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Reg man wraps head in 49-inch curved monitor


Re: So what about...

The CHG90 comes with a wall mount bracket in Vesa 100 format. It makes all the difference to wall mount this display. Its amazing for gaming and also superb for flight sims like X Plane 11 and DCS.

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


Right! who's in charge?

Whoever is responsible for this mess needs to own up, come on! Who did it?

Messing with the reg like this feels like someone walked up to the cenotaph and painted it green.

Bad form Vulture Central, go the the back of the class and re do the entire assignment.

Microsoft to enter the STRUGGLE of the HUMAN WRIST


SPOT became .net micro framework and is used in many many devices now on arm ,nxp chips etc. It's a thing of beauty and us very easy to code for using visual studio and C#. It's not real time but way easier than faffing around with arduino. Real time debugging anyone?

Ten classic electronic calculators from the 1970s and 1980s



Ive used my trusty Casio FX-451 almost once every day since i bought it in the 80s. What tech from today will still be fully operational in another 30 years??

Waving an Eye-of-Sauron pulsating mock cock? Stop immediately



Good God! It looks like ET's fist!

Second PAC-MAN orbiting SATURN: Local absence of dots explained


Mimas - hmm thats no moon! Thats a fully operational battle station

<b>SPACE</b> the final frontier


How about the moon

No need to transport it, hollow it out and usse the material to build the disco like a big mooncrete bond lair megaplex. Simples

Harry Potter director takes on Doctor Who movie


Yeah, really sorry about that Vic. Ive already been and washed my brain out with bleach!


Rant time :)

Anyone remember Judge Dredd?? ............ no?

My point exactly.

You can guarantee that as the money will come from the US that the choice for the Dr. will be out of Auntie's hands. Thereby ensuring the Dr. Who movie will be forced kicking and squeeling into the mire of Fan hatred and disapointment.

A movie studio execs idea of "the lead" will always be a trillion miles away from what the rest of the know universe wants.

Rant over :) I do like the suggested Richard E Grant and a Steam Punk TARDIS. Especially if it follws the story arc from the beginning of the Doctor.


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