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Gates threatens to buy millions and millions of servers for Microsoft

Gates Horns

Re: Unfair!

I think what the previous poster meant was that Microsoft is to software what Lysenkoism was to science (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lysenkoism). I think you may find that more than fair...

No email privacy rights under Constitution, US gov claims


RE: Don't Americans Ever Get Tired of Being Trampled?

".... transits a node in the US and therefore can be legally pilfered vs. clandestinely pilfered using SIGINT."

Oh dear. The Merkins only wring their hands about protecting the rights of other Merkins. If they wanted the emails of a 'foreign national' they would just take them.

UK ID card service mounts birth, marriage, death landgrab


RE: tax and government revenue

"It is, and always has been to do with tax and government revenue,"

If only it were that benign! If all the intention of the ID database was to have better and fairer taxation (after all, its not us working slobs who are dodging the tax man) I would be all for it. But I fear that is very far from the case.

TrafficMaster sells clients' location info to UK.gov


false registration details...

How long do you think before its compulsory to use your ID card to transfer the vehicle registration details? Either online or at a post office would make it pretty secure.

Of course this wouldn't stop any real criminals just, for example, people trying to organize a political rally.

Greens walk out of nuclear debate



I always bugs me when pro nuclear peeps come up with the "newer reactors will be much safer than Chernobyl" line and then dismiss any safety concerns. There wasn't a safety systems failure at Chernobyl, because the safety systems had been disabled for maintenance!

As soon as theres a human interaction with any system, it can NEVER be 100% safe. All you can do is mitigate the risk as best you can and figure out a way to deal with the fallout when an accident happens.

NIMBY? not in my bloody county mate.

China looking to develop scramjet missile tech



Good grief, trolls have undergone a bit of a population explosion lately. Has there been a reduction in predator numbers? and can we place the blame on global warming? Time for a cull methinks.

@Anton Ivanov wouldn't a new scramjet just fly up to the 10 mile range at mach2 and therefore 10m above the sea, then accelerate hard to the ship to reduce the intercept time from 10 seconds to (say) 5?

Fancy a jet-powered Sinclair C5?


Missed a trick there...

Where's the reheat? C'mon, jet power C5 with afterburner - now that would be a story ;)