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Wozniak to star in crazed iOS action game, rescuing missus 'J-Woz'


Will there be a Battletoads-hover-bike style Segway level with a similar fatality rate?

Freetard-idol rock star Trent Reznor gives up, signs to major label


Re: The Good Old Days

If you READ the Steve Albini quotes in the Amanda Palmer stories, you would know he is definitely NOT supportive of Amanda Palmer's bizarre justifications of not paying her musicians.

Please try to take the time to read. It can be really help to make you look a lot smarter.


The Good Old Days

Before Orlowski starts ruminating about a past that existed in an industry he has never been directly part of, he should read Steve Albini's famous Maximum Rock & Roll article "The Problem with Music." I seem to recall Albini being quoted in a couple of Amanda Palmer articles and his writing style would be a good influence on Orlowski.

It's the ALL NEW FUTURISTIC WEAPONS Black Friday Roundup!


No kidding

I actually went to the last page for the first reference and was very confused. Is there some sort of butt party draft in the US? I know they're a little odd, but...