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Microsoft fixes the thing it broke via another dose of out-of-band patching to deal with BSOD printing problems

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Re: Kyocera

>>Pro tip - safe mode

All well and good if you can get to safe mode without booting Windows 10 in the first place (I'm looking at you 'Secure Boot'). Oh wait, if you reset/power off the machine 3 times as it is doing the whirly icon it detects there is something wrong and lets you get a little further - which of course assumes you get a chance to see the whirly icon.

Once upon a time there was perfectly good way to get at safemode, which didn't rely on you spamming the power button, but it was removed as an improvement. Bring back my f8!

Windows seems predicated on the (misplaced) belief that it won't break before you can log in... shame the people who dream up these things don't actually live in the real world(tm).

'No' does not mean 'yes'... unless you are a scriptwriter for software user interfaces

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Re: can't or ca'n't

Apparently not....

cannot --> ca[n]n[o]t --> ca'n't ;-)

Personally I like the idea of multiple apostrophes indicating every missing letter but each to their own :-)

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Lewis Carroll would like a word...

>>These types probably spell "today" as "to-day"

I was recently reading Alice (either, both?) and noticed that the abbreviation for "cannot", in modern idiom rendered as "can't", is rendered "ca'n't" throughout. This is, of course, correct apostrophe use, indicating each omitted letter, but IMHO sadly a departed form from modern English.

As a slight aside, the old form makes the book actually quite hard to read - brain expects the pattern can't, gets ca'n't and has to decode it as letters rather than a token.

/mine's the one with "The Annottated Alice 150th Aniversay Edition" in the pocket

UK draft legislation enshrines the right to repair in law – but don't expect your mobile to suddenly be any easier to fix

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Re: Well it's a start...

>>the computer is 'told' what model it is so as to only expose the features available in that model.

c.f. Tesla Cars.... and they can be updated to enable or disable features on the fly! I am quite surprised that no-one has, to my knowledge, hacked them yet.

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Re: Well it's a start...

>> I believe one reason behind this is that you might be able to upgrade the machine to the more expensive model if the only difference is software features,

I suspect this is true...

The in-laws have a higher up the range Bosch, I have a basic model. The basic model has exactly the same contrrols, and the program knob has as many positions as the posher one, yet if you put it in the unlabelled positions you get an error code - so the hardware is connected (after all its just sense switches and the relays are controlled by the logic board for different programmes) and the logic board knows that those positions are forbidden on the lower range of device.

Of course, in the good old says of electromechanical clock programmers, they wouldn't connect the loom to the bits that weren't going to work on a given model.

Mass production is all about maximising profit, and what better way to do that than to enable/disable things in software rather than having actual differences in product? Even your logic board can be the same...

MPs slam UK's £22bn Test and Trace programme for failing to provide evidence that it slows COVID pandemic

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yes we do - about £22bn.

SpaceX wants to slap Starlink internet terminals on planes, trucks, and boats – but Tesla owners need not apply

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>>Why not just the antenna with the "terminal" squirreled away in the boot, or built into some other cubby hole?

the article says "...electrically identical to its previously authorized consumer user terminals..." which your proposed modification would not be.

Not saying that they couldn't design a Starlink receiver for the Tesla, just that it isn't anywhere near as simple as just yanking the antenna off and separating it from the rest of it. IMHO, the number of users would probably be fairly small (I guess most Tesla drivers don't drive in the boondocks) making it hard to justify.

Linus Torvalds issues early Linux Kernel update to fix swapfile SNAFU

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>> The average steam hardware survey PC

Which are, by definition, gamers PCs.... by no means the majority of PCs in the world.

Be careful how you select your population sample otherwise you will get a poor representation of the whole population.

Microsoft previews Windows Server 2022: Someone took a spanner to core plumbing features

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If its anything like WAC on my PC its awful..... the UI is bad, the update management is even worse (have to install the updates for each extension individually!) and "treacle like" is being kind to it.

To be fair to it, one can do almost anything you want though a web page... got to be good, amirite?

Hey ho. Onwards in the Microsoft dictated direction!

p.s. it just took two attempts to correctly load all 14 VMs on my cluster into the Virtual Machine bit of the interface, even though they are all present in the Roles section. First time it ignored any hosted on node 2 the cluster hosts and displayed all the machines hosted on node 1. FOCM and Hyper-V manager are waaaaaaay more reliable/quicker when run remotely.

Boffins trap ultra-cold plasma-in-a-bottle, a move that may unlock secrets of exotic stars

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Anyone seen Mr Heisingberg's invitaton to the party?

>> the emitted frequencies allow the team to figure out where they are and how fast they’re going

Nope. They can figure out where the ions were, and how fast they are going, or how fast they were going and where they are. Never where they are and how fast they are going, with any degree of certainty.

/mine's the one with a copy of the 1927 edition of Quantum Mechanics for dummies in the pocket.

Seagate UK customer stung by VAT on replacement drive shipped via the Netherlands

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Re: Seagate need to adjust their operations.

>>recognise that UK customers are not in the EU and adjust their operations appropriately.

Why is it Seagate's, or indeed any other company's, problem? The UK adjusted trading conditions so that customers, located in the UK, of EU based firms were impacted by UK VAT rules.

Its all down to cost benefit... does it cost more to accomodate the new UK trading position or lose the UK as a market? for smaller companies I guess its easy to say 'stuff the UK as a market' (many have done) but, perhaps, for Seagate, WD et. al. the decision would be more nuanced... though I doubt it.

We did this to ourselves, on the premis that 'they' would be falling over backwards to assist us in our new trading situation. Turns out 'they' aren't going to do that - or at least not in the near future. We can blame no-one but ourselves.

(This applies whatever you think of Brexit)

Copper broadband phaseout will leave UK customers with higher bills and less choice, says comparison site

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u sure about that?

DT4 9BP can get FTTC of all varieties. You must be somewhere near Weymouth rather than in Weymouth... though that postcode is Wyke Regis so not really Weymouth...

/mine's the one with a map to South Wales, via Surrey, in the pocket...

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>>We need to get rid of BT/OpenWretch and open up the provision in the UK.

Err the provision is opened up in the UK - it's just that nobody wants to take on Openwretch... anyone is free to build an exchange building somewhere, and start installing infrastructure to connect it to customers. Just it is not finacially viable to do so.

Scottish rocketeers Orbex commission Europe's largest industrial 3D printer to crank out 35 engines a year

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and another thing...

Back in the day, I was at the place where they designed the 3D-Printed Commonwealth Games torch...

The designer had to be particularly careful about orientation of the print becasue of shear lines in the final product... I assume they have sorted those problems for the rocket engine printer otherwise, given the 3D nature of the curves in and around a combustion chamber/Turbo Pump, IMHO a world of RUD awaits the first few off the line!

Alexa, swap out this code that Amazon approved for malware... Installed Skills can double-cross their users

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Talk to a computer? why would I do that?

I really really don't get the obsession with talk controlled everything. Even my car does it! (though to be fair it makes a better fist of voice recognition than Google does). Gettting the technological marvells to recognise what I want is invariably slower than fishing my phone out of my pocket, opening a browser and typing on a tiny keyboard.... or even just pressing the buttons on the steering wheel to acheive exactly the same thing (OK sending a txt is more tricky at the wheel, so obviously park up first or just switch the flipping phone to DnD when on the road)


Then, of course, you run into issues where there are two voice recognisers on one device (I am looking at you, LG 'Smart' TVs...) where the Google version can't turn off the TV, yet the LG version, supposedly powered by Google, can.... and how do you get the LG one to work? you have to disable the Google integration, which, apparently breaks the LG Voice Recognition (it doesn't, but it claims that it does!) for the TV.

The things you have to say to get it to do anything useful are a) difficult to remember and b) not natural speech. Far simpler and quicker to find the remote and press the button, or fire up the LG remote software on the phone and do whatever that way.


It's ok Matron, I have taken my medicne...

Microsoft unveils swappable SSDs for Surface Pro 7+ but 'strongly discourages' users from upping their capacity

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Re: Windows and Storage space

>>One of my charity customers got duped into buying a set of HP Stream laptops, with eMMC 32GB Hard disks

lubuntu works just fine on them; you get 22Gb free after installing it (including LibreOffice as well)

Sauce: installed lubuntu on an HP Stream here just the other week, for a member of the user comminuty, becasue Windows borked owing to disk space issues.

The child, for whom the notebook was intended, is, apparently, most happy that he can do whatever it is youth do on these things nowadays (said loin-fruit is male so probaly well.... you know.... given the laptop is small and easily concealable in a hurry!)

/mine's the one with Easy2Boot on a USB pen in the pocket

Samsung floats autonomous ships as ready to sail in 2022

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Re: Safety?

>>They would "drop the pilot, engage the satnav and put their feet up on the console" (his words)

Yup. Got a relative who used to, in his words, "get paid for putting his feet on the desk and looking out of the window". He was towing oil rigs across the Pacific at the time.

So I too am not sure what the new bit that Samsung Heavy are offering is - perhaps displacing the need for a pilot?

A Microsoft bork at the heart of The Oracle? Whatever next?

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NO relation to Big Red?

To quote BBC Berkshire (and coincidentally., I am sure, Wikipedia).. "The Oracle itself takes its name from a 17th Century workhouse"

Shurely shome relation between Big Red and a workhouse? (dishcussh... anshwer on page 94. pleash. hic)

Windows' cloudy future: That Chrome OS advantage is Google's to lose

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Re: Apples and oranges

>>you have vendors selling cheap Windows laptops which struggle to do anything basic and make Windows look a waste of money.

Coincidentally, I have a case in point here on my desk.

HP Stream. NIce little windows based notebook - however only 30Gb storage, all full of windows/windows updates/pagefile/hibernation file etc..Office isn't intsalled locally - the device was sold on the premise that one would be using Office365 online.,so no real difference to a Chromebook other than the choice of "walled garden".

Should never have been sold with Windows, would be an ideal Chromebook....and to those who rage about Chromebooks timing out on support - this Windows machine has done exactly that indirectly - it's storage is insufficient for updates to occur so Windows will fall off support in a couple of months.

What's that you say? upgrade the local storage? nope can't do that - no access to the insides is possible other than by dismantling the machine completely which kind of defeats the object.

Time to find a tiny(ish) linux distro and install that - at least it won't run out of space for updates for another few years.

Brit IBM veteran wins unfair dismissal case after 2018's Global Technology Services redundancy bloodbath

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Re: This is ridiculous

>>How can an employer claim someone's job isn't required, then offshore it?

Becasue that's business. Employee is definitely redundant because in that location the company is no longer doing the buisness for which he was employed.

>>If someone's job isn't required then they shouldn't be allowed to replace them. It should be put into law with a massive, massive payout to anyone who's unfairly screwed over by this.

They are.... its unfair dismissal but that doiesn't apply in this case. The business was no longer carrying out that job inb his location (they moved to to Bulgaria... presumably an airbag factory?) so the ex-employee was indeed redundant.

Virtual cycling service bans riders for doping – doping their data, that is

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Re: How sad do you have to be ...

about as sad as those who cheat at online games... and then attempt to justify their cheating by saying they were only exploiting a feature.

How do you save an ailing sales pitch? Just burn down the client's office with their own whiteboard

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Back in the day....

Icon - because that's what happened.

When I was young I was working for a small company that supplied hardware and software for the admin side of a niche(ish) market.

This was in the days before the IBM PC gained its place as the de facto standard for office computers and there were still a wide range of disparate platforms on which to run software. We supplied a computer called a Durango Star for the job - ran CP/M of a sort but that is not where the fun started.

As these machines came in from the good old US of A we also provided a hardware maintenance service. The Durango Star had a switched mode PSU built from descrete components so didn't care about the input voltage, which was a selling point I guess. The PSUs were prone to failure in two ways - failure of components due to quality issues and, we were to discover, a design feature where an internal power connector could be connected the wrong way around, applying huge voltages where they didn't ought to be.

The hardware engineers were always very careful to check which way around the connector was except one time - the software team (invcluding me) were in one room beavering away at ISAM code which was corrupting the databases on a random(ish) basis when our concentration was broken by an almighty bang from next door, the hardware workshop. Rushing next door, imagine our surprise to find the airborne insides of a couple of large electrolytic smothing capacitors, which had lost their integrity due to said power connector being connected incorrectly, and several stunned hardware enginners wandering around looking sheepish...

Negative Trustpilot review of law firm Summerfield Browne cost aggrieved Briton £28k

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>>after I wrote a review expressing my...

More correctly "after I libelled them whilst expressing my..." as established by the outcome of the case..

>>It'll likely have an even greater detrimental effect on their bookings

Indeed.. and open Mr Waymouth to a potential claim for damages. As Hizonnor said "He is a litigant who tends to shoot wildly from the hip.." - in this case, IMHO, he should retreat from the fray!

Mr Waymouth would do well to take a few deep breaths and count to, i dunno, lets say, Graham's Number before taking any action he may later regret!

Edit: spelling

Bye bye, said Trump admin to Huawei: You give a cheque-ie to our techies, but there's no licence to ply

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Humour? I have heard of it....

>>Thnakyou UK for a patient system which now china has learnt to play will make ya all pay royalties.

As opposed to the USA patent system which makes ya all pay lawyers....

NHS COVID-19 app is trying to tell Android users something but buggy notification appears stuck on 'Loading...' screen

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Re: Google Play Services

>>So might now be working.

Just Force Stopped + Restarted the App (not the phone) and still got the loading notification... so I guess it's workig about as well as can be expected.

The CIA's 'entire' collection of UFO records has been made available for you to sigh at

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#USE "course.lib"

PROC hello.world(CHAN OF BYTE screen!)

out.string("Hello World!*n", 0, screen!)


Oh, no one knows what goes on behind locked doors... so don't leave your UPS in there

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Re: ...and unlocked doors

>>Of course the real aficionados buy the raw planks, bark and all.

Planks? don't the real afficionados (man bun sporting hipster crafts people) just buy the trunk and have a sawmill in their workshop?

The price is right? Capita confirms Education Software back in talks with new bidder

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Re: Even if the price is right

SIMS doesn't come in Comic Sans - about the only thing right about the UI.

/mine is the one with a SIMS installation guide in the pocket, the other pocket and in the lining alongside scribbled notes that appear to be tear soaked beer mats.

Who knew that hosing a table with copious amounts of cubic metres would trip adult filters?

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Re: Funny placenames

>>An American colleague likes to "collect" silly British placenames.

He may or may not have Shaggs (Near Wool in Dorset) and Shitterton (next to Bere Regis also in Dorset) in his collection, or perhaps he still needs Wilsford-Cum-Lake (Near Salisbury, Wiltshire), where Sting used to live, to complete his collection?

Glad to be of service!

Master boot vinyl record: It just gives DOS on my IBM PC a warmer, more authentic tone

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Alpha Micro...

Back the day, Tomorrows World transmitted, as part of the program, what was said to be the whole of Alice in Wonderland (might have been Through The Looking Glass) from a computer on a crane to another in the studio.

The feature was talking about data transmission/exchange (IIRC) and used the micro/mini Alpha Micro as an example becasue the machines used to do system backups, or transfer data, using VHS tapes and a standard VHS recorder; you might even have been able to boot from VHS as well if you really wanted to.

We recorded the transmission (no, not using Betamax), and played it back into our Alpha Micro - they cheated! it was only the first couple of chapters.

We rang Alpha to complain and the chap responsible fessed up to getting bored after typing in a few chapters....

So yes, transmitting the boot code in the RF spectrum can be made to work, if you try hard enough.

When even a power-cycle fandango cannot save your Windows desktop

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>>Or had to draw upon reserves of goodwill that you'd thought were exhausted by a career in IT support?

Nearly every day...

What amazes me is that I have not yet exhausted my reserves of goodwill after 30-odd years in IT. Every day one or other of the users manages to restore my reserves a little... how that keeps me (mostly) civil I don't know!

Beer cos well it's Friday innit? and nearly Christmas to boot!

Aruba warns of storage destruction flaw that bricks some switches

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bloody typical

I work for a LA which is undergoing a massive rip and replace of Cisco gear for Aruba 6300s.

My school is next to be victim of the "upgrade" program. I will bend the engineer's ear when he arrives in 30 minutes or so...

The day I took down the data centre- I mean, the day I saved the day. Right, boss?

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Re: That's interesting

>>So, you have a network tool that has a setting that can basically kill the network. It's up to you to not use that setting.

I have a car that has a top rated speed of 140mph. Just becasue it can (optimistically, I will admit) doesn't mean that I should drive it that fast on a public road...

>>That doesn't sound like a useful thing to me.

In which case, you might want to read up about nmap and why it was written in the first place... people who don't understand nmap should, it could be argued, perhaps not be the people using it.

>>Is there any reason to have that setting ?

Well yes otherwise it wouldn't have been included as a setting... there must a use case for it.

YMMV of course and, being Open Source, you could always fork the project and create a version without any of the built in functionality you disapprove of...

>>Stress test, maybe ?

Indeed... or perhaps taking down a firewall, data link or data centre...

multiple edits: fixing my uncaffinated typos.

With less than two months left, let's check in on Brexit: All IT systems are up and running and ready to go, says no one

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Re: re: anyone who leaves their club has to be punished.

>>The EU, though, is so determined to prove that leaving is unacceptable behaviour that it would rather damage its own trade than admit that we can still work well together

Given that the UK position is, apparently, "We want all the benefits of being in the EU without paying anything/without obeying the same rules as anyone else or else its a no deal" I fear we are in the weaker position in the negotiation.

The EU doesn't have to do anythinng to get a good deal... it's got one; we are leaving and anything of any significance to them is moving back to continental Europe as fast as it can.

Voyager 2 is back online after eight months of radio silence

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Re: Blink and you miss it

>>Hah, and people say tape is dead!

People have been saying tape is dead since I were a lad (30+ years)... it's showing no real signs of actually going away yet!

UK's Cheshire Police tenders for whole new ERP system after Oracle Fusion went live with 'significant deficiency'

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Re: "after a troubled launch of Oracle Fusion"

>>whether simple files

CSV perhaps....

>> or perhaps something more sophisticated like Biztalk).

Surely you mean Excel...

There ain't no problem that can't be solved with the help of American horsepower – even yanking on a coax cable

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Re: Closest I've had to that ....

Aeons ago - I ran a building controller network - set up using an RS432 or something ring (it was a while ago) suddenly found I couldnt talk to one of the devices.

Tried everything remotely (1200 Baud modems FTW) that could be done and, sadly, had to attend site (an art college.... shame about the cable routing through the roof space over the studios... I was young!!)

Nothing wrong with the cable in the buildings, however whilst crossing the site where they were building new blocks, I noticed a footing trench across the cable run.

Unsrprisingly, upon peering into the trench, I saw the ends of the cable and, on closer inspection, mashed condiut on the spoil tip. 1-0 to the JCB I guess.

The digger driver (who was sat in his cab) even had the audacity to claim it wasn't him!

N.B. the cable run was clearly marked on the plans the groundworks guys were working with...but some architect decided he wanted a trench there anyway.

Frames per second? Windows Terminal brings back text animation with the VT100 blink

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Re: DEC Terminal Memories

>>LA36 DECwriters

I remember... 6th form (year 12 in today's money) college had an LA36 as the console and a teletype to slow everyone else down (RSX or was it TSX can't remember)... we used to reprogram the characterset on the LA36 for fun... the pdp11-23 had rk0 drives the first year and actually got a non removable disk the following year (half the case width white front.. cant remember the DEC name)

On three years and I was working for a company that had an 11/750 which, of course, had an LA36 as the system console...

Nostalgia...innit great?

Not content with distorting actual reality, Facebook now wants to build a digital layer for the world

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>>Ahem, excuse me, when I'm walking down the high street, that is also a private situation as far as I'm concerned,

Legally, in the UK, a person has no expectation of privacy in a public place; anyone can take pictures or record you for any reason they like.

This https://www.supremecourt.uk/docs/speech_100825.pdf goes ito some detail....

'Mindset reset' contributes to £1bn extra costs and another delay – 2 years this time – for Emergency Services Network

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Re: Who was the priority?

your problem is in the use of the word modern. Police kit was old tech.

The UHF (Hand helds) system worked exceptionally well (for specific values of exceptionally and well) but was old kit and therefore bad.... apparently. PTT, local comms, local area interconnection by a simply twist of a knob.

The VHF system (generally vehicle based) enabled forces all over the country to talk to each other from anywhere simply by changing frequency.

Of course both could be snooped, and were, which was the biggest problem.

/mines the big black tax payer funded Goretex-alike jacket

Family wrongly accused of uploading pedo material to Facebook – after US-EU date confusion in IP address log

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Re: International Standards Organization

Spelling in the US of A was deliberatly broken afteer the rebels dumped the tea in the harbour - it was intended to show that, although they spoke, nominally, the same langage as us original English speakers, they were no longer us.....

IIRC S and Z in Engerlish English reflect the Latin or Greek origin of the word (in theory) - which again was largely a "we aren't them" type move on behalf of the Romans (though between aristos and peasants)!

plus ca change and all that... language is fun.

/mines the one with publications by Cawdry, Johnson and Noah Webster falling out of the pockets

Chromium devs want the browser to talk to devices, computers directly via TCP, UDP. Obviously, nothing can go wrong

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Re: "Obviously, nothing can't go wrong."


I would have upvoted apart from your deliberate mistake.. ZedZedNinePluralZedAlpha is the sector I believe you were looking for. I can't believe the 42+4 upvoters didn't spot that and yes, my towel is currently hanging on the towel rail in the bathroom...

Privacy watchdogs from the UK, Australia team up, snap on gloves to probe AI-for-cops upstart Clearview

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Pedant alert...

"unless it is part of a commissioned assignment or project carried out by a professional photographer, in which case I believe whoever puts the money down and makes the contract for the work has the copyright."

Not in the UK (I don't _think_ the putative republic of Alba has different laws yet). Unless the copyright is specifically assigned, copyright remains with the photographer regardless of why the picture was taken.

For example I pay the Bounty photographer for pictures of my crotch goblins in hospital... unless Bounty specifcally give me permission I cannot legally get copies of those pictures made by a third party. As it happens the last lot came with a 'here are the pictures as full resolution JPG (yes... I know), you have permsiion to do with them as you will' letter as well as the download link.

coat becasue who needs to know about crotch goblins in an IT thread?

Go on, devs, have a Flutter on Linux desktop apps: Google and Canonical launch alpha SDK

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Re: Press F1 if you hate the Snap Store

Yup. I hate the snap store.

My personal bugbear is that Snap Store/Snap update, in its default configuration, does not like network proxies despite Ubuntu 20.04 apparently having a "system" network proxy setting. It's not like a network proxy is a surprise in OS utility terms (>20 years , to my knowledge, since they became a thing)

<snip> rant about how much effort I needed to expend in order to make snap update/snapstore work on a proxied network and how much easier apt is to configure to use the proxy</snip>

At least Windows only has two places you need to set the proxy to make sure everything works.....

Stinker, emailer, trawler, spy: How an engineer stole top US chip designs, smuggled them to China to set up a rival fab

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Re: Trolled?

not necessarily - Trolling is a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water.


When you bork... through a storm: Liverpool do all they can to take advantage of summer transfer, er, Windows

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Re: Sounds like a night out in this hack's often less than fair city of Brighton

>> 4th July (nothing at all to do with USA Independence Day BTW).

Hmmm - I wonder if the timing of reducing the lockdown measures is entirely coincidence?

Never attribute to conspiracy something that can be adequately explained by cock-up... but with this shower in charge the difference is Rizzla green thin!

A conspiracy nut might suggest that the first May bank holiday will be moved to July 4th as a preparation for becoming USA 51 (contd. p.94 ed.)

Faxing hell: The cops say they would very much like us to stop calling them all the time

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Re: I called the cops

>>A small example,of course, is the London dial codes.

Which are actually fine - and a great logical growth from operator connected calls - complete with BOFH hacks at the exchanges to make it all work. Its all to do with how exchanges handle dialled numbers.

Tom Scott did a good YouTube 5 minute rant about dialling codes - at least he thought it would be a rant but ended up saying (not an actual quote this) 'actually, given how it all came about.... its amazing that they work as well as they do!'

If you prefer something less casual than Tom Scott then visit lightstraw.co.uk for all your geeky telecoms history (including the evolution of STD and the London area codes) needs.

/mines the one with the "all round geek" manual in the pocket

Health Sec Hancock says UK will use Apple-Google API for virus contact-tracing app after all (even though Apple were right rotters)

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Re: World beating . . .

like world series baseball.... though, to be fair, the world series does include Japan.

BenM 29 Silver badge

with respect to the UK app

Lord Bethell answered that “the scale of it is enormous – no other country is doing it on such a great scale” but it was “already showing some features which frankly are totally world-beating”.

This government sound more like POTUS 45 every day. I am sure they are using 1984/animal farm as instructions.

Indian app that deleted Chinese apps from Androids deleted from Play Store

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Roger was indeed prescient...