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Manchester cops to strap on 3K bodycams

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Whatbout the cop who inadvertently looks through my living room window and gets a view of the inside of my house? This is creepy state surveillance by the backdoor

Bob McBob

I presume these will be switched off in non public spaces?

Nuisance caller fined a quarter of a million pounds by the ICO

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Yet more pointless Monetary Penalty Notices

Why are the criminal parts of the DPA not being enforced here?

The ICO are a bunch of clowns

UK.gov is about to fling your data at anyone who wants it. How? Why? Shut up, pleb

Bob McBob

Not compliant with GDPR

Can't see how how without explicit consent (e.g. opt in to sell your data to the devil) this can be legal. Perhaps the gov isn't aware of the new framework around the corner?

How 'flexible' can the UK actually be on EU data protection law?

Bob McBob

Lengthy legal battles on the horizon

You can bet your bottom Euro that initial implementation by the UK will almost certainly not be compatible with all requirements of the GDPR.

This will end up at the ECJ, referred by the EDPB, probably sometime around 2020.

Also can't see the ICO doing anything to upset their paymasters, look what's happened to the FCA...

TalkTalk website STILL down on day TWO

Bob McBob

Not for the first time at Talk Talk

Only when execs do prison time will firms take cyber security seriously.

And I don't give a hoot if the ceo is a customer or not.

Safe Harbour ruled INVALID: Facebook 'n' pals' data slurp at risk

Bob McBob

The ICO will still do nothing

From the ICO:

“The judgment means that businesses that use Safe Harbor will need to review how they ensure that data transferred to the US is transferred in line with the law. We recognise that it will take them some time for them to do this. "

In other words, we'll shut our eyes and hope this goes away.

Carphone Warehouse coughs to MONSTER data breach – 2.4 MEELLION Brits at risk

Bob McBob

Crying out for a regulator with teeth

Some serious fines need to be made for firms to pull their fingers out of their backsides. The max 500K fine is a joke. Hopefully the proposed european data protection regs will go someway to deal with this.

If you installed Windows 10 and like privacy, you checked the defaults, right? Oh dear

Bob McBob

European regulators will be all over this

Only a matter of time before the Dutch, Danish, French, German etc data protection authorities will open a case. I fail to see how explicit consent is obtained by obfuscating it in a different menu. There is personal data here.

M$ just don't give two hoots about "European" concerns.

Sky bangs on Ofcom's door – demands BT competition probe

Bob McBob

Pot Kettle Black

Typical brass cheek from $ky.

Transparency thrust sees Met police buying up to 30,000 bodycams

Bob McBob

Data protection implications

I's ask for this to be turned off before any plod comes into my home - next thing you know it'll be on a 'National Security' database mapping the inside of people's houses.

Serious safeguards needed to avoid this being abused

IT mercenaries and buy-to-let landlords are my HEROES - here's why

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Thumb Down

What utter rubbish

If buy to let landlords are hero's of unemployment then I'm a Chinaman.

BBC World Service in a jam as China blocks broadcasts

Bob McBob

Re: Reporting from inside the prc

It's licence fee not license fee. Teaching English in China by any chance?

News International big boss flings himself overboard

Bob McBob

"absolutely and entirely his own"

Murdoch you lie. Not for the first time.

Children increasingly named after Apple products

Bob McBob

This says a lot about how low society has become. Next we'll be naming people after soap stars and minor celebs. Oh wait.

LASER STRIKES against US planes on the rise

Bob McBob

pedantic point

It's aeroplane not airplane

Does Britain really need a space port?

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Yeah right

"the biggest player in the UK space economy ... without BSkyB it [UK space] would be half the size, probably less."

Yeah that'll be the 10k staff in the $ky call-centres

Kelvin MacKenzie blasts 'footie rights warehouse' BSkyB

Bob McBob

For once I agree with kelvin

As another ex-sky employee, for once I agree with Kelvin. Why oh why the competiton authorities haven't intervened in what is a private sector monopoly is surely nothing to do with Mutdoch's hitherto undue influence over government policy.

Spare a thought for the the commercial sector (pubs clubs etc ) for they are even more shafted. There is no competiton at all for commercial sports roghts in the UK, no Virgin, BT etc... How has this been allowed?

DoJ could start Apple ebook price-fixing lawsuit this week

Bob McBob

a cosy arrangement

I remember back in 08 when i used to work for one of the large publishers, the absolute confusion as what to do with ebook pricing, when the sony eReader came along.

Should they reflect the hardback or the paperback price was the question... As ever the bean counters were so terrified about protecting revenue and undercutting their existing products as they saw it.. they opted for the HB price, and in one stroke killed the publishers credibility.

This is why ebooks were priced at the same value as their hardback versions i.e 20 quid for a great tome= your azw or epub.

It's all about protecting profits and keeping the cosy publisher vs author relationship in check.

I'm certain the other big publishers followed suit, hardly a co-incidence they all adopted the same pricing strategy!

Sky News admits two counts of computer hacking

Bob McBob

Funny how this wasn't a 'BREAKING NEWS' story on Sky NEWS yesterday....I wonder why!

Sky news....Impartial my arse. I'd rather watch the Chinese CCTV NEWS, at least there I know the content has been screened...unlike $ky who claim their content is up there with the best of them!

The sooner OFCOM revoke their broadcasting licence the better.

Sky flaunts F1 app with split-screen functions

Bob McBob

Re: Re: Don't get it

As a Sky insider I can confirm all the execs have iPads and therefore to them, no other device exists.

Indeed Sky will always go for the Apple Apps first, due to the higher revenue stream that comes in from people being locked in, i mean ripped off vis the apple (cr)app store.

Sky go is the same, though an android app is now in the pipeline, its very much an afterthought.

In many respects Sky and Apple operate in similar ways.


Penguin pulls its e-books off library shelves

Bob McBob

Hardly Surprising

As a former employee of Penguin this is hardly surprising, the relationship with Amazon has been getting progressively worse, ever since Penguin backed Sony's e-reader and the EPUB format back in 08.

They then had to backtrack and start to produce azw content as they realized that the Kindle wasn't going to go away...

And El Reg get your facts straight, Penguin is a UK Publisher, it's the US division that's involved in the dispute with Amazon.


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