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Better be Nimble, tech giants, or mutant upstarts will make off with your sales


Re: take that nimble nay sayers

Asking for comparisons to Fusion IO and Violin is comparing apples to oranges. Those two are all flash array's whereas Nimble is a hybrid array. This reflects the biggest problem the storage market has. Unfortunately there's a lot of confusion on the use case for differing arrays. It's like comparing Ethernet to Fibre-channel. Yes they both can carry storage networking but their use case is pretty different. One is predictable and guaranteed whereas the other has more use cases including long distance usage.

VMware buys CloudVolumes to speed app installations


Re: so

The primary difference is in the delivery mechanism. XenApp still relies on terminal services-ish technology. VMware relies on individual virtual machines which has the unfortunate side-effect of acting more like traditional PC's from an IT management perspective. Thus, ThinApp and other app delivery services were developed to overcome traditional PC architecture disadvantages. The problem is they still rely on legacy deployment methods including registry modifications. My limited understanding is that CloudVolumes overcomes this with an agent for app delivery that utilizes a single application storage instance on a VMware volume (VMDK) that is mounted to each virtual desktop and presents a somewhat virtualized registry layer to take care of file associations and application shortcuts. Pretty cool stuff.

Disclaimer: I work for a VMware partner.

Virtualisation: just a lot of extra software licences?


I would disagree. I have one customer who has 2500 virtual desktops deployed at a cost of $623 per desktop. This includes everything, even the 10Gb network ports in the datacenter. That cost on top of the realization of soft cost savings and time to deployment for new applications has massively reduced their overall support costs per desktop.

I'm not saying it's a solution for every problem but it is real and it's getting better every day.


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