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Microsoft Office 365: You don't need 27 floppies, but there is desktop friction

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That's not the case. All the bits and bobs I've encountered are proxy aware. Whether you'd want to proxy it, especially in the case of any voip traffic, is another matter. I'd agree though, the ridiculous number or urls and IPs makes a proxy almost essential despite it being the worst option for performance.

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Re: 2013 / 2016 / 365 for small businesses

Go on then, tell us....but make it snappy

Microsoft lays financial bear trap for cloud sceptics

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On premise? On premises you mean?

Munich considers dumping Linux for ... GULP ... Windows!

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Re: 1800 jobs

Microsoft's German HQ is already in Munich, just in the outskirts in a place called Unterschleißheim near the airport.

Digital dongle transforms European XBOXen into tellies

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Not quite, I have my sky box running through the HDMI in and it works well. This allows you to watch tv through the device without having a freeview box or similar.

BBC man Linwood 'was unfairly sacked' over £100 MILLION DMI omnifail

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Gravy Train

I want to be on the BBC gravy train

Hard-as-woodpecker-lips MOUSE GOBBLES live scorpion, LAUGHS off stings to face

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Re: Evolution at work

Perhaps it's because they haven't spent millions of years having to eat Dairy Milk to survive.

Google tells Microsoft to yank its new WinPhone YouTube app

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Re: Microsoft has also been forced

Yes, my life is ruined now I can't watch cat videos in an app rather than a browser.

Bagged salad contained decomposed AVIAN CORPSE

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So it was a Chicken Salad then?