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Why Teflon Ballmer had to go: He couldn't shift crud from Windows 8, Surface


30th not 1st

In my haste I said Ballmer was the first employee of Microsoft - he was actually the 30th


Small point.

Ballmer isn't a co-founder of Microsoft. He was actually the first hire of the company. He joined AFTER it was founded.

Sky falling: 119,000 Brits flee O2, Be after Murdoch broadband gobble


Re: No need for a Mac

Apple Lawsuit (TM) incoming in ...




FLABBER-JASTED: It's 'jif', NOT '.gif', says man who should know


On a related note the cleaner "JIF" had to be changed to "CIF" back in the 90s.

The reason, Spanish speakers couldn't pronounce Jif.

True story, bro.

Doctor Who? 12th incarnation sought after Matt Smith quits


Female doctor?

They were talking about this 30 years ago. Was a silly idea then.

If they cast the Dr. as a female I will stop watching. What is next Mr Marple?

Black-eyed Pies reel from BeagleBoard's $45 Linux micro blow


Re: Looks really good

GB and Mhz are both different units of measurement.

Dragons' Den badboy's Expansys burns sales, profits up in smoke



Since when did a 41% shareholding become a majority?

Carrie Fisher dusts off THAT bikini for Star Wars VII

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Re: "Elderly"?

Elbows too pointy eh?

Obama says patent trolls 'extort money', pledges reform



Surely the worst patent troll is Apple?

Debenhams cafes ban outré terms like 'espresso' and 'cappuccino'


I have always called it an espresso for fear of appearing uncultured and, er, wrong.

Dr No, Thunderball, Casino Royale? Vote now for the best Bond film

Paris Hilton

Re: I really want to like the Daniel Craig films

Quantum of Solace was for me a complete dog of a movie.

Bond villains need to have an evil plan. As you say setting up a utility monopoly in Bolivia doesn't quite cut the mustard. It was the Diet Coke of evil master plans - just one calorie, not evil enough. (With thanks to Dr. Evil)

It wasn't evil enough or big enough. A water monopoly would have been fine - IF it covered the entire world. But Nicaragua*? Please!

Paris would have made a better Bond villain.

*I don't even care what minor country it was.

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Dalton fan checking in

I am a Dalton fan. I personally feel he was an excellent Bond and his two movies were both better than later Moores and all of Brosnans bar Goldeneye.

He played a Bond that was far closer to Fleming's character.

Was he my favourite Bond - no. Was he in the best Bond film - no.

He certainly wasn't the wurst* though.

*Oktoberfest - everybody drink!

Fans rap Apple's 'crap' Map app


Re: Native Google maps

Hmm....didn't Microsoft get hit with an Antitrust suit for bundling IE with Windows?

I am not sure what the difference is here?

Home Sec to decide Gary McKinnon's fate by 16 October


Re: I think there should be...

A builder who gains entry to a house though a closed but unlocked door is still guilty of B&E.

Ease of entry doesn't affect criminality.

Apple hoards LTE patents to deflect Samsung attack


Re: Anyone else wondering what LTE stands for???

Nope, LTE is 4G

HSDPA+ is what some refer to as 3.5G or 3G+ (Or T-Mobile in the US sell as 4G)

3G Google Nexus 7 inbound


Re: WiFi Only

Problem is my phone is normally flat after about 7pm....

Booth babes banned by Chinese gaming expo


I for one welcome our new dignified Chinese expo overlords....

I don't see any benefit in these "booth babes". I think the Chinese are doing the right thing. Who would have imagined the Chinese teaching us something?

This sort of carry on is demeaning to women. I used to buy PCFormat magazine and that went through a spell of having a model in a swimsuit pouting with a piece of tech on each cover. If I want to find out about tech stuff I don't want a "booth babe" getting in the way. It just insults my intelligence.

Ten... PC games you may have missed

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SWTOR - Is NOT free to play.....

Just an error in the lead.

SWTOR has an extended trial to level 15 - it certainly isn't free to play yet.

Pirate Bay founders appeal to EC to save them from Swedish justice


Svartholm Warg

....is just the best name ever.


O2, Be Broadband axe Pirate Bay access


The reason I can see it....

Just remembered I use Google as my DNS provider.

I guess this is why I can still see "The Bay" without any issues.


I can still see it...

Be punter here and I just checked and I can reach The Pirate Bay

'Fake Carla Bruni' Twitter account spreads Thatcher death rumour

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Best PM...

......we ever had.

ARM creators Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber


Re: Blimey

What about trans-men you hatemonger!


Re: Blimey

Surely saying trans-misogyny is more unattractive than misogyny is in fact...er...misogynistic?

Ten... Satnavs to suit all budgets


Re: I use paper maps. Free, from AAA.

Who or what is AAA?

Parents shocked by priestly PowerPoint pr0n


Re: Wow...

You mean you are a lapsed Catholic?

New version of XBMC released!


Re: New version of XBMC released!

Funnily I found it easier to work with than Plex.

I was using Plex on Windows and I kept running into issues.

I think Mac people find Plex more straightforward (more mature on that platform?)

HP offers contractors a choice: 5 per cent pay cut ... or 100 per cent


Contractors moaning - say it isn't so!

Hmm....contractors will often earn twice what the local permies will earn. (Nevermind the guys in India)

Why do they moan at least 3.4* times as much as the permies?

It isn't unusual to see a guy performing a 60k a year perm job and earning 120k a year as a contractor - plus all the nice tax breaks.

*Stats from survey conducted in 2011

Microsoft 'yanked optical drive from Xbox 720'


Re: Removable solid-state storage?

I seem to have walked into a Monty Python sketch....

...I'll get my coat.


Re: What about download limits?

I have purchased nearly all my PC games in this manner. Most PC gamers are the same.

We seem to be able to deal with all the big AAA titles - which are never big enough to fill a Blu-Ray disk.

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Re: Removable solid-state storage?


Magnavox Odyssey was the old days.

Anonymous takes down Vatican website


Re: Ah. The Vatican. A mysognist business that is a registered charity.

You do know that the term "concentration camp" was first used in relation to the British concentration camps in South Africa during the Boer War

Dotcom bail survives appeal, extradition hearing in August


Re: Baffoolment

I don't know whether he is guilty or innocent of any crime.

I am shocked though at the lack of due process.

Apple snags blockbuster multi-touch patent


Re: Give me strength...

I believe Apple tried to patent "patriotism"

Cameras roll on 'blockbuster' new Who series


Re: "some familiar foes as you've never seen them before"

The Candyman - COOL!

Hey Commentards! This pre-populated 'reply to' is for you


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: tarded.

This is fun.

Tesco offers broadband for LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A PINT

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I am really getting sick and tired of companies advertising limited products as unlimited.

I have actually just made a complaint to the ASA on this.

Overclockers UK swallowed by private equity firm Afinum



There are some

Brit pair deported from US for 'destroy America' tweet


Wouldn't you need to remove a merkin to do any "bashing"?

US entertainment lawyer casts doubt on Megaupload case

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Piracy....on megaupload?

Am I alone in only having used Megaupload for legit purposes? I have never downloaded anything ilegally from it. In fact I have never even seen anything available on there.

What I have done is downloaded lots of apps hosted there by the developers. I have downloaded lots of mods for games like Skyrim that have been hosted there.

In short there seems to be an awful lot of perfectly acceptable uses for megaupload.

Reg Hardware Awards 2011 Winners


Best Game?

Skyrim came second - well done.

Am I right in remembering that wasn't even listed as an option?

GiffGaff boots freetards off mobile network



If you play music on your phone and use headphones are you consuming the content on the phone or on the headphones?


Connecting to another device?

Surely then that also includes the following :



Bluetooth Keyboards

You could probably include cases as another device which is connected.......

....just saying.

Star Wars: The Old Republic


£5 to preorder

This was the most outrageous thing for me. If you wanted to pre-order this game. EA charged you an EXTRA £5 for the privilege.


3 types

There are only 3 roles in this and other MMOs. They are often referred to as "the holy trinity"

1)Tank - Damage Soaker who stops big bad guys hitting the DPS and Healer.

2)DPS - Damage Dealers

3)Healer - Who, er, heals.

That is it. There is no ranged type. There is no force lightning type.

In this game you have ranged and melee tanks. I personally play as a healer. My healer is a Sith Sorcer who chucks lightning around*. He is still just a healer.

*If you only knew the POWER of the dark side.

Apple shoots for Premier League soccer streaming rights


I call it Soccer

To differentiate it from my favourite code of football. Rugby Union.

Mine is the club blazer with the beer stains down the front of it.

Supply snitches: 4in iPhone 5 screens shipping now




Politicians call for Modern Warfare 3 censure



You posted anonymously - I think a clear sign your mind has been warped by Spy vs Spy

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Interface schmiterface

Excellent piece here from the team at Rock Paper Shotgun


They don't like it either.....

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Great game - worst interface ever!

Yet another game dumbed down for consoles.