals would be defined as Side Devilish.... and I'm afraid, that shall reap the Thunder in Vowel Towel Wave and what precedes it, leaving no hope for further keeping IT up in a Naked Space.


Precious Official

Yours -

55 73

'It's where the industry is heading': LibreOffice team working on WebAssembly port

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Fancy one still does care

As long as even the apps for trading are server-based, why still worrying for 3-letter agencies patriotting out one's lab data with its browser-based addons?

I see. Must be not a trader. That explains why one's brain muscle is not being under anaesthesia, and one's neck joint is radarring the changes going on around, in a proper manner.

TY somebody for the on-the-fly downvoting. I didn't even finished the post, but thumb up was already mine bgg

Myanmar Junta delivers harsh cyber law and more IP blocking orders

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Is IT Time 4 2 Sum Magic, As Usual?

Half-power, with no lyrics translated, because the three addressees pointed above, know the text as good as the People In Concert do, and if necessary, the second half of the power will be translated au non-machine for a broader reach. Of this one may be sure:


Agatha Christie - On The Magic HeliCarpet

Let the ride begins, if you say it's time

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Re: El Reg ..... Open All Hours

"After all, none here have any real clue about... ...the advances made by AI and Quantum Communications since the Virtual Machine Risings" -

Never was IT so easy to be finally agree, amanfromMars, after a tick-clock-says, but what a grey-scaled landscape the neural activity map sometimes is, when the Hours are sober..


...Though, I certainly can imagine the likeof a snippet of what you posted, as well. But the colo(u)rs don't reach the carcassus built by imagination this time. Hope, the apathy will vanish next morning, just to paint a better picture of the ongoing revolving reality.

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Re: Родина-мать зовёт!

Job: QBetaTest#210213-14



Ok, who knows where Elon Musk hangs... ...beyond the command and control of earthbound beings?


- https://youtu.be/fb_MR3LyLok

Taint A Rocket Science

Test passed: /Signed - .........../

:> Da-Daa

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Re: Родина-мать зовёт!

A Word of Good Is A Pleasure Even for a Cat / Доброе слово и коту приятно -

which is one of the famous Russian proverbs, amanfromMars.

I'm expecting a change of the WallPapers in The Situation Room.

Thank you for your being on our Planet Home.


DM - Pleasure Little Treasure

-Tail Up

Tail Up
IT Angle

ReBringing... ...with the UK then?

All Systems Go Correct, amanfromMars.

Some people might have been a'pondering, if the if the second and the last paragraphs of your pretty well read and, hope, same well understood comment, were also a bitcoin wallet address and its password..

OnE wouldn't even try to count a word #42 @each of the mentioned blocks just because of the slash (-:


Should be higher - Depeche Mode / Dark Orbit Kernfusion Rmx


DM - Peace / Official



DM - Home. No officially authorized statement/decision-making video streamed map. Hence have a cat.

Искренне ваш.

55 73

How do we combat mass global misinformation? How about making the internet a little harder to use

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The following short video is a specimen of what is used by The RL People to distract the Earthlings' attention from discussing the urgent problems of contemporary world: https://youtu.be/eOU7a1iQC2Y

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Re: How do we combat mass global misinformation?


More Than Ever - Rebelution /

Live @ Red Rocks

Trump administration says Russia behind SolarWinds hack. Trump himself begs to differ

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Re: This Paper Bill is Backed By Real Gold

Огромное cпасибо, человексМарса,

God will keep and save you on your way that you make straight for Him.

Merry Christmas. Shall I make it a couple or more days to get to NY Day to send my greetings with?

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This Paper Bill is Backed By Real Gold

Throw-in techniques are commonly known to be widespread, whatever the country elects, Hacking the computer systems might well be a hint.

Too much noise about hacking. Suspiciously too much noise about hacking. On every fcuking frequency and channel. And not even a single tiny squeak out about throwing in a simple paper.

Logs? Protocols? Techniques? Where, pray tell.

Thank you for your kind reply, it is much appreciated.

Those hackers. Is this a sophisticsted advertising of Russian programming market?

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Simply put a thick pack of remote voting sheets, or register the deadfound hobos as unidentified, and 0ne no needs breaking into wires. No?

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Paris Hilton

Re: "Or do all Russia-based hackers sit in the pocket of Kremlin?"

i might be digressing, but finally schroedinger is published

congrats, now we can code in chrystal

what a Real Hot Quantum Leap

paris, because put the World Lib on top of eiffel

US nuke agency hacked by suspected Russian SolarWinds spies, Microsoft also installed backdoor

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Maybe Merely Not a Bug, But an Option

Pff... Anyone pray tell, which number is that when they want to kick their sysadmins' salary closer to the bucket by ordering a pen-testing op in the Impernet?

Alright, https://youtu.be/kR2E4Is_6oE Depeche Mode - Nothing

Useful quantum computers will be impossible without error correction. Good thing these folks are working on it

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and "640K ought to be enough for anybody" (cited from anno 1981 BC)

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@ o these never repeating sequences of noise/

> о, сколько нам открытий чудных

готовит просвещенья дух

и опыт, сын ошибок трудных

и гений, парадоксов друг

и случай, БОГ- изобретатель...<

; А.С. Пушкин


Alphabet's internet Loon balloon kept on station in the sky using AI that beat human-developed control code

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Re: Loons aint Crazy Insane ..... whenever Genius is the AIM in Sees of Manic Madness

Exactly this what you mean is NOT a porno. Sorry.



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