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Uber sued by Uber for tarnishing the good name of Uber


seems people suggesting you change your name is not the correct solution. The correct solution given all the bad press of the rider sharing UBER and they just got new CEO, is for them to take this opportunity to change THEIR name.

Kaspersky Lab US staff grilled by Feds in nighttime swoop


We sell Kaspersky product as well as other anti-virus/security products and have been for 20 years. This is a bogus story, a distraction. We also know Eugene Kaspersky and I suggest the FBI and Senate invite him. You'll all have a good time because he's smart and fun.

Google drops a zero-day on Microsoft: Web giant goes public with bug exploited by hackers


Article also says the Microsoft exploit was also found in the wild. How many days is enough to get Microsoft moving? Ten seems more than reasonable to me.

Who is Samsung trying to kid? There will NEVER be a 5G network

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This writer is like the guy who quit from the Patent office in the 1800's because he didn't think anything else would be invented.

Bill Gates: Windows Phone strategy was 'a mistake'


I've read Gates is doing good stuff with the money he's earned. Meanwhile Microsoft is becoming a dinosaur.

Microsoft blasts PC makers: It's YOUR fault Windows 8 crash landed


Windows 8 is like the dumb blonde

pretty on the outside with all the colored windows/makeup

difficult to make it her understand what you want to 'start' to do

jealous of others--wanting the hardware drivers/men only for herself

exaggerations of how many people purchased/dated her

developer/parents blame others when she isn't desired/asked out

inability to do anything in a business environment

impresses only brainless things with her superficiality


Ballmer: Win8 'certainly surpasses' Win95 in importance


rearranging the buttons was easy, that's not the point. The point is in Windows 7 all the programs are easily available: start - all programs. Try that with Windows 8, you can't. I tried it, I installed it, I wanted it to be good. I'm a microsoft reseller! But I removed it within 2 days. I'm not claiming to be "clever" but I've been using PCs for obviously more years than you if your mother is exactly my age, sonny. A business user will first have to remove all the "sales" buttons -- selling music, selling books, etc. Seems like they are trying to cash in like itunes or amazon. Want to open a program you don't have a button for - a pain, then you need to put it on the desktop and soon it's crowded to need more "pages". Windows 8 is clearly written for a tablet or some device that has a touch screen. My PCs and most PCs today do not. I predict failure of Windows 8 in the business community. Windows 7 is fine. For your grandma, she will probably be fine as would my mother of 89 who has an iPad2 and a laptop. Her use is limited to a few programs and she does very well. Put those few buttons on her home screen and she'd probably going to be OK.


I tried Windows 8 on my Ultrabook. Played around with it for a couple days, trying to rearrange the default buttons to make it usable but as a power user, I couldn't make it work easily. Unless you have a button, it's a pain to find a program that you occasionally use. It seems to me meant for a table, not a PC. So I removed it from my Ultrabook (which I'm using now) and put Windows 7 Pro back on it. I predict a complete failure for Windows 8 (despite the lucky 8 number) in the same way that OS/2 failed.

TripAdvisor didn't defame hotel by putting it on 'top 10 dirtiest' list


I've used TripAdvisor and still do. It is the best reviewing site for travel out there. Sure there are some people holding grudges but you can tell by reviewing a number of reviews. I trust the site. I was curious about the place that sued them and went to their website where they have a few endorsements on their webpage, one dated "recent" which was 4/2011. I tried to leave a comment but the server crashed. I also reviewed the TripAdvisor ratings for that Tennessee company and clearly it is not a place I'd want to stay. Seems they ought to spend money to clean up their lodging rather than try to sue a company that is a host for people reviewing sites and providing what I consider valuable information.

Google guru blasts Android virus doomsayers as 'charlatans'


Vesselin: Haven't heard or read anything from you in many years. I glad to see you still have thoughts in this business and well thought out I might add, as usual!