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PC-infecting chat demon quotes THE BIBLE to summon malware plague


What better way for a wolf to hide than under a sheepskin?

'Polar vortex' or not, last month among the warmest Januaries recorded


Real experts, eh?

"with stern warnings by such interest groups as the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Union of Concerned Scientists."

Yes, I seem to remember the "incredible accuracy" of statements by the Union of "concerned scientists" way back in the 1980's about how "Star wars" research was a waste of money and that it wouldn't succeed. Yes indeed, these "scientists" are really credible, and have a "stellar" record of achievement. Not

Oh and btw, the "Global Warming" fanatics would be more credible if they would stop claiming "proof" for their theory on every variation of the weather, whether it is warming, colder or no change at all. No matter what the weather is, the "cause" is Global Warming".

There is no evidence anywhere in the world that could possibly contradict their mantra, because they are right and anyone who disagrees is stupid, in their view.

And because they are "right", this gives them the "right" to order everyone else to do as they say, or "the world is coming to an end".

These prophets of doom are more dangerous than Al-queda. At least we can defend against suicide bombers to some extent at the airports, but these self-righteous hypocrites are in power and want to remake the world in their enviromaniac image. Not if I can stop it.

Mathematicians spark debate with 13 GB proof for Erdős problem


So glad I'm not a mathematician

I've taken Calculus through Calc 2 plus Linear Algebra and Theory of Computation, and I have to tell you that I'm glad that someone else likes to do nothing but sit around all day and imagine new problems to solve in mathematics, because I personally never want to punish myself with exposure to it again. You have to be a special kind of crazy to like it.

We need people who can do it well, so more power to them.

HP sticks thumb in Microsoft's eye, extends Windows 7 option for new machines


Thank you HP

I just wish they had done this before I bought one of their laptops with Win8 about 4 months ago, and then had to go through the rigamarole of installing Win7 in its place without the needed drivers. I had to look high and low on the web to find drivers that would work, and finally did, all except one, which doesn't seem to be important (I hope).

IBM pumps $1.2bn into 15 new data centres


It's necessary infrastructure for the New World Order, and the coming cashless society that is planned.

Security holes in Word, the Windows kernel and Adobe Flash. Party like it's Patch Tuesday again


"if the system has "Routing and Remote Access" switched on."

I always turn these off, always, as soon as the OS is installed. It's like keeping a light on for the burglars. These can be useful, but only for when they are needed, which is rare for me. Actually, I've never used either feature, except at work in an internal network. I feel sorry for those who don't know that they should have them turned off by default, which they aren't.

China ALSO building encryption-cracking quantum computer



"We hope to help China catch up with the West. It is not impossible that we may even win the race in the future.":

Not likely. I guess they haven't noticed all of the TR-3B Black Triangles floating around US Air Force bases. The black projects running since the 1950's make Chinese technology look like ancient history.


Mars One's certain-death space jolly shortlists 1,000 wannabe explorers


600,000 people supposedly have already visited or live on Mars

According to Andrew Basiago, he claims that the CIA hired him and other teenagers (even Barack Obama when he was a teenager) to teleport to Mars when he was a teenager. When he arrived (he says), Mars was warm enough to walk around on with a T-shirt. Plus, there are ravenous creatures wandering around on the surface (he says).

He also claims that up to 600,000 people have either visited Mars or currently live there (I suppose under the surface), using the CIA's teleporting technology, which they created using the research of Nikola Tesla (confiscated by the US government after his death).

Now I'm not claiming that any of this is true, so don't go saying that I'm nuts, but I think in the context of this article, it doesn't hurt to mention that this is out there.

Interestingly, there are several different people today who confirm seeing Obama on Mars as a teenager, who were also in the same CIA program. Take it or leave it, I don't care.

All this stuff can be found on Google and youtube.

Haswell micro: Intel’s Next Unit of Computing desktop PC

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Nice review

I'm all for shrinking the size of the desktop. Just don't mess with my 23-inch monitor and full-size keyboard!

This kind of machine will work fine for most people, but there will always be people who want more options and more power, like 192 GB of memory for graphic artists. They will be wanting a regular desktop.

Thanks for the good review.

Gay hero super-boffin Turing 'may have been murdered by MI5'

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Macbook webcams CAN spy on you - and you simply CAN'T TELL


Better yet

Just unplug the camera and any other microphone device from your computer, unless you are using it.

Bluetooth Smart dev board hits US, UK for sub-$100


Re: Doomed PC? Hardly

Ok, PC market vs PC. I suppose that's a valid point, but the difference is splitting hairs. It's just one of many articles I've read recently sounding like a prophet of doom about the PC. All are ridiculous.


Re: Doomed PC? Hardly

You quoted me as saying "stupid". Look at my post again. I didn't say "stupid", only "dumber", once, and that was an "if", so your comment is putting words in my mouth which I never said. So who is rude?

Why don't you let him defend his article instead of you using an ad hominem attack against me without merit?

You're probably right that I could have used better terminology without going overboard. My apologies to the author for any misunderstanding.


Doomed PC? Hardly

"Forget the doomed PC market, it's all about wearable gadgetry now"

Tony, do you sincerely believe that statement? If you do, then you are a lot dumber than I would have thought. The PC isn't "doomed". It's just going to be a smaller segment of the market, because most people don't need the power of a PC to send an email or surf the web. But that doesn't mean that PC's aren't needed for power users who need a large screen and full-size keyboard that they don't have to HUNT AND PECK. You can't get serious work done without a full-size keyboard!

This is not going to change for many years to come.

US military's RAY-GUN truck BLASTS DRONES, mortars OUT OF THE SKY


Re: Not quite the first thing to take out...

Yes of course, I wasn't saying that this particular laser system would take out an ICBM. I don't know how you got that out of my comment.

Do a little research on this topic, and you'll find that we already have lasers that can take out ICBM's. One was/is mounted inside a transport aircraft, and maybe we have others that are in orbit that we know nothing about. My other post says the rest.


Re: Not quite the first thing to take out...

How do you know they don't already have laser weaponry, or perhaps particle beam, that can do what you describe? Area 51 and similar secret military sites are doing things that we know little or nothing about, other than rumors on the web which are impossible to confirm or deny.

I believe that the US military, and probably Britain's too, are using technology which is so advanced that we would call it science fiction. The things that are shown for public consumption are trivial by comparison.


Re: Not quite the first thing to take out...

Combined arms is the only way this can work. Sitting by itself without air cover, or in an isolated location with the enemy not far away, like a firebase in Vietnam/Afghanistan, is probably not a good idea either. UNLESS, you can miniaturize the system so much that it is well hidden. That may be a long way off yet.

But, it's a great start. Every time I read one of these articles about new laser weaponry, I want to confront those democrats in the US Congress that lied repeatedly about Reagan's SDI, and mocked it by calling it "Star Wars"; and ask them, "Now what? Were you right or wrong about Reagan's SDI?"

They did everything in their power to stop SDI by lying about it, and saying that it was a waste of money, it wouldn't work, yakity yakity yak.

The evidence was obvious that with enough time and money, SDI was going to pay off in a huge way, for both civilian and military applications.

Thank you, President Reagan (posthumously), for standing up to the liberal idiots and continuing on doing what was right. The democrats (now mostly dead) who opposed SDI were wrong. I only wish their successors would come out and admit to the news media that they were wrong and give an accounting for all the lies they told.

Snowden latest: NSA stalks the human race using Google, ad cookies


Re: A better useful Firefox "extention" [sic]

The problem with doing this is that you have to re-log in to sites like Facebook, and if I remember correctly, other sites that the browser (FF) used to remember the un and pw, no longer does.

I tried this before, and it became such a pain that I stopped doing it. If the NSA wants to track me, they're going to do so whether I try to stop them or not. I think we all have to recognize that. This isn't the same world that we used to have before the internet.

China's answer to AIRPOCALYPSE: Fire up the supercomputer


Beyond the obvious causes

It isn't only dirty coal power plants and cars, they've got coal mines that have been on fire for a very long time, just pouring pollution and CO2 into the air, but they do nothing to stop it.

It's true, the START MENU is coming BACK to Windows 8, hiss sources


Somewhat good news, but far from enough

"A second version of Windows will be aimed at customers who want a more traditional PC experience, Foley reports, with emphasis on the desktop and a UI designed for keyboards and mice."

It's about time. I already tried 8.0, and it was a disaster on several levels.

1) No start menu, and 8.1 didn't address that in truth. But you can buy 3rd party software to address it.

2) Forcing traditional non touch screen PC's to use an OS designed for a touch screen only, which is totally ridiculous. I totally dislike the touch screen approach, and won't buy a touch screen PC, because I use Adobe Indesign with publishing work and need a mouse all the time. This is minor for many, but a major for me.

3) The change in bootup from Win7 is the biggest and worst aspect of Win8x, and this is a complete FAIL in my opinion. When you really need to use a boot disk because the OS has crashed, you can't, because it won't let you! The OS has to be working in order to change boot options, so these are visible during bootup, but if the OS has crashed, you are out of luck, and then the only option left is to take out the hard disk, reformat it with another PC, and start over from scratch. And if you are not well aquainted with all of the procedures needed to execute this complex task, you will be forced to take your PC to a repair shop if you want to get it working again. Even for me, with almost 20 years of experience with PC's and Windows, it is not easy, because the new Win8 boot up is way different than the old one. You can't use a Win7 (and previous) boot disk.

So unless MS replaces the new Win8 bootup approach with a different one, like using a fingerprint scanner on the PC to allow a user access to the BIOS and boot options when necessary, then I am going to stand pat on Win7 no matter what they do.

I want to add that Win8 has some good features: fast bootup, some additional tools, etc. Unfortunately, these are overwhelmed by all of the negatives.

NSA sez NO to prez: Spooks ban Obama from using iPhones


Re: Remind me again...

That's funny, because the Wiki entry on it says, "AES is available in many different encryption packages, and is the first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information when used in an NSA approved cryptographic module"

Approved by the NSA!! hahaha No wonder

Microsoft, HURTING after NSA backdooring, vows to now harden its pipe


Snowden is a hero. If he hadn't done what he did, anyone who accused the government of these shenanigans would be accused of wearing a tinfoil hat and being a conspiracy nut. Thank you, sir!

Meet the FOUR-TON DINO that made little Tyrannosaurs SOIL THEMSELVES


Utter nonsense

These "scientists" oh excuse me, BOFFINS, are just guessing. They don't really have a clue as to whether it was one million, 10 million, 100 million years, or just 6,000 years. Do some real research and discover the truth about the so-called dating methods used to come up with these astronomical numbers, and you'll be skeptical too.

The Bible is a far more reliable source of information about all things, including the history of the world, and any of these guessers. See the Golden Ratio format of the Bible at www.phibible.org to see exactly why.

Meet Stuxnet's stealthier older sister: Super-bug turned Iran's nuke plants into pressure cookers


Re: How long...?

Plausible deniability. We can neither confirm nor deny...

Galaxy is CRAMMED with EARTH-LIKE WORLDS – also ALIENS (probably)


I know where some aliens are already

How about Zeta Reticuli, the Pleiades, for starters...

SR-71 Blackbird follow-up: A new TERRIFYING Mach 6 spy-drone bomber


Re: TR-3B

Umm, the TR-3 Triumph auto is not as fast, you're right. I was referring to the USAF Black Triangle craft which has actually been around since the 90's or maybe even earlier. It can make the SR-72 eat it "dust"; which is why I said this talk about a mach 6 plane is laughable. The USAF (and probably Britain, France, and Russia too) has craft that can move like lightning.

Watch the Disclosure videos with testimony from high-ranking ex-military, NASA, and government officials if you doubt it. Only the dunces who stick their heads in the sand and insist that it has to be swamp gas still believe otherwise. The evidence is overwhelming. All you have to do is start looking instead of hiding.


The TR-3B is a lot more interesting, and faster. This looks like another dog-and-pony show to distract the public from the real thing.

LIVE CHAT: You, El Reg, experts chat about Win 8.1 and Surface 2


half and half

I actually wanted to buy a surface machine. The only thing that prevented me was the lack of credit. I ended up buying a HP notebook at Amazon using their credit card. Any of the current crop of laptops, PCs, surfaces and what nots are not the problem. The machines are fast, the memory is amazingly large, the startup is quick etc. Nothing is wrong on the machine side of things. Surface machines in particular are striking, and were really what I wanted to buy.

The other side of the coin is not so nice: all of these windows machines are being sold with Windows 8/8.1; arguably the worst piece of garbage disguised as an OS in the history of computing.

The secure start up feature was poorly thought through: you can't access the BIOS unless the OS is working; but the OS is rarely working well or at all when you need to access the BIOS to fix stuff!!! I understand the need for security, and allowing anyone to boot up a PC with a CD/disk is certainly a security risk. But they should have come up with some other method for people who aren't concerned about that kind of security. A secure boot is great for a company environment, but lousy for an individual. They used a hammer to kill a fly here, and it stinks badly.

The menu system under the start button wasn't broke; in fact, it worked exactly like a good sorting routine: breaking the selection down into main groups of easily recognizable folders, so you could easily and rapidly launch any application with little effort. But Win 8 forces you to scan a huge group of icons to find the app you want to launch, which is a complete waste of time!!! You can put shortcuts to the apps you want to use most on the taskbar, which is the only good part of this story.

Going back to the secure boot: trying to find the option to allow you to boot from a CD-ROM is ridiculously complex and unnecessary.

In short, I think MS had a huge problem with Windows 7: it was such a success that they had to "make up stuff" in order to be able to say to customers that it was "something different" than Win7, and supposedly better. MS's problem is that they are so dependent on revenues from a few products like Office and Windows that they have to keep coming out with "new products" every few years to keep the money coming in the door; but these products are mature and need very little improvement. I'll bet 90% of the "new features" of both of these products are just rearrangements of old features of previous products, but made to appear like they are really knew.

They need to stick with Windows 7-like products for the next 20-40 years for the large computing market (PCs, laptops/notebooks), and create specialized editions aimed at tablets and smaller devices instead of trying to make one size fit all; it just doesn't work.

Windows 8 and 8.1 are a very bad dream, both for loyal customers like me who are now going back to Win 7 after incredible frustration with Win8, and for Microsoft, because they are going to lose money badly on any product that tries to force this awful thing down customer's throats. I'm rooting for MS to get their act together and do better next time. I still have no plans to move to another OS, YET.

FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS: Microsoft faces prising XP from Big Biz


I don't think so

XP isn't nearly as dependable or sturdy as Win7. I had to reinstall everything every few months with XP. But with Win7, never, unless it is just to clean out the digital garbage that builds up.

Windows 8.1: A bit square, sure, but WAIT! It has a Start button


Re: Annoying - and not the OS

Seems like there's always a few that enjoy being punished. Must be a fetish.

US parents proclaim 811 'Messiahs'


Re: Alas, all is vanity...

Don't want to burst your bubble about Simon, but the Greek is Petros, which means a pebble or a small rock. Unless you like being called a pebble?

Cannabis can CURE CANCER - cheaply and without getting you high


Re: Good news and bad news

Bongs and pipes? I smoked dope for about 8 years, along with a pack a day cigarette habit. When I left the Navy in 1985, the exit chest x-ray showed that I had a couple of spots on my lungs that the doctor told me would have resulted in emphysema before too long. Fortunately, I had quit both tobacco and weed in 1982, so my lungs never developed cancer or emphysema.

But think about it: how many people get emphysema after just 8 years of smoking? Some probably, but not many. It was the pot smoking combined with the tobacco that almost did me in. Pot smoke has even more tar and cancer agents than tobacco; and combine the two at the same time, and you've got yourself a death wish.

Not only that, but after stopping the weed (I smoked probably several joints a week or so on average from age 13 to 22), it was almost 3 years before the THC cleared out of my brain cells and I was able to think normally again.

Anyone who thinks pot isn't dangerous is deluded. Not only does it lead to harder drugs, but it can give you cancer just like tobacco. I think THC might be useful as a prescribed drug for some situations as long as it is administered in a non-smoking form. The smoke is very dangerous. Don't kid yourself into thinking it isn't.

And THC itself needs to be tightly regulated and controlled. THC/pot turns you into a nitwit, while at the same time the user thinks he is actually getting smarter. It's a trap.

PC sales continue meteoric death plunge through 3rd quarter, drop another 8.6 per cent


Windows 8 tested

I just bought a HP laptop with Win 8 installed. Just thought I would share the experience.

No start button and no menu to find programs like in previous versions of windows.

Instead of this, you are presented with a screen suitable for touch screen operation with large icons for ALL of your installed programs all crammed into the same screen. Even after removing the stuff you don't care about, when looking for a program to launch, you have to visually search all of the icons for the one you want, which is incredibly unnecessary. If all you have is one or two programs like email and IE, then it's probably ok, but power users won't like it one bit.

The other option is to set the programs you want to run on the taskbar, like in Win7. That part is ok, except it shouldn't be necessary in the first place.

You can move back and forth between the screen full of program icons and a screen which looks much like the old Win7 screen, except it's missing the start button etc.

Shutting down or restarting: you can press the power button, but it doesn't give me any option to restart, shut down, etc like before. It just starts shutting down. That by itself wouldn't be a problem, except trying to find the option to shut down is a hassle. You have to move the mouse to a corner and wait a second or two for an option pane on the right to show up, which has several options.

Suffice it to say that these problems alone are enough to drive you up a wall! It's no wonder that people hate Win8 so much. Whoever was responsible for trying to "fix" something that wasn't broken in the first place ought to be fired. There wasn't a thing wrong with Win7 start button and the menus underneath it. If they had just given the user the option upon 1st startup to use the old familiar Win7 or use the touch-screen model, there would be no problems at all.

Win 8 runs good, it runs smooth, and some of the new tools seem to be better than Win7. If they can allow users to use a more Win7-like interface that they're already used to, they might have a winner; but Win8 as is is a huge loser IMO.


Re: Where are all the denialists now?

The PC isn't dead and never will be. It will evolve, as all tools do over time; and it will be (and is being) supplemented by other tools, such as tablets, etc; but there will always, always be a place for a computing tool with the most possible power, with a full-size keyboard for speed (hunt and peck simply will not do), and a full-size monitor (or some means of large display, whether that is a projection or a screen).

Will the overall numbers go down? Of course. Will the size of the PC boxes continue to shrink? Of course. Does that mean that everyone will completely migrate to hunt and peck keyboards, or speaking interfaces? That's ridiculous.

Meg Whitman asks HPers to drag their asses into the office

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Re: More than just doing the job

That's a great point, Orv. Coder's do need some isolation to work effectively. Deep concentration is essential to producing good code.


Re: More than just doing the job

I work in an almost all-email/telephone cube environment, and I have to say that only communicating by email when they could have just walked over and said it is ridiculous.

I don't like this trend very much at all. In fact, I've only seen my manager once in 10 months, because he's based in another state here in the US. Team meetings? Hah! Only one so far since I've started.

This "connected" method of working needs some changing. I like email, texting and all, but it makes for a poor way of creating a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.

Two years after Steve Jobs' death, how's that new CEO working out?



Two years already!? I am really getting old fast. Seems like it happened just a year ago

'Safest car ever made' Tesla Model S EV crashes and burns. Car 'performed as designed'


No problem

They just need to add an automatic fire extinguishing system to the area where the battery is, like foam or dry chemical. At the Tesla's going price, that shouldn't be a big deal.

I would hope that common sense would prevail instead of a tempest in a teapot. As the article noted, any car can catch fire and/or explode under the right conditions, so, so what?

Scientists to IPCC: Yes, solar quiet spells like the one now looming can mean Ice Ages

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The Register is so un-PC

My, my, the Register is really asking for it by publishing anti-establishment articles like this one poking holes in the modern version of "the emperor's new clothes".

I find it incredibly refreshing. Keep up the good work.

500 MEELLION PCs still run Windows XP. How did we get here?


Re: XP works

Are you kidding? XP works? True, it's better than Win95, but compared to Win7 it's awful, IMO.

I bought a Win7 pc several years ago, and I have been so happy with its ability to recover from crashes, ability to run for months, even years with no need to reinstall anything unless you just want to clean out the garbage that builds up over time, that I've never looked back at XP. Win7 is so good that Microsoft may have just worked itself out of the OS business for a long time. That's no exaggeration. I don't need Win8 either.


Is that really true?

"Such is the gap in hardware needed for Windows 7 or Windows 8 that it requires a massive spend on new PCs."

I have doubts about that statement in the article. I just upgraded a friends old Dell laptop from WinXP to Win7 and it works much better than before; and it didn't need any new hardware at all, other than a used SSD to replace the old hard drive. But other than that, no new memory, processor, etc.

It was an old Dell Vostro 1000 bought in 2005 with only 1.8 gigs of RAM. It was previously using WinXP 32 bit, and it's now running Win7 64 bit (it already had a 64bit AMD processor).

Apple iOS 7 makes some users literally SICK. As in puking, not upset

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This is an interesting article, because I have thought for some time that Apple computers in general, especially the latest Macs, suffer from an over-emphasis on frivolous graphics effects. For example, a recent model I saw had a row of icons at the bottom of the screen that moved around in response to the motion of a user's mouse/hand.

I suppose that young people think that this is "cool" (wow, look what happens when my hand (on the touch screen) moves over these icons!", but for me, it is completely unnecessary and frankly, repelling. I want my screen's icons to remain still when I'm working, not create distractions.

I have never owned a Mac, and don't plan to, ever, for a variety of reasons which I won't say here, because they are irrelevant to the discussion at hand. I suppose that I have become so accustomed to Windows machines that I never will change to something else, which suits me just fine. If it ain't broke, why fix it?

DARPA: You didn't think we could make a Mach 6 spaceplane, so let us have this MACH TEN job





old technology again

Electrogravitics beats this stuff by light years


The future of PCIe: Get small, speed up, think outside the box


Jaw dropping

It is, for sure. Computing is just now starting to get really interesting. We thought it was all very exciting to go from 4mb memory to 32 mb for only $1,000 per 32mb stick, and from 33mhz cpus to 90mhz, but this kind of transfer tech that does 64 GB per second: amazing. It's hard to keep up with the changes, they're coming so fast.

Torvalds shoots down call to yank 'backdoored' Intel RdRand in Linux crypto


Who can tell?

I have respect for Torvalds, but the NSA has literally hundreds/thousands of PhD mathematicians working on encryption/breaking encryption, so weighing Torvald's smarts against all that brainpower, computing power, and sheer money power, who can say for sure whether his random function/method is compromised or not?

Don't tell the D-G! BBC-funded study says Beeb is 'too right wing'


bwa ha ha

If you believe that the BBC isn't left wing, I have to wonder if you only live in a left wing echo chamber. Some might even characterize the BBC as Socialist or even Communist-friendly. I've listened to the BBC for many years, and even the Socialist Democrat party in the US isn't that left-wing, or perhaps doesn't have the courage to say publicly what the BBC says. Compare the viewpoints expressed by the BBC to the Socialist or Communist International manifesto, and you would have to look long and hard to find any differences.

Forget Mars: Let's get someone on the Moon – NASA veteran


Re: Lets go!!

Yeah, astronauts are such dumb uneducated hillbillies, aren't they? If they said the aliens told us not to come back, they must have been eating too much pizza, right? Who could believe such a story from such mountain clucks anyway?

At least, that's the attitude of some of you who wouldn't believe that aliens were on the moon even if you were given a personal ride there and given a tour of the place by a 3 foot tall grey, and given some souvenirs of the visit. You'd come back and claim it must have been a nightmare and do everything possible to explain away your souvenir.

Syrian Electronic Army hacks US Marines, asks 'bros' to fight on its side


Syria chose the wrong friends

If Assad had not chosen the crazy Iranian mullahs and Hezbollah as his best friends, it's possible that he might have a lot more western friends to help him against AQ. As it is, our choice is to try and help the Syrian people who just want to be free and try not to help AQ at the same time, or do nothing and help the mullahs of Iran who also are oppressing their people who want freedom but don't yet have the courage to do as the Syrian people have.

A funny but true quote (from memory) from the president of Yemen: Ruling the people of Yemen is like "dancing on the heads of snakes". The entire Middle East is like that, not just Yemen.

I understand the sentiments of those who are opposed to intervention by the US, but I see no alternative but to help oust Assad and try to get the best people (moderates) possible to replace him.

TDK calls it quits on tape media thanks to 'difficult environment'


Haven't used a tape in ? years

I haven't used a tape of any kind in a long time. Not cassette, not movie tape (can't even remember what its name is), not anything. Kind of surprised they were still making them



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