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Ofcom explains the not in the not-spot

Andrew Woodvine

Making provision of national coverage part of a licence obligation

Ofcom already did this with the 3G licences, requiring 80% population coverage by a certain date, which O2 missed and was threatened with a hefty fine. Just a shame that Ofcom stopped at 80%.

Orange bulks up SIM-only deals for people who text like a canary

Andrew Woodvine


So how many SMS does unlimited include?

RIM gets another Indian reprieve

Andrew Woodvine

Re: How does this work when.

The data is still encrypted between the BES and the Blackberry device so there's no need to switch the mail service off - it's just as secure as using your Blackberry in the UK (or anywhere else).

Google shuts down GOOG-411 voice data honeypot

Andrew Woodvine

UK accents

Voice search on my Android device is hopeless at understanding my English accent, so I'm with Samuel Walker on this one.

Customers paying more and putting up with mobes for longer

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Vodafone promises more tiers for data hungry customers

Andrew Woodvine

"3 wasn‘t even planning to cut anyone off."

They may not have been planning to then, but they do now.

I was cut off last month for exceeding the 2GB limit on my "unlimited" data plan.

Custodial offence for deliberate invasion of data protection? Forget it!

Andrew Woodvine

I don't think default PINs are really the issue

Before you can access your voicemail from another phone on Orange and Vodafone you first have to change the default PIN, by calling your voicemail service from your mobile. I assume this is the case for the other three networks, but I don't know. Anyone?

Also, if the default PIN hasn't been changed you can't spoof your CLI and get in that way, as I've tried it with my own voicemail, just out of curiosity.

Hands on with Motorola's Milestone 2 and Defy

Andrew Woodvine

Background noise

The background noise in that video was annoying, they can't even get that right!

Thai mobe outfit warns of deadly roaming charges

Andrew Woodvine

Diverting to voicemail when roaming

You're sort of right. If you activated an immediate divert on your home network before travelling then the incoming call would never leave the UK, so you wouldn't be charged for an incoming call. Historically, if you set up a conditional divert (in the UK or when abroad) then you would be charged for an incoming call to the country you were in and for an outgoing call back to the UK to your voicemail service. Networks recommended setting up diverts before leaving the UK because they couldn't guarantee it would work if trying to do it when abroad.

Orange stopped charging for conditional diverts to voicemail when abroad 7 years ago (see this Usenet posting for more details http://bit.ly/bToN6G) and Vodafone also no longer charge. I'm not sure about the rest of the networks but it would be interesting to know.

Voda NZ answers iPhone 4 complaint - with a song

Andrew Woodvine

"Apple doesn't do humour."

Apple does do humour - seeing as they played that Youtube video at the beginning of their recent press conference on the antenna issue.

Alcatel OT-808 fashion phone

Andrew Woodvine

Pointless review?

What's the point of reviewing "fashion" phones? Most Reg readers wouldn't fit the target audience of these things and your time would be better spent reviewing stuff that we might actually be interested in buying.

Google shutters Nexus One webstore

Andrew Woodvine

The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

I never take anyone that uses the at symbol in their sentences seriously.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro

Andrew Woodvine

FM Radio

I wish the FM Radio worked as well on the HTC Desire - it's hopeless and about the only thing I don't like on the phone.

HTC Wildfire Android smartphone

Andrew Woodvine

HTC is known for great build quality and outstanding usability

In terms of Android devices this is a true comment. There have been no widespread issues with any HTC Android devices. Nick Ryan you've hit the nail on the head - the problem phones all share one common factor - Windows Mobile.

Mobile phones cause tinnitus, says study

Andrew Woodvine

The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

I didn't have tinnitus until I read these comments - and now I can't get rid of the sound of ringing out of my head!

Apple iPad 3G 32GB

Andrew Woodvine


Worth pointing out that the Wi-Fi iPad doesn't have GPS (so no A-GPS either) according to www.apple.com/ipad/specs/ and uses Wi-Fi for positioning.

Police snapper silliness reaches new heights

Andrew Woodvine

Camera shy Liverpool police

My experience of filming in Liverpool at the weekend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj3Y-kMl-pc

UK.gov may abolish edited electoral roll

Andrew Woodvine

Electoral Roll Form

I never fill in the stupid form anyway, and I don't care.

O2 gives birth to GiffGaff in gust of gabble

Andrew Woodvine


The prices are as good as you get on pre-pay, and for standard calls/SMS match Asda Mobile (MVNO of Vodafone). With GiffGaff you also get free calls and SMS to other GiffGaff numbers, which could be useful for some people.

Making the claim that they can offer you cheaper calls because they're "people powered" is a marketing gimmick though. How much do the mobile networks spend on customer service for their pre-pay segment? Maybe an average of 50p per customer/month but we will never know the exact figure. So GiffGaff may be able to make a small saving this way, but not enough to make a noticeable impact in the price you pay for using their service.

Still, it will be an interesting one to watch. Hope they don't go the same way as Easy Mobile, Blyk and Dot Mobile.

TomTom iPhone Car Kit

Andrew Woodvine

External GPS receivers

My iPhone's GPS has stopped working. If only the TomTom app would allow me to use my own external Bluetooth GPS receiver.

BT squares up to Google Voice with Ribbit Mobile

Andrew Woodvine

I claim my £5

@Cliff here's the pic you're looking for http://moblog.net/view/84589/old-rabbit-window-sticker seen in the window of Meigh's, Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent. I snapped the photo a few years ago. The window sticker has sadly since been half peeled off!

Elgato DTT Deluxe

Andrew Woodvine

Use tvcatchup and save £80

It's nice but with tvcatchup.com it's not something I would need.

Fat Reg slims down for spanking new mobile phone version

Andrew Woodvine

iPhone app suggestion

How about using push notifications to be alerted to articles that mention pre-defined keywords?

Top drug boffin renews criticism of cannabis policy

Andrew Woodvine

Keep ecstasy as a class A

It wouldn't be as much fun taking it if it was down-graded.

Sky News goes free

Andrew Woodvine

@Dave Lawless

They don't have any right to access even with a Police Officer present, unless they have a search warrant.

Vodafone is all thumbs on multitouch

Andrew Woodvine


Describing the H1 as multitouch reminds me of the way they use the term "unlimited".

Hyatt signs up to EU binding corporate rules for data transfers

Andrew Woodvine

@Paul 25

I was thinking exactly the same.

A quick look at the Data Protection Act tells me that personal data cannot be transferred outside the EEA unless that country ensures an adequate level of protection for the rights and freedoms of data subjects in relation to the processing of personal data (the eighth principle) BUT Schedule 4 of the Act lists 9 cases where the eighth principle does not apply.

Presumably call-centres use one (or more) of the 9 cases under Schedule 4 to gain exemption.

Nokia to cull Symbian from smartphones?

Andrew Woodvine

Camera click

@moylan - so you moved from a Symbian phone to an iPhone because the camera click annoyed you, but the iPhone also makes a camera-click noise (unless on silent) so I don't understand your logic? I agree though, I hate those silly camera-clicking noises.

Ofcom to start new number mobility consultation

Andrew Woodvine


O2, as the original network operator of your number collects the termination fee and as your number is now back with them they get to keep the money.

O2 does Apple-flavour customer service

Andrew Woodvine

Re: Can't connect to OpenZone at the moment either

I've also experienced this problem - I've never been able to use OpenZone when it's provided via a BT customer's router.

After checking out O2's forum it turns out that nobody has been able to use OpenZone with an iPhone unless the hotspot is BT's own. There was a reply pasted onto the forum by a BT representative that confirmed that they don't allow access to OpenZone hotspots that are provided via their customer's equipment. Another reason to hate BT.

O2 leaves travellers in the lurch

Andrew Woodvine

Re: Bloody O2...

You couldn't keep in touch with the missus for a few days because your mobile didn't work? There are other ways to call people other than with your mobile phone.

iPhone crashing bug could lead to serious exploit

Andrew Woodvine

Barring SMS

Bar incoming SMS: *35*barring code*16#[SEND]

Judge backs Halifax in Chip and PIN clone case

Andrew Woodvine

The claimant doesn't have much luck

I've just read the judgment (http://www.alikelman.com/jobhbos.pdf) for this case. I noticed that in 2005 the bank issued a replacement card which didn't arrive at the claimant's address and was fraudulently used. Then again after the claimant reported the fraudulent transactions in 2006 the bank issued another replacement card which also didn't arrive and was fraudulently used. In both instances the bank accepted the claimant didn't receive the cards and refunded the fraudulent transactions.

iPhone apps - the 10 smartest and the 10 stupidest

Andrew Woodvine

Three of my favourite apps

Gazette - Google RSS reader.

WunderRadio - radio app.

qTweeter - (jailbroken iPhones only) the easiest and quickest way to update your Twitter and/or Facebook status.

Vodafone gives up on roaming charges

Andrew Woodvine

Removing Japan

Japan was probably removed from the line-up because Vodafone sold Vodafone Japan to SoftBank a few years ago, so not so strange after all.

MPs battle to save great British pub

Andrew Woodvine

Weatherspoons and music

@Sarah Bee In the past one of the things Weatherspoons have made their no music and no television policies a selling point. Fact is now though that many Weatherspoons have music and televisions.

Nokia to preinstall Skype on handsets

Andrew Woodvine

Data costs

Several of you have questioned whether this would be really free due to the exorbitant data charges imposed by the mobile networks.

A few years ago this would have been a valid point. Recently though data costs have reduced significantly and now you can typically get "unlimited" data for less than £10 a month. I'd expect many people that would use Skype on the handset would already have "unlimited" data included in their tariff anyway, so I'd say it's about as free as you're going to get.

Of course, all the networks need to do now is to work out how to charge separately for such traffic.

Microsoft just wants to be touched

Andrew Woodvine

No 3.5G?

@Liam Thom 3.5G is what the industry generally use to describe HSDPA enabled UMTS technology.

The speed test application I have on my iPhone typically gives me a download speed of 2.5Mbps over cellular (that's on a HSDPA enabled cell with a maximum download speed of up to 3.6Mbps). The maximum download speed of a non-HSDPA UMTS cell is 384Kbps.

So the iPhone 3G is compatible with HSDPA. Maybe they should have called it the iPhone 3.5G, but perhaps that name is too much of a mouth full.

Twitter breaks Jam Festival record

Andrew Woodvine

Re: Twitter is doomed

I like Twitter. I've got back in touch with people that I'd lost contact with because of Twitter and have also met some interesting people though it as well.

I also went to a Twestival last night, it was in a pub I'd never been to before, and it was one of the best pubs I've been in for a long time. I even bumped into a few people in the pub that I'd not seen in years. I'm going back there for some more real ale tonight :-)

So it's not intrusive or pointless for me. I wonder how many of the anti-Twitter crowd have actually tried using it?

BT puts the 'free' back into 'freephone'

Andrew Woodvine

@ Chris Griffin

Yes it is cheaper for a mobile company to connect a 0800 call than it is to pay the termination fee for connecting a call to another mobile network.

Mobile companies don't want 0800 (o 0870 for that matter) to come out of your inclusive minutes as people use them as call-though numbers for getting cheap international calls - mobile networks would sooner you dial directly so you pay their much higher rate. By making 0800 calls chargeable regardless then at least they are still making some money if you use a call-though service.

Of course, there's always a way around these things. You can call a standard geographical number, +44 23 8003 0800 and then enter the 0800 number when your call is answered so that the call is deducted from your inclusive minutes.

Mobile broadband or WiFi? You betcha

Andrew Woodvine

Security of USB dongles/data cards

"Probably the only security issue with mobile broadband is loss or theft of the USB dongle or data card, and with it a user’s access credentials."

There is no user stored data on USB dongles/data cards - the users access credentials (which are generic anyway, unless you are using a private APN) are stored on the laptop.

Some dongles now act as a memory card reader as well, so the only risk would be if you had a memory card in the dongle and then had it lost/stolen.

Also, it's worth remembering that you don't necessarily need a dongle/data card to connect your computer to to the cellular network. I get my laptop online on the move by connecting it over WiFi to my phone. The advantage of this is that it gives me "unlimited" data at no extra cost. I use an iPhone with the PdaNet application to do this.

Yahoo! engineer arrested in Indian terror swoop

Andrew Woodvine

Hacking into unsecured Wi-Fi

The hacking into unsecured Wi-Fi connections may have been taken from The Times of India, as they repeatedly refer to terrorists doing this. Their journalists write about terrorists and technology on a daily basis, but don't seem to know what they're talking about.

Gemalto glues DVD onto a SIM

Andrew Woodvine

Analogue systems

@Richard really old phones that used analogue did not use credit card sized SIMs - both sizes of SIM are only used with digital networks.

Phones on the old analogue networks did not use SIM cards.

Apple under the gun to master the iPhone's 'second album'

Andrew Woodvine

Switching to 2G and using HSDPA

Replying to Sean Aaron - you will be able to put the phone onto 2G only (and hence double the talk time) - Macworld confirmed this in their podcast yesterday after speaking to Apple.

Replying to Jiminy Krikett - Apple's website confirms that HSPDA is supported.

It appears that there is still no MMS support or video capture though.

Prosecutors target first 'Facebook harassment' conviction

Andrew Woodvine

You can block people on Facebook

Facebook has excellent privacy controls. You can block people so that they cannot find any trace of you on the site. It would have been far easier if she had just blocked him.

Vodafone USB Modem 7.2

Andrew Woodvine

Image compression

Vodafone use compression technology from Bytemobile, along with every other UK network operator.

I can understand the need for this in pre-UMTS days, as the image compression will have enhanced the user experience when download speeds were slower. With 3G though the image compression has the opposite effect - I just find it annoying.

If you're using a Mac then you can download a utility called ByteMe Optimizer from http://aitne.com/ and this suppresses the optimisation.

Facebook checks for Cambridge applicants

Andrew Woodvine


The only problem is that, at most, any photos that you put on Facebook can only be seen by people that you add as friends and people who belong to the same network as you (this goes for your whole profile for that matter).

Anyone concerned about their privacy can restrict the photos to be shared with their friends only, and you can even add friends but restrict them from viewing your photos.

So I don't see how a potential employer or university could use Facebook as part of their vetting process.

Orange unsure of own upcoming smartphone

Andrew Woodvine

Rob Haswell's comment

What about a Palm Treo 750 for your mates, which is a touchscreen Treo with a full keyboard running Windows?

T-Mobile wins right to end sale of unlocked iPhones

Andrew Woodvine

Legality of selling an unlocked iPhone?

"France is now the only country on the planet where you can buy - legally - an unlocked iPhone."

So buying an unlocked iPhone is illegal in every other country? I don't think so.

iPhone tops mobile browsing charts

Andrew Woodvine

re: WAP gateway

By default mobile devices supplied by any of the UK networks do not browse via a proxy server, they connect directly, just as the iPhone does. It appears from your subject that you are getting WAP confused with proxy servers.


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