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Taxpayer coughs for AOL Connie's flat

Tris Hoar


wtf? it still exists?

D-Link exposes WiFi routers with new 'security feature'

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re Chris C @ 13:55

The problem is is that there is still an md5 or sha1 hash to rainbow table with, and though your password may be crazy complex and impossible to brute force with reasonable hardware, the hash may still collide with the hash for dog.

Daft list names Firefox, Adobe and VMWare as top threats

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I'll promptly go an wipe all our ESX servers as clearly they are compromising the safety of the business, and switch back to IE as Firefox is clearly going to cause people to die from deadly virus infections!!

Arse holes

Crashed aircraft is Fossett's, authorities confirm

Tris Hoar

re: Andus McCoatover

Possibly a bloke who might need to drop down and refuel? That aint questionable. Anyway, a report (BBC, Sky?) mentioned he was known for carrying a wodge of wonga.

there, much more colourful :)

Pandora prepares to join titsup.com club

Tris Hoar

me too!

pandora was great whilst it was available in the uk, and i still miss it. If they would go to subscription only and let any one use them then i'd happily sign up. keep it to the same basic format of limited skips, no repeats and be reasonable with the price and i would be very happy :)

though the record company's letting a good service keep going is limited at best. and if they do they will most likely decide to "make it awesome!"(tm) and fuck it over :/


Verizon faces 65,000 worker walkout

Tris Hoar

whats the stress??

the 11th of august is not till 2013 so they have some time still before the walkout :/

Japanese to launch paper plane from ISS

Tris Hoar

They are...

really pushing the envelope with this one :P

Day-of-silence protest hits Net radio

Tris Hoar

re: who cares?

tom your a nonce. have you listened to the so called music they play on the radio? i guess you represent that loathsome market that actually supports that mindless generic shit that they inflict on us, and who enjoy listening to retarded DJ's taking shit and acting like wankers. personally i dont. i want to listen to music that i like. the conventional radio does not support me in any way shape or form. net radio does

Toxic caterpillars invade London

Tris Hoar

ID cards I tells ye!

"It could fly in or come in as eggs on plants. I do not know how you keep it out."

I'm sure some sort of ID card and open data sharing policy on all the legal citizens of this country would be useful in keeping this unwanted terrorist out. But then again I work for what could be called a government department.


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