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Facebook faces UK data probe

Andrew Woodvine

Safe Harbor & The Data Protection Act

If Facebook have opted to abide by the Safe Harbor arrangement then they have agreed to comply with an EU Directive on personal data and not the Data Protection Act.

It is against the Data Protection Act to retain personal data for longer than is necessary. If Facebook was registered as a Data Controller in the UK then I guess that being unable to delete your account would result in a breach, as it could be argued that Facebook were keeping data longer than is necessary.

I've checked on the ICO's site though and Facebook are not on the register of data controllers, so I am unsure as to the grounds for the ICO to investigate.

GMail shakes IMAP out of coma

Andrew Woodvine

IMAP with push email

I've had an IMAP account with Fastmail for years - this gives me true push email on my mobile device - no need for a Blackberry or to subscribe to any of the push email services offered by the mobile networks.

Palm, Vodafone launch slinky Treo 500v

Andrew Woodvine

When will there be a new Palm OS GSM device?

I echo Rob Haswell's comments. My 650 is showing its age now. Palm seem to have forgotten about their GSM users that are loyal to the Palm OS. The 680 is no upgrade for the 650 - the 680 has a different target audience.

They have only released CDMA versions of the 700p & 755p - why?!

They've been talking about a new Linux based Palm OS for what seems like forever, and now the best esitimates are that this won't be ready until next year :-( As long as my 650 keeps going though, I will wait...

Vodafone cranks up 3G data rates for autumn

Andrew Woodvine

What's wrong with intergrated cards?

The 7.2Mb/sec is still using HSPDA, even if the intergrated HSDPA can't manage this speed now the only thing stopping it the firmware, and I would expect that they will release updated firmware allowing for the incrased speed.

No data protection exemption for YouTube baby battle video

Andrew Woodvine


The problem here is that the video could personally identify the member of staff who was not aware that he was being recorded. So surely if the face was masked out then there would be no breach? Just in the same way as that some companies when fulfilling a subject access request for CCTV footage they hold on you will mask out the faces of anyone else in the recording when they send it to you.

Why is Hotmail so bad at spam?

Andrew Woodvine

re: "manage your email address"

I agree - I should not have to keep my email address private to avoid spam. Hotmail should do a better job at preventing spam. My email address is out on the web, I get lots of spam sent to me, but receive very little as email identified as definite spam gets deleted without me seeing it, and probable spam goes into my spam mail folder. I get a few spam emails in my inbox a week, and maybe a few each day in my spam folder.

Some email providers do an excellent job at controlling spam, although I doubt that Hotmail ever will.



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