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Samsung's Bixby assistant fails English, gets held back a month


Bugger :( I quite fancy the SGS8. I've always been an Apple user, switched to a Oneplus 3 - which I like - but it has some very annoying issues such as the microphone stopping working around 5 seconds after switching to hands-free during calls.

I was going to try the SGS8 as a last-ditch attempt to avoid going back to Apple.

I can live without Bixby, but between this news and the fact this thing is more fragile than my emotions the morning after a heavy night of drinking Buckfast, I don't know if this phone is going to turn out to be just another shiny-pretty Android device whose annoyances outweigh its pros long-term.


Hackers emit 9GB of stolen Macron 'emails' two days before French presidential election


Re: So, just another day in the office...?

Whoops, good point DougS. Serves me right for posting after the pub...

3... 2...1... and 123-Reg hit by DDoSers. Again


Tin foil hat thought...

If I was the unscrupulous owner of a DDoS-protection service, I might be inclined to arrange a couple of high-level DDoS attacks just to drive a bit more business my way.

Google's hardware extravaganza: Ad giant takes on Sonos, Roku, Linksys, Amazon, Oculus... you name it


Definitely future-proofed this time

I'm absolutely positively convinced that Google won't require these wifi pucks to be logged in to a cloud account and they certainly won't stop working in two years' time when the Chocolate Factory's oompahloompahs decide to release version 2 of these oversized Trebor Extra Strong Mints... Oh no, wait, the Other Thing...

Mine's the one with the Victor Meldrew photo in the pocket...

Microsoft gets into the advanced intrusion sniffer game – but only for Windows 10


Wait, whut?


Advance Phreat Trotection...?

Am I being unusually daft here or...?

Telecoms provider Oricom working with NHS fraud officers in ongoing probe


That's why I clicked through to the comments, too.

"Their" is definitely the correct way to write it, unless the copy ed it simply trolling us...? ;o)

Bond villains lament as Wicked Lasers withdraw death ray


I gather they're a US company?

If so, highly likely this decision had something to do with US Gov (allegedly) starting to take steps to crack down on the use of lasers in attacks on landing aircraft in the US.

A recent incident saw both pilot and first officer receiving eye injuries approaching Albuquerque airport - they landed safely though, thankfully:


Scary stuff, and just as dangerous when used against drivers of cars.

Tiger Moth: Old school flying without all those pesky flaps, brakes and instruments


Me too - I flew the Chipmunk as my first AEF in the cadets, then was lucky enough to try the Bulldog (where you got to actually _see_ your instructor, because it was side-by-side!), and was also lucky enough to get onto a winch-launch glider course at Kenley.

Them's were good times :)

I've re-started my PPL training recently - one hour a week isn't much but it's the best fun I've had with my clothes on in a long time. Briliant stuff :)

First solo vid, in case anybody fancies a laugh at me making a tit of myself ;) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa419dk1dOE

Cold storage, Facebook style? Flash FPGA controller to knock your SoCs off, vows upstart


I don't think I've ever seen so many acronyms in one article, especially in that first paragraph. Where's my Google...? ;)


I don't think I've ever seen so many acronyms in one article. Especially in the first paragraph... :)

Russian diplomat caught driving while 15 TIMES over booze limit


Err, soz Reg, 0.3 / 0.08 = 3.75 times over the drink-drive limit, not 15.

P'raps it's _you_ who have been drinking too much? ;o)