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Chromebooks: the flop of 2011?

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Chromebooks are great for schools

Actually Chromebooks are a perfect fit for the oft overlooked education market by all the technocratri. 9 hours of battery life which means that they don't have to be tethered between lessons. 10 second from cold boot time (unlike the 2 minute boot up and login, keyboard bashing, pen USB jabbing that we have with the Microsoft option) Frequently updated OTA, no virus or security issues and works seamlessly with Google Apps which is what an increasingly large number of both Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education establishments are turning to due to the huge cost savings over the Microsoft solution and the fact that it removes the tech issues of hosting your own servers in a school environment.

My only gripe is the price which is still too high even at the £15 a month rental option with instant return to base backup over three years. They need to be sub £200 before they really attractive to cash strapped schools. It really bugs me to see schools buying iPads for their entire student body. Hugely expensive and have you ever tried writing an essay on an iPad. They quickly become excuses for kids to download a range of games apps. A touch screen Chromebook a la Asus Transformer is where it could get really interesting.


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