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Star Wars VII: The Disney Movie signs Toy Story III script genius

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I liked all the Star Wars films (except for JarJar, Ewoks, Middleclorines (or wherever), and Anakin (what a twat)). Great mongy films.

I thought Star Trek was the most exciting and best film of 2009. Just brilliant. Enough of the plot hole bollocks and just enjoy the bloody thing. That shit up there on that screen is well enjoyable.

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Re: Fresh Darth of Bespin.

When the Death Star appeared at Yavin, why wait half an hour for Yavin 4 to come into view? They couldve just blown Yavin to pieces, then simply shot Yavin 4. Would've taken a couple of minutes. Job done.

I think I've seen this in Star Wars: How It Should Have Ended

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Re: Cautiously optimistic.

Me too. They can't do any worse than Lucas already had with his prequels. Though (and I'm wearing my flame proof suit now) I actually like Revenge of the Sith. Except for using the word 'younglings'. Makes me want to punch an oldling!!

ESO's nine-gigapixel galactic image has 84 MILLION stars

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Re: So....

I never did think we were alone. There's simply too many galaxies, with too many stars, with too many planets to assume that ours is only one with the right ingredients to create and sustain life.

We can only hope that first contact is more in line with the Vulcans rather than the Borg.

Dredd movie review

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I've been reading Dredd for over 30 years, and I fucking loved this film.

Yes, it doesn't have the pads and Eagle and the bikes are slightly different. But meh, who actually cares about that. What is in a comic might not actually work in the reall world, and the bikes have to work for the actors to actually ride them. Like the Batbike (that burst forth from the Tumbler in Dark Knight), that had comic-Dredd-like tyres, but the actor riding it said it was near impossible to steer (thus the shots that were sharply edited to make it not looks wrong).

I totally enjoyed what I watched, and Urban was ace. And Dredd does threaten to cube a random perp (just like in the comics).

Oh, and Anderson was very good. Perhaps not the sassy babe from the comics, but she added a 'human'' perspective to the proceedings. A point of view that us normal cits could relate to. My missus doesn't read the comics (or graphic novels), but she enjoyed the film. And by getting bums on seats whilst being good for fans too, they can get enough cash to make a super budget sequel. Imagine what they will come up with if they have a $200 budget. Something on the scale of Necropolis? Phew!! :)

And the worst film NEVER made is...

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Re: Unless it's

Not much singing in that one then

Google warns against ISPs hard on web filth

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Re: she was "appalled" by what she found there

ROFL... This

Hubble snaps exploding star's near-fatal weight-loss bid

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Epic pic

Love it. Hubble pics like these are simply lovely. More please, reg (plus a like to hi res versions).

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Re: Re: I think I can speak with authority when I say that

Not only is it weightless, it’s full of hacks and baseless accusations

Millions of China's tweeters 'silenced by real names decree'

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It won't be long before they have Judges patrolling the streets, rather than police.

"Satorical retweet, 6 months in the cubes, creep"

"New ipad screen resolution rumours? 1 year on Devil's Island, perp!"

Cineworld flaunts '4D' movies

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I'd love to watch what would happen when someone is watching, say 2012, and when Yellowstone explodes!! The seat would have to literally rip itself out of its housing, and you're there having a drink of coke...

Damp crotches ago go.


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I ought to be both styles...

.. what I mean is....

Like with Xcom and it's FPS reimagining, Firaxis are also making an up to date Xcom Enemy Unknown update. Which is a isometric turn based game, which plays like the original (though fixing issues with controls), and looks lush in spangly HD.

All we need is the same treatment to Syndicate. A isometric HD update of the original. There is space in this world for both. What about it EA?

Microsoft explains bland new Windows logo

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Re: LOL....

Why did they need to get a design company in, when they simply copied the logo from the 80s. 30million for no work. Good work if you can get it.

The logo is shit though. I mean, look at it. Dull as fuck, bland, boring. This is the message they are getting across for their new OS? Sigh.

Also, this version of Windows is so radically different in design to any previous version (all of which have looks pretty much the same - just shinier), they should have called it a new name. Left Windows in the past and moved on to new new pastures with Metro. I know it's all about branding and Windows is a mega-bucks brand name. But this is Microsoft, and a new brand name from them would've created massive waves.

Apple orders PC builder to 'choose sides' in laptop battle?

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iHate crApple.

Now, where's my HTC phone, my Samsung tablet and my custom built pc.

Apple will NEVER see any of my money. Spiteful horrible company (this comes from more than just his article btw).

Microsoft sets date for Windows 8 preview - at mobile shindig

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My Windows 7 never crashed. It used to 'freeze' all the time. But that was because of a dodgy HDD. Swapped it out for a shiny 2TB jobbie and Win 7 performs like a slick mofo.

All those whinging about the Start button being replaced.. STFU. Stick with whatever OS flavour you like and quit with the trolling. For all you know it'll be the best thing since, er, the Start button.

Russians drill into buried 20 million-year-old Antarctic lake

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Ceiling Cat's bath

Yes, it could be Ceiling Cat's bathing area.

Though the thought of what Mulder and Scully investigated in the episode "Ice", is pretty scary.

Then again, it could reveal an organisim that can take over and imitate a host body, and imitate it perfectly. So long as we have Kurt Russell on hand we should be ok.

Or maybe they find a bunch of shiteating space-weevils, that Morgan Freeman will blow to kingdom-come.

Or perhaps they discover a delicious mysterious goo that they market as yummy dessert, but which turns eveyone into mindless zombies. But at least it's low calorie and tasty.

It could even releave an ancient pyramid, build by man, infected with Aliens and played on by Predators. So long as we have Lance Henriksen on hand we should be ok.

System Shock

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I never played either of the System Shock games!! :(

Call myself a gamer? Pah!

I was too busy dicking around in the delightful 'Headshot' worlds of Unreal Tournament and Quake II.

Ahh, thems were the days, eh?

iPhone doc will detect cancer, diabetes - boffins

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Good idea, Jedit

A lot of cars now have a Start/Power button and if this button became a biometrics button that also detected alcohol levels..... no more drink driving. Sweet.

No 'Xbox 720' in 2012, says MS exec

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Current Xbox ftw

Having seen the lastest screens for Hitman Absolution it's astonishing what the Devs are eeking out of the 360. Only now are the devs finally able to truly get the best out of the console. Good that they can continue with this generation for a while, and continue to utilise the game engines they've spent years developing.

Yes, I'd like bluray built in, and Dx11/12 quality GFX and a 'SMOOTH' experience. But I think Microsoft should spend more of their efforts making a "GOOD" dashboard, that doesn't seem to punish gamers, or the Indie developers. And isn't slow as fuck.

e.g. After booting Xbox, I go to my Friends screen. It's still loading the friends avatars for 20-30 seconds. Never used to be this shit. And to go 4 screens deep just to join a party?! Bah.

HTC Explorer budget smartphone

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Beat me too it

I was going to say it sounds just like the Wildfire, but with a rubberized case.

Still, would do ok for the missus, who can't see the point of a smartphone. She never has her old Nokia 6230 on anyway. I've even said that when I upgrade my HTC Desire she can have that. She ain't fussed, and that' way better than the Explorer\Wildfire. Some people just don't want fancy power, screen res, facebook and internet on their phone. The odd phone call is enough.

New Earth-observing satellite snaps 'blue marble' shot

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I was just about to say, Planet Earth looks a lot like the USA

Newt Gingrich wants Moon to be 51st US state

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President Newt

Doesn't have a cool ring to it. In fact his whole name should be enough to not get him in.

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Dunno if you just made that up, but it was effin' funny

Lord Midas

It's a drug

As far as I knew the 51st State was a rave drug. "POS 51, a synthetic drug that can be produced with minimal facilities, is 51 times as potent as ecstacy, opiates, amphetamines, and cocaine". Samuel L. Jackson made it and helped Robert Carlyle get tot he Liverpool v Mancs game (Liverpool won).

WD's MyBook takes a Thunderbolt to the chest

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Raid 0 ftw

I think to get more speed they should build Raid 0 directly into the hardware. Rather than have 4 platters of, say, 500GB each, they could could have 2 platters RAID 0'd to another 2 platters internally. 1 drive: Raid 0 performance.

Imagine if they did they that with this new tech. Speedy ----->

Starship Voyager dumped into skip

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Don't bin it..

He should just move it into his garage (if he has one). Then she can have the flat all doyleyed up with kitten plates hanging on the walls, and he can have his Trek garage to chill in.

George Lucas: 'No more Star Wars'

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Han shot first goddamnit!!!

Really, I didn't mind his changes (though Han walking on CG Jabba out the Falcon, and Hayden replacing Sebastian Shaw at the end of TROTJ, were pretty wank). But having Greedo shoot first in the Cantina was a travesty.

Han shot first, and that's all there is to it. Han shooting first made him a bad-ass no-shit-taking muthafucka. He blasted that green git, gets up, flips the bartender a coin then just moseys on outta there. Cool motherfucker.

Greedo shoots first makes him look slow and pussy like. You ALL agree with this.

Plan hatched to view Milky Way's black hole heart

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About time as well

I was wondering when some boffins would actually take notice of the centre of our Galaxy.

Perhaps they'll find remnents of some super god like dude that Kirk blasted to smithereens?

Fresh Apple lawsuits target 15 Samsung gadgets

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Never bought an Apple product...

...and never will.

They sure look pretty, but that company sucks the the winnetts out of a skanky arse with their business practices.

I sit next to an Apple fanboi at work and I'm sure he's starting to see just what a fucksocks company Apple are becoming.

Grow up Apple, you can't win the market by sueing every other company out of business. Deal with it, you don't make the greatest end-all products you think you do.

Apple's request for HTC ban delayed again

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Fucking Apple scum...

God, I'm so glad I've never bough an Apple product in my life. They say competition is good in the market place. But Apple are simply trying to sue the competition out of business, rather than simply making the best product.

They should be be ashamed of themselves. I hope their Mums are proud of them.

I just hope the consumer sees what a sonnova bitch of a company they are siding with, and realises that there are better companies to give their hard earned to.

2011's Best... Smartphones

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Only 5 phones

I was lead to believe that El Reg lists are always 10 strong. You'd have been able to fit the SGII and the SGNote.

And perhaps the HTC Titan. Wasn't feeling the love for HTC in this 'guide', and they make some of the best\most popular smartphones out there.

Greenland 'lurched upward' in 2010 as 100bn tons of ice melted

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Goes to show just how heavy that ice was With the weight removed the Earths Mantle probably sloshed a little and Greenland bobbed up to it's natural level.

Of course sloshed and bobbled are slightly extreme discriptions, but could it have been enough movement to cause an Earthquake or Tsunami on the oppisite side of the planet (i.e. Japan)?

Judge Dredd vs Zombies

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I'm with Code Monkey

Whoever the Devs are need to make an Android version. And pronto. I'd pay 69p for this.

Whatever next? An awesome AAA premium Dredd title on Xbox?

Supermassive surprise: the biggest black holes EVER

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So, in 10 to 15 Billion years we're all doomed?

Windows 8 fondleslabs: Microsoft tip-toes through PC-makers' disaster

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I'll have a go

On the bog, on the train, at a cafe... achievements for my Xbox gamertag. Love it.

Samsung Galaxy Note

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I've got a big head...

No, it's true. I can't find hats to fit me. So in theory the Note wouldn't necessarily be too big if I was to use in in a phone conversation.

I just wonder if the screen is big enough for webbage. I currently have the HTC Desire and find the screen is just too small for my needs.

Finally, do I stick with Android or go for something almost as big with the HTC Titan with Windows Phone 7. With this I can get Xbox achievements whilst sitting on the bog (and I know some of you agree with me :) )

PayPal founder helps steer super geek cruiser

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Never ends well..

Sin City in Judge Dredd (2000AD)

Dennis Hoppers tanker in Waterworld

The Ark, in Brink.

It'll end in tears...

PROVEN: Violent video games mess with your head

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And what about the 12A certificate

This has allowed movie makers to make very violent films knowing that parents couldn't give 2 hoots about the content their kids are watching.


Tintin is chock full of guns and violence

Xmen 1st Class had Wolverine telling Charles and Eric to "Go f*ck" themselves. This was 18 territory about 15/20 years ago.

The horrific deaths in Transformers 3.

Littleuns shouldn't be seeing this stuff (I guess) but I loved it.

Saints Row: The Third

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Poor Voda

Don't you know a 'fun' game when you play it... that's if you have played it. SR2 was more fun than GTAIV. This is more fun than what's out at the moment.

Even though I am ploughing hours into BF3 multiplayer with my comrades, it's SR3 that I keep thinking about, and what I want to play when I get home from work - and after the missus has gone to bed ;)

Ten... top Xbox Live game downloads

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And what about also etc

Gotta love subjective lists. 10 games, yet everyone lists so many games to fit a 100 Best list..

Secret of Monkey Island 1 & 2

Sensible World of Soccer


Battlefield 1943

From Dust


All of these are way better than Spolsion Man

Rock star physicist Cox: Neutrinos won't help us cheat time

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Hang on...

Superman flew against the spin of the Earth, thus reversing the totally-harsh-for-a-PG burying alive of Lois. Then, once he'd succeeded in the event not ever happening, he then flew the normal way around the planet, putting everything back on the straight-and-narrow.

Sounds completely plausable to me

HTC: Apple and Samsung won't steal our lunch

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I've had the HTC Desire for over 1.5 years now. It's had one update in all that time to v2.2. It's plenty good enough to play with v3.0, but why no update?

I'm heading over to WinPho7 for my next phone. But I do believe it'll be an HTC phone anyway. Something like the Titan, but with Quad Core please, HTC.

Microsoft to offer dual upgrade path for Windows 8

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My Win 7 64bit Ultimate is massively unstable. From not doing anything to just copying files, it will simply freeze for 15 seconds at a time. Totally unusable and requires a power off.

Trouble is that because it didn't actually "crash" there is no Event logged for the freezing. It's the most frustrating thing and there appears to be no answer on the internets.

Win8 better be better