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Microsoft again offers free certification exams to failures


Re: I'm sorry, but...

They're still used heavily in with Microsoft Partner competencies which are heavily sought after by IT Services companies not just for the shiny badge but for all the Enterprise licenses that come along with having Gold or Silver status

Paper driving licence death day: DVLA website is still TITSUP


Wonder what the staff's convictions are? Let's go and check

I'm still waiting on how they're going to stop HR departments from looking at employee's records. HR have copies of most people's driving licences if you're likely to drive for work, they already know your NINO.

Having a statement on the website saying 'You should only use this service to view or share your own driving licence.' doesn't prevent anything.

Microsoft builds admin tool to spare Office 365 sellers' blushes


This is going to be a bit of a chocolate teapot as far as the Service Status function.

At the moment, users/clients will report outages up to an hour before the service status page on 365 changes. And even then it just changes to a 'we're investigating potential issues, oh and we have been for ages. Honest. Like, before you even noticed. Yeah we were on the ball.' stock message.

If they ever do announce a problem, it then takes them FIVE DAYS to post a reason. Which is brilliant when customers are jumping up and down and wanting to be told it won't happen again. HAH.

The only nice bit is the ability to manage the clients centrally.

365's admin interface sucks anyway (thank christ for being able to use the EMC instead).

Outlook son of Hotmail goes titsup for many in the US and UK


Affected 8 of our Office365 customers yesterday.

Originally reported at 0845, was 'fixed' by MS apparently at 1710.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone in Microsoft updated their DNS entries incorrectly knowing the amount of unreported 'maintenance' they've done to the system recently and then had to roll back.

The fact that MS blamed Google just seems like a cover to me of their own mistakes.

Live blog: Facebook's 'screw you' to Google revealed at last

Thumb Down

But beyond finding people, no-one uses the search function on Facebook anyway. There is no need. You can poke around their profiles to find the Bikini pics already.

BT's shock new wheeze: Make phone calls from smartphones


So Vodafone's OneNet for punters then without half the features. Yay BT....

Tory 'Cash Gordon' campaign suffers Web2.0rhea bum rush



That site was also either a blatant ripoff or an off-the-shelf campaign site, see http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/pda/2010/mar/22/conservatives-cashgordon

Red Dwarf's Kryten exposes iPhone number



Which one? The mobile number or the home landline number?

Firefox-based attack wreaks havoc on IRC users



Does this affect those using Noscript?

Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone


And predictably

iTampon is now trending on twitter and is all over the blogosphere, seems someone didn't really think the name through very well..

Faster BT broadband on starting blocks for Olympics - maybe



No information on TalkTalk upgrading everyone up to 'whatever they can get' in January for free? Don't they send you press releases anymore? Tut tut

El Reg uncovers Tiger Woods tech angle


Gag this

Well luckily for us the injunction itself in all its detail has been up on Wikileaks for a coupla days

Freeview HD - your questions answered


Bunch of geeks

So now that PCs are 'mainstream' you lot have finally found something to out-geek each other on?

Go up to the average man in the street and ask him 'do you give two shits about High Definition TV?'

Egyptian cuts off todger to spite his face dad


mmm long lashes

Some of them camels are sexy though..

Jimbo Wales ends death by Wikipedia


Show us on the doll...

I'm still wondering which member of the WMF touched Cade Metz inappropriately as a child. Come on, show us on the doll where they touched you. That must be the explanation for every article he has ever written about the WikiFuhrer being so full of bile.

Hitler had one ball: Official


Wikipedia has an article on EVERYTHING

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitler_Has_Only_Got_One_Ball has the other verses

Jezza Clarkson cops flak for 'truckers murder strumpets' gag


Backlash campaigns

"This is top gear, not songs of praise... Had they never watched it before?"

Funnily enough there is an online campaigny type job going on in response to this to get people to complain about Songs of Praise. As the BBC says they take all complaints seriously, time to get some things off of your chest.


American girls love to talk: Official


What's Quaterly when it's at home?

Seriously, you'd think someone would have LOOKED at the sodding graph before releasing it.

BBC races away with five-year F1 rights deal



Bugger, just when ITV started streaming all the free practice, qualifying and race live on the web the BBC get the contrac,t so now we'll have to deal with that POS iPlayer wankery. Boo hiss etc.

Woman chews on chap's todger in fast food joint


Good excuse

If ever you needed to explain to your wife why there are chomp marks on your penis, this article shows you know how to go about making a good defence up.

Oz Santas suffer no 'ho ho ho' blow

Dead Vulture

*finally twigs*

El Reg is really Fark in disguise, I've worked it out AICMFP

Prosecutor sets date for Pirate Bay showdown



TPB revealed in 2006 that they have a farm of backups already http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2006/08/71543?currentPage=1


Norwegian law

Oh and i'm sure that Swedish law accepts Norwegian law as a precedent, oh it's in that same Wired article on page 3. http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2006/08/71543?currentPage=3

Schoolkid chipping trial 'a success'



We had RFID tagged tie-slides when I was at school in Swindon (oo about 5 years ago), they tracked where you were in the school grounds (when you were in uniform) and we were charged 20 quid everytime we lost one so they abandoned it. They now have swipe cards for each kid hooked up to the electronic register thing that auto-dials your parents with a stephen hawking voice asking why the kid isn't in school. Well done Doncaster for being so far behind technology.. northereners eh?

DVLA turns censor on grubby number plates



Oh who cares, it's just the usual old crap trundled out with the new plates.

When the 08's come out - no doubt we'll have all the 'hilarious' stories about them using '08' as 'ob', as if this is somehow a revelation...

ISPs accuse TalkTalk of hijacking customers


This isn't anything new

When I used to work in the TalkTalk call centre in Northampton we'd have to deal with at least 10 complaints a day about this. Usually resulting from the roaming teams of salesmen going door-to-door and taking customer names and addresses and then faking the rest to up their quotas. As a result, the customers transferred their BT home line to TalkTalk without them knowing, or in other cases - had their lines transferred from another provider to BT and then to TalkTalk (which would mean a customer would get bills from 3 providers and do a general WTF).

To be honest, it's way too easy to change a customer from one provider to another without them knowing.

As for broadband, again this is something I had to hear complaints about every day. TalkTalk customer service always request the MAC code, to hear that someone has been told they don't need it makes me wag the finger at them salesmen again.


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