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Give porno danger classes to Brit kids as young as FIVE - parents



The first question the 5 year old is going to ask is "what is porn" ?.....or "hey I know some good sites, want the links ?".......

Dragon capsule makes fiery entrance, safe splashdown


Trash ?

I was under the impression trash was not sent down, they use the Progress resupply capsules for that as they burn up over the ocean. The stuff sent down was likely items that could be re-used or evaluated as to why they failed. Also science experiments. They do not have a laundry on the ISS.

Wealthy London NIMBYs grit teeth, welcome 'ugly' fibre cabinets


What needs to happen is......

A new world war, with cities razed to the ground, er proberbly below ground too, and rebuild them with cabling in mind........

Software bug halts Curiosity: Nuke lab bot in safe mode



They have done years of testing and literally 1000's of bugs have been fixed, this was a new unexpected problem on the first operational use of a unique machine. They have an identical hi fidelity rover, and several others on which complex manouveres are rehearsed.

NASA deep space probe sends back video of 'Comet of the Century'



I for one welcome out cometry overlords !

Kids as young as FIVE need lessons in online safety - NSPCC



I find it strange that they expect tips from other 5 year olds on what not to do and what to do safely online. Those 5 year olds with a rounded experience of life @5 are in for major dissapointments in life as they grow up.

Most boys discover porn, in the old days your dads stash of mags, these days I guess clothing manufacturers commercials........

Naked intruder cracks one off in Florida rampage drama


Re: Uh, JaitcH (was: Americans use such self-explanetory language ... once you learn the vocabulary)

You forget how flimsy American homes can be, a .38 could go right through the wall, a shot gun is a better idea, as long as your not using too big of a shot size......

Mobes, web filth 'pornifying' our kids, warns top Labour MP



Check ALL MP's phones and lappies for porn, then comment !

Raytheon to build low-orbit, disposable satellites for DARPA


Re: $48M a Pop

The big ones cost billions of $, but of course it's all classified. Remember the military just offered NASA four Hubble sized mirrors they don't need anymore, yes not one but 4.......


Re: I'm thinking

They will burn up, having been designed to do so, after all they are quite small, hence the word "disposable".

First rigid airship since the Hindenburg enters trials


Re: niche

Our old WO told us they'd "clean" out the enemy tanks by pouring plenty of gas and burning to cinders what remained of the enemy crew ( after they removed any large body parts ), it was more hygenic that way, and a lot less messy.

Dad hires online assassins to slay game-obsessed son



Most actually leave the nest instinctively, some are eaten by birds of prey......

New York takes 2,100 pervs offline, gets gaming support



Actually they can still prey, seems only the ones who admitted were taken down.

Ten… top tech cock-ups of 2012



"For most of the year journalists and the public had been told about Metro and Metro-style apps, but now we were all told to forget it every happened. ( every ).

North Korean rocket works, puts something into orbit


Gotcha !

Thats what the North Koreans will be saying in Korean. Fooled the world they did with talk of a delayed launch.

Curiosity finds organics on Mars, but possibly not of Mars


Re: Where's the life?

That was just media hype, and a misunderstanding of what John was actually talking about. If they do find life organics they won't wait 2 weeks to announce it.


John Grotzinger

John Grotzinger is the Project Scientist, not mission director. Richard Cook is the Project Manager.

Also the landing system is not gentle, it's brutal raw rocket power thats is used in the last part of the landing.

One in four don't clean their stinky old browsers - especially Firefoxers



1 in 4 don't want to update as they are too much in a hurry to get onto Facebook.

RIP Harry Harrison: Stainless Steel Rat scurries no more



I liked the hand granades stashed in his hair, awesome.

Burglar steals $60,000 of computers from Steve Jobs' home


Misleading headline.

As computers and property were taken, not all puters.

Curiosity's new OS upgrade ready to go live


Re: I have to say that the "valley's" entering the crater ...

They are not looking for water, they are trying to determin in the location was suitable for life, either now or in the past. That involves, water, an energy source and organic carbon.

Old-timer Odyssey to babysit Curiosity's Mars landing


Not Talk, Listen.

JPL won't be talking to Curiosity as she attempts to land, what Odyssey will do is use a bent pipe relay to send the event tones TO Earth as the landing occurs fully automatically.

GCSE, A-level science exams ARE dumbed down - watchdog


Re: Grade Inflation

I did well at O levels, but the A levels were so so much harder, I did not enjoy them at all, cept for the pratical chemistry, at the end of the term I filled the lab up with potassium permanganate purple fumes, infact the ceiling was well stained.


I agree.

We did back papers too and they were harder. That was in 1981.

Actively cooled rocket primed for easy re-entry


Where exactly in Germany is this thing supposed to land ?

Sitting down all day is killing you


An ex boss of minje used a homemade desk to standup and use his laptop on, he said it helped his bad back. I guess after a few weeks your legs would get used to it.


Someones not runing a bussiness correctly if all their employees spend a lot of their time just "walking" between offices.


I can go for several walks around the bulding each day, which sure helps "butt ache".

Female Chinese astronauts must have no scars, straight teeth


Crews train for years together, any "problems" will be identified before blast off.


I new a lady once who come 5 pm, stunk pretty badly.


Re: "No scars, or they may bleed in space?"

I never heard of scars bleeding in space. I think they mean the women have to be photogenic. Nice to see a non PC country, lol.

US teens confess to 60-a-day texting FRENZY



My US wife even texts her sons in their bedrooms, rather than go knock on their doors, and no we don't live in a huge mansion.

New Yorker sues Apple: 'Misleading and deceptive' Siri ads


Sequence short.....er sequence no workie.....

If you wanna find your wx forcast keep a bookmark from your local weather office, simples......

Ambulance satnav not to blame for asthma attack boy's death


Another dodgey headline then ?

The press should check the facts before making such bold statements. In the original story it was said the kid had been rushed to hospital many times. It was just a matter of time before he would not make it one day.

Nearly one in 10 Brits 'fess to shower phone faux pas

Thumb Up


Mine, in an robust cloth case, as the Blackberry ones always break, fell off my belt into a freshly flushed loo, I grabbed it real quick and had no problems, the outside of the phone was just a little damp.

NASA plans manned Deep Space Moon outpost



There is no money availble to do this......

Students busted for hacking computers, changing grades



No point in changing your grades when the teachers know which grades you have been getting all year.

How can family sysadmins make a safe internet playground for kids?


Naked in the USA NOT !

You don't see naked people at the beach, pool or park in the USA.

Revealed: Full specs on Mars rover's nuclear laser heat ray



The MMRTG charges the batteries, which provide the power for all the Rover.

Russian Mars probe heads into space WITHOUT ENGINES


Flying ?

I highly doubt the solar panels will work as wings at that orbital height, also the things weighs 11 tonnes.

NASA nuclear Mars tank launch delayed by one day



MSL and Curiosity are the same thing, the rover. The rover contains 2 labs. I don't think they are actually searching for water, that question has been answered, they are searching for evidence of organic material, or conditions which would have allowed organics to form.


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