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Domain aging gang CashRewindo picks vintage sites to push malvertising

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I wonder.....

....if theregister.co.uk is still available.....mwahahahahahahaha !!!!

Israel sets robotic target-tracking turrets in the West Bank

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Re: How does the computer know who the bad guys are ?

Literally the first person who has correctly identified the reference without explanation in the 30 years since I was gifted the moniker....

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How does the computer know who the bad guys are ?

"Anyone who runs is a VC. Anyone who stands still is a well-disciplined VC."

AMD’s latest, greatest Radeon graphics card $600 cheaper than Nvidia’s top RTX 4090

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68 Billion Colours ?

I still don't believe in puce, never mind whatever they are going to call the other 67.999999 billion.....

GM races after Tesla with battery pack tech and solar deal

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Re: Swappable battey packs

Swappable battery packs did not do well because people didn't want the battery lease model - you own the car but not the battery and don't have much control over what quality of battery they swap into your car every time you change it. You might end up with a brand new battery with 100% range or a 10-year old one with 60% range at "full" charge. It would be like filling up with petrol, paying for a full tank but getting a randomly determined amount of fuel between 40 and 70 liters.....

The F150 lightning was specifically designed to have easily swapped battery packs but that only really works for big fleet owners who can afford to keep spare stocks of batteries back at base that they also directly own and maintain to switch in to vehicles to keep them on the road (e.g. Amazon delivery vehicles coming back to the warehouse to re-load with intercrap* switching out batteries at the same time, keeping the one vehicle running productively 24/7).

*Crap you ordered off the internet.

Papa John's sued for 'wiretap' spying on website mouse clicks, keystrokes

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Information Privacy Boundaries in the Modern World

It's a refreshing development of modern society that people couldn't care less if the world knows that they are fervent fans of donkey-based pornography but if there is a risk that the world will know that they are the sort of degenerate pervert that puts pineapple on pizza they will sue to keep it quiet....

People are coming out of retirement due to cost-of-living crisis

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It's all a matter of perspective...

....I for one am looking forward to my retirement job. I can't wait to become one of those old men that work at a big box DIY store and is the only on who knows where to find the splagefluxicator brackets or whatever.

Occasionally just for giggles when someone asks me for something I will wander up and down several aisles muttering to myself and then just stop in the middle of the store and piss my pants. Not because of dementia or incontinence but because it will be funny as hell.

It's better than sitting at home staring at daytime TV....

Amazon 'punishes' sellers who dare offer lower prices on other marketplaces

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Re: Amazon doing something useful?

There are corded chainsaws ?

Amazon fails to overturn New York City union election

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Unions have gone downhill....

....since the mob stopped controlling them. Just think how quick Amazon would be unionized if a couple of goodfellas had dropped by to visit Jeff Bezos.....thanks FBI !

I paid for it, that makes it mine. Doesn’t it? No – and it never did

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Re: You know you're old when...

If you have never had a gobble off the maid in the morning you haven't really lived....

Leave that sentient AI alone a mo and fix those racist chatbots first

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Re: Shotgun...

Cabbages deserve everything they get.

No more fossil fuel or nukes? In the future we will generate power with magic dust

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Forgetting the Celts then......

Assuming we are forgetting the Celts then, who were from what was later to become France (and bit of Austria...)

Appeals court unleashes Texas's anti-Big-Tech content-no-moderation law

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Re: Better for citizens to choose

Uuuuuummmm.... if you follow the link in the Wikipedia article you referenced to the "Pre-2000" page here:


you might see that there were 59 school shootings in the 1980's.....

TurboTax to pay $141m to settle claims it scammed millions of people

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Because it's way more complicated than the UK......

The main learning curve I had moving from the UK to the USA was doing our tax returns - two big points really:

1) The system is way more complex than the UK - there are not only far more things that can be deducted from taxes than in the UK for the individual (not just marital status, number of kids but also mortgage interest and insurance, educational costs, healthcare costs (even stuff you also pay for in the UK, like dental and vision services), charitable donations for federal tax returns but also for state taxes absolutely random stuff like (in Maryland where I live) running an oyster aquaculture, donating hunted venison to charity, being a quality teacher etc. and then also county taxes depending on what county you live in) and it is perfectly common for individuals to live in one state / county but work in another, making it very complex for a simple employer based PAYE type system to be administered as it would require the employer to know all that information in order to properly withhold the appropriate amount of tax from each pay check.

2) Having said all that, there is absolutely no reason why the federal and state governments could not provide a simple online service for all tax payers to use for free in submitting their tax returns (as is provided by the current private providers) - this is the part that is the lobbyist driven scam where lawmakers in the pocket of the big accountancy firms repeatedly bat down legislation aimed at requiring just that and force the IRS to stick with arcane paper based systems (even the online tax software ultimately just fills in the form for you and emails it to the IRS).

On the plus side, though, the arcanity and complexity of the process makes us all very paranoid about getting landed with a big bill come tax time so we tend to get our employers to over-withhold taxes from our pay checks and get a nice little savings bonus at tax return time (usually around 2-3% of my annual pay) - would that money have been better off reducing my interest-bearing debt instead of waiting in some employer account ? Yes, certainly. Do I have the willpower to use that extra cash for that purpose ? No. No I do not.

First Light says it's hit nuclear fusion breakthrough with no fancy lasers, magnets

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Where can I get me one...

....of them guns that fire with a 20,000 fps muzzle velocity ? Asking for a friend....

10x prices, year-long delays... Life as an electronics engineer in global chip shortage

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Re: Advanced Features

I can't say I am going to shed too many tears at the loss of auto start-stop - the most annoying of the "turn this off as soon as you start the car" features.....

Hear us out: Smartphone lidar can test blood, milk

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So what you're saying is.......

....I can take a picture of someone with my phone and it will tell me how thick they are ?

UK Home Office dangles £20m for national gun licence database system

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Why bother at all ?

Just move over to the much better system we have in the US of A - don't bother keeping any record at all, just buy whatever guns you want at WalMart and if the government wants to know if you own them, open fire !

Russia scrambles to bootstrap HPC clusters with native tech

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See ? That's what all those EULA's were for !

You thought all those greedy software companies had expensive licensing agreements because of dirty lucre, but really it was to fight the commies !

Should we expect to keep communication private in the digital age?

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Re: A fundamental issue with 'human rights'

Exactly, I would go even further and suggest that there are no "Human Rights" at all, only social privileges that are given to you by society (and, by extension, those in control of it) which can easily be removed or ignored if required.

No digital content is private, ever. Any attempt to regulate some way by which privacy can be enforced is naive at best and actively misleading at worst. This should be the common understanding educated into children and reinforced to adults - no privacy exists or should be expected to exist in any digital format or anything which has an in-road to digital forms (CCTV observed actions, conversations overheard by your robot butler, movements of your connected car etc etc).

Live your life assuming this is true.

Car radios crashed by station broadcasting images with no file extension

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Re: Mazda's Infotainment is a pile of garbage

If 4x25W speaker outputs is enough to "shake the spot welds" however does it cope with the impacts of 2 tons of car hitting potholes at 100mph ??

Not to put too fine a point on in, your numbers are absolute horse shit.

Any energy input to a car's structure measured in Joules rather than kilojoules is simply below the error margin for caring about, driving up a 1 inch bump puts more energy into the car's structure than the loudest radio you could ever hope to run (raising a 2 ton car by 1 inch needs around 500 joules of energy, one second's output from your putative 4x25W system is 100 Joules. If the car was raised over and entire second it would still take in 5x that energy but, of course, the average car can easily hit dozens of such small bumps in a single second so the vibrational energy from those events is many times anything your radio is going to produce and yet, somehow, your car is still* in one piece a decade and 100,000 miles later.....)

4x25W is not a loud number for a car stereo, it is bog standard for run of the mill cars, any premium system will be significantly louder, even in cars bought by actual grown-ups.

Also, nobody hates BMW drivers any more, we pity them. It's Audi drivers we all hate now.

*Unless you have an Alfa Romeo in which case (a) it already rusted to pieces but (b) the radio never really worked anyway.

Fisher Price's Bluetooth reboot of pre-school play phone has adult privacy flaw

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Hilarious moralizing...as if

You're not all on the internet right now ordering one for your desk at work. I know I am......

Honor 50 Lite: Google Play Services are back on Huawei's former stablemate but that's nothing to get excited about

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Re: Hello... can you hear me?

Well that's just great ! Because you carelessly mis-spelled "sarcasm" after the switch at the end of your post you have now left the whole thread stuck in sarcasm mode.

Good Job !

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram deplatform themselves: Services down globally

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I just need someone to know

Today for lunch I had a ham and mayo on white bread sandwich, bag of ready salted crisps and mint-choc brownie for lunch, washed down with a can of coke.

This is my fall-back option for reporting same on Facebook.....

Confessions of a ransomware negotiator: Well, somebody's got to talk to the criminals holding data hostage

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Re: Pointing the finger of blame

Surely the blame should be assigned to whoever did not attend the root cause analysis meeting per SOP ?

84-year-old fined €250,000 for keeping Nazi war machines – including tank – in basement

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Re: Ha!

Lots of people in the UK also own cannon - I was in the Sealed Knot (UK Civil War re-enactors) and plenty of our artillery members had operational cannons. You only need a shotgun license to own the cannon but an explosives license if you want to keep gunpowder too.

Neither license is all that hard to get but not as easy as now I live in the US of A where all I need is a credit card.....

Blue Origin sets its price: $1.4m minimum for trip into space

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Re: Average American person years of CO2

A better measure would be a fart based scale:

One human fart is approximately 200ml, of which about 10% is methane.

20ml of methane is about 0.00001314 kg of methane. 1 kg of methane is the equivalent of about 85kg CO2 so one fart is equivalent to approximately 0.001kg CO2 (1g).

This means one Blue Origin launch is the climate equivalent of approximately 20,000,000 farts or, as we should more easily quote it, 20 MegaFarts (MF).

I should point out, though, that these figures are approximations and averages. I, for example, did a flatus this morning which I estimate to have been around the 12kF scale on it's own - this estimate based on the fact that the dog got up and ran out into the garden when it went off.

Great Bu

Re: "One wonders what good that money could do"

But this manner of calculation assumes that individual's time has no value - you can make the trip on foot for infinity MPG if you like as long as you don't mind spending several years making it.....

The poor seat/mpg figures for air travel are the price of getting to your destination in hours rather than days.

Also, apparently no-one thought of train travel to make the sums better, if we are assuming time is no object, make as much of the journey as possible on a full train and the remainder by bus....

Guy who wrote women are 'soft, weak, cosseted, naive' lasted about a month at Apple until internal revolt

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Re: I wholeheartedly agree

There are lost of people I work with who I don't particularly like (and, I am sure, don't particularly like me) - if that is the yardstick we are using to decide on firing people then we will all be on the dole soon enough.

In cases like these, behaviour prior to employment should not be a factor but behaviour following employment should.

Jackie 'You have no authority here' Weaver calls on the UK to extend Coronavirus Act provisions for online meetings

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As long as you ensure that all of the opposition accidentally brutally cut their own heads off whilst combing their hair you should be a shoe-in......

Texan's alleged Amazon bombing effort fizzles: Militia man wanted to take out 'about 70 per cent of the internet'

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The Real Victims Here

I think we are all missing out on who the real victims are here - those poor tech workers at an Amazon data center who were not killed by this terrorist plot and, as a consequence, have to continue working for Amazon......

Honda sends first consumer Level 3 autonomous car into showrooms, but only to 100 lucky Japanese leasers

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Re: Honda suggests human drivers could "watch television/DVD on the navigation screen"

What the fuck is a DVD ? I know what DVDA* is but I don't think you should be watching that while driving.

*Do NOT Google at work.

Pandemic? Check. World in peril? Check. CES is on? Check. So of course Bluetooth Smart Masks are now a thing

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Re: Masks work, even cloth ones

(N-95 Masks don't have exhaust valves - not real ones, anyway)

For masks in general - N95 if properly fitted massively reduces the chances of YOU getting the virus via your nasal and buccal mucous membranes (but not via the eyes - the easiest way to catch it).

Surgical multi-layer masks have a small effect on inhaled stuff but are primarily designed to cause your breath to vent backwards past your ears in order that your gross breath goobers don't land in your patients' open surgical wound, not really to filter anything.

Cloth masks are just there to slow down how fast the boogers come out of your face when you breathe, cough or sneeze and so reduce the radius of infection around a carrier - they protect OTHERS from you, not you from them. They do work on a macro scale in that if everyone wears them the rate of infection is reduced but they do not work on an individual level - wearing one does not significantly reduce the chances of you getting the virus if you are exposed to an infectious splatter.

(How do I know all this ? - I work at Johns Hopkins where all those 'rona data graphs are made...)

Motorola sticks a suit on Moto G Stylus mobe, pushes it towards European corporate types

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Re: input device

Mash the pad for a dialling wand....


Cloud vendors can't resist the lucrative smell of gaming dollars – and they're all in it to win it

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Re: Slow news day?

But by the time you pay off your cutting edge gaming rig in 24 months it is obsolete.....and you need to get another. If you are paying, let's say, $20 a month for the gaming service then you spend less than $500 over the 24 month period on your "gaming rig" and it's always up to spec for whatever game you want to play. This would also cover the cost of the games themselves too. Hard price to beat with the "own your own" model....

When you play the game of Big Spendy Thrones, nobody wins – your crap chair just goes missing

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Peugeot 403 Convertible ?

Was known as the cabriolet and went out of production in 1966.........maybe you are really hankering for the 205 GTi.

One-time permanent DWP secretary Robert Devereux set to rock up at 'ethical' tech biz Salesforce

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Choo Choo !

I don't understand - is it a train for transporting gravy, a train made out of gravy or the train that goes to a town named gravy ?

Open-heart nerdery: Boffins suggest identifying and logging in people using ECGs

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Re: Card i/o (geddit)

"Unfortunately the deceased was unable to get his Tesla to start and autopilot him to the hospital as his progressing heart attack changed his ECG outside the security parameters...."

Silicon Valley doesn't care about poor people: Top AI models kinda suck at ID'ing household stuff in hard-up nations

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Re: see if they can tell

That's not a thumb, it's a space station !

When virtual mittens sell for thousands, of course gamers are ripe targets for cyber shenanigans

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A public service assisting the evolution of mankind....

I would suggest that anyone who wants to pay actual cash money for something that is entirely cosmetic in a virtual world should have all their money taken off them for their own safety.....these criminals are doing a public service.

Hacking these medical pumps is as easy as copying a booby-trapped file over the network

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Re: My only question is ...

I am a nurse and we have many devices that are network connected, mainly to allow data from the various devices and monitors to be automatically populated into the patient electronic record.

They also serve to parrot alarms from the bedside device to the central station monitoring computer so we can ignore them from the comfort of the nice chairs rather than the small bed side stools....

Why telcos 'handed over' people's GPS coords to a bounty hunter: He just had to ask nicely

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This part:

"The indictment against him also claims that he "provided a document… knowing such document was false and fraudulent." It's not clear what that is in reference to and it may be a further check run by mobile operators before approving location data, but it is not clear at this stage since neither law enforcement nor mobile operators want their verification processes to become public knowledge."

of the article tells the rest of the story.

He didn't just call up and ask for it, he called up, the Telco asked for whatever secret documentary proof they normally ask for to allow such information to be released and he sent them a fake one.

So the Telco may have been insufficiently diligent in checking the proof he sent but if the accusation is true they were intentionally defrauded by the accused and are also victims of his malfeasance, they didn't just hand out the information on the basis of a phone call alone.

Great Bu

He defrauded the telcos by providing fake documentation to "prove" he was entitled to the information. The telcos should also be sanctioned for poor security practices with such sensitive data.

Uncle Sam to blow millions on mind-control weapon tech that can be fitted without surgery

Great Bu

Shadowrun lives.....

Deckers and Riggers apply within....

Great Bu

Re: Firefox

I think you meant "I will take a Marauder". Phoenix Hawk LAM's are made of tin foil......

Revealed: Facebook, Google's soft-money 'blackmail' to stall Euro fake news crackdown

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Re: The only surprise is...

I think the only reason people tend to label this as a characteristic of American companies is that ironically they are far more "honest" about doing it.

Exactly the same thing happens elsewhere but the techniques are usually more subtle e.g. US lobbyists can give money directly to politicians in real time to influence their decisions whereas in the UK they have to promise them juicy directorships after they have ended their career in politics.

San Francisco votes no to facial-recognition tech for cops, govt – while its denizens create it

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Olfactory ?

Does that mean that I'm on some CIA database somewhere for my "emissions" ?

It's May 2. Know what that means? Yep, it's the PR orgy that is World Password Day... again

Great Bu

But the convenience....

I think people miss out on the good side of this.

If I forget my password for some web site that I haven't been on in months and can't remember what the stupid combination of security theater garbage they required for the password all I have to do is phone some guy in Russia who has already stolen my details from one of the numerous security breaches that happen daily and ask him what my password is.

Much quicker than jumping through all the password reset hoops trying to remember who I said my favourite cousin was or whatever.....

The easy answer is to just have essentially 3 passwords - one for personal stuff I actually want to keep secret (banks, email, porn sites etc.), one for work and one for all the other bumfrippery that I don't give a crap about (social media, logins for every other stupid site that needs an account (looking at you, el reg) etc..).

Cop watchers to probe UK police sharing data on witnesses' migration status with Home Office

Great Bu


Immigration laws are laws just like any other law - breaking them is a criminal act, not a civil infringement.

This is not, repeat, not an April Fools' Day joke: 5 UK broadband vendors agree to pay YOU daily rate for fscked internet

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2 Days !

2 Days !! My fucking balls will be like space hoppers !!!