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Chromebooks: the flop of 2011?


They are not all more expensive; most are about the same price (one is lower) as a low-mid range laptop. Functionality? The same can be said for a tablet or smartphone, yet people have no problem spending as much, if not more, on those.


Love It

First off, the Chromebook should not be set side by side with the iPad, Kindle Fire, a laptop, or desktop. Those four items should not be compared to each other or compared to the Chromebook. They are all different devices with different uses for different people.

Overall, for me, it is a awesome device for browsing, blogging, managing your cloud files, and other things like that.

I love Chrome OS and my Chromebook; it does everything I need. The only true reason I have a Windows computer is because I work from home for my day job and the remote tools I need to use are not compatible with a Chromebook. I am not saying there is not a need for a full powered PC; there sure is for many things. Today, the average user can just buy a new Chromebook every year or two and have no need to tweak or install software and hardware.

The Cr-48 introduced me to Chrome OS and I just recently bought a new Chromebook. When my the Acer came I fired it up, logged in, and I was done. All my settings, apps, and history where there. I was up and running in about two minutes. The price point was the hiccup and Google is working on it with the manufacturers s evident by the recent reductions.



- More mobile

- Faster boot

- Easy setup

- No saved data (cloud)

What advantage does a tablet have?

A Chromebook is just a different device, and not necessarily a replacement over a full laptop.


Android Laptop?

I have not seen a Android Laptop on the market.

Would you buy a tablet? Why if it is smaller? The Chromebook, like tablet, to many people is an additional device, not a replacement.

The size is probably due to the limited manufacturer partners. Larger sizes may come out. Or, maybe not. There are not many tablets over about 10 inches. The size is a function of the purpose; a 22" Chromebook or tablet is not exactly mobile.



I agree about the price point, but they are getting closer. The Acer AC700-1099 is now $299. The Kindle Fire should not be compared to a Chromebook. They are different things. Even comparing a Kindle Fire to an iPad is horrible; two different target markets with different use cases.

Google has strayed a bit, but is getting back on track with the change in leadership. Even still they are not Microsoft; what are these old technologies they are betting on?



- Microsoft Office would be replaced with Google Docs, Zoho, or other web-based options

- Many games are available on it. Other games are available via websites and social networks.

- As for Photoshop, there are many replacements available such as Aviary and Picnik

- The cloud is just the internet, and can be describe as your C: drive being online. Simple.

- As for hacking, scams, phishing, theft, hardware problems, etc.: You are much more likely to have them happen to you than a large company is.



FYI: You are not required to hold all your data with Google.


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