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Calm down, dear: Woman claims sexism in tech journalism


Oh el reg, what happened to you?

This site used to be great, now it's just storage ads and clickbait.

YouTube’s 10 years of hits: Global recognition at last for Rick Astley


Read next on el reg: "best clickbait titles of 2015"

Poss off, YouTube videos aren't news.

NBN must limit downloads to 12 Mbps downloads until copper handover


Re: Sped up nothing

Same problem here under the labor gov, took about two months from install to activation. I would have expected el reg readers to understand a testing phase.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: The new common-as-muck hybrid


Good looking car, it's not all glowing green or blue and the interior isn't in your face.

The piston engine for charging makes a lot of sense if you were outside the city or had to go on a long drive once in while. Honestly it would probably suite me very well, but I just bought a new car :(

IN YOUR FACE, Linux and Apple fans! Oculus is Windows-only for now


Makes sense really, show me a Mac that has an upgradable graphics card.

On the other hand, why would anyone want an occulus rift on their phone/server? Linux support will be a while off me thinks.

Microsoft uses Windows Update to force Windows 10 ads onto older PCs


Re: You haven't used Windows 10 Build 10041 yet then.

Move to a slower release channel.



If the are approaching at or obove light speed we would see any warning signs until they arrived with the space ship or after it.

Small cells are like DRUNKS. They don't use lamp posts for light, they use 'em for support



And here I was drawing up plans for a short 4G tower that I could attach a light to.

NBN Co strangles bird: satellite users limited to 20 GB / month


Re: @mathew42

The problem here is that so many people signed up for the interim service under Labor that the service slowed to dial up speeds during peak times, they simply didn't count on the number of people who would take the offer up and have left it to the LNP to fix the problem.

OTHER EARTHS may be orbiting our Sun beyond Neptune


Re: Sky surveys

I'm to young but it rings a bell, something about black holes

Oz metadata retention won't include URLs: report


I'd be happy with my billing information and IP address being collected, as far as I know this is pretty much the current state of play anyway because I can log into my ISP control panel and see my IP history. What we really need to know is what checks and balances will be in place before the information is handed out, I don't think anyone could justify dragnet style collection.

Longer flights burning more fuel can cut planes' climate impact


I think I have read this before, something about con trails, global warming and mind control/autism rings a bell.

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base


I'm getting stuck on the code names trying to figure out if they form some kind of joke.

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 updates also tweak Windows Server 2012


>(if someone happens to be doing server tasks from a touchscreen!)

A surfacepro makes a great companion device for a sys admin, I use it daily.

Facebook swallows Oculus VR goggle-geeks. Did that really happen?


Ah Facebook, the Myspace of 2013.

HP busts out new ProLiant rack mount based on Intel's new top o' line server chippery


Re: Obviously not

32GB sticks gives you 2.51TB of RAM and 64GB sticks gives you 5.03TB of RAM, did someone trust a vendors numbers?

Also I think that's some exponential doubling going on there :)

Intel shutters BRAND NEW chip factory as PC market storm rages


Re: How do we know...

Hello fellow citizen of earth, what might you be partaking in tonight?

Android, Chromebooks storm channel as Windows PC sales go flat


Re: numbers need adjustment...?

It's going to be well under 1% probably less than 0.01%, channel sales are going to be dominated by corporate players and anyone running Linux probably just builds from components.

What lies beneath Microsoft's Cloud OS?


Re: Private cloud?

Hang on, I'm firing up a Windowns NT physical server, where do I point my developers to request a VM?

Krakoom! OCZ flies into the ground. Time to salvage the engines and look around


2x Revodrive X3-2.1.4 or what ever they are called and 3x agility 3 drives and never a single issue.

Good thing I just got my new 480gb revodrive!

Turnbull moves to simplify submarine cable approval process


Re: In other words

If they were trying to make it harder to connect new links I don't think they would be cutting time frames for approval in half. Looks to me like they are trying to open the market up to new players, including some smaller players.

Turnbull floats e-vote, compulsory ID


Re: undemocratic swill

Let me get this right, you have large corporation running the voting process and your are sure the vote is rigged? Why did the Republicans loose to Obama, after defending the presidency, and then keep loosing ever since?

Torvalds: 'We're not doing Linux95 … for a few years, at least'


Linux95 - We're only 18 years behind!

Donning the flame suit!

Wow, the future is HERE: Charge your phone (wirelessly) in your CAR



They don't recognise us as HUMAN: Disability groups want CAPTCHAs killed


Re: From the Department of The Bleedin Fekkin Obvious Department...

The problem with a "did you register for this" email is that bots are quite capable of clicking a link in an email.

Chromecast: You'll pop me in for HOT STREAMS of JOY, hopes Google


CEC HDMI controls?

:-/ Did I just get a call from the reg?


:-/ Did I just get a call from the reg?

In a busy moment I got a call and I think they said they were from the register, can anyone confirm?


Reg to Australia: Here's your chance to find NBN answers


>what broadband does Australia need?

Australia needs moderately priced, widespread broadband in the speed range of 25-50mbit.

>what's the best technology to deliver the broadband Australia needs.

What ever fits the bill, a mix of technologies to suite the local area. FTTH/N for dense deployments, wireless for rural and sat for others.

>What will be the entrepreneurial response to universal broadband.

About fuck all in this country, anyone serious runs their equipment in a data center and they are expensive.

Pricing out a basic 1/4 rack in Melbourne came to about $35,000 over two years, not to bad, but that wasn't even guaranteed 100mbit. Gigabit and a couple of TB a month? Bend over

Tennis pro serves up pic of bad French Open line call


>> "I'm old and my eyes don't work"


Looks to be not touching the line to me. I assume the left of the photo would be in, or out, I don't care either way.

LOHAN slips into tight rubber outfit


power connector

The easiest ways I can think of for an easy break power connector are:

1. A slip ring on the pole and a small spring contact (think electric racing car) in the outer tube, allows for rotation an some movement with almost zero breaking force.

2. Ball up some wire in your typical wall wort connector, sits pretty securely until you pull on it.

3. Small audio connector, 2.5mm. A well used one comes apart very easy.

4. Paint connections. Attach thin wires to the body of the rocket with electrically conductive paint, the same stuff you use to repair windows demisters.

NSW may fire 610 school tech support officers in March


Re: I used to work in the Vic program

>Vic govt did the same thing to us... sacked them all.. and hired people at half the price, on a per hour contract.

I do work for that program, and I have never heard of any mass firings. The program has been going on for 10+ years now and is fantastic.

Inside Microsoft's Surface Pro: A fiendishly difficult journey


The smaller these things get the harder they are going to be to service, but that's ok because they are designed to be replaced. When was the last time you were using your 6 year old tablet and though "This battery is getting a bit old, might be time for a new one", not a chance. at the two or three year mark you though "Shit this is slow, time for a new one".

When you walk into an apple shop they don't crack open your iPad and have a look, they just give you a second hand one and send you on your way. Refurbishing can be done in bulk, not case by case.

We are getting to the point of thinness and compactness that big trade offs have to be made. Take a look at cars, my old '73 Statesman de Ville had an engine bay so big you could stand in it and work on the car. Try that today with a late model Ford or Toyota, not a chance. Conspiracy nut jobs will say something like "It's the corporations man....." but really in the board room it's something like "Shit, we need to make it thinner, can we sacrifice anything else?".

NASA aims Curiosity's percussive drill at pink, veiny target


looks like we can already see water in that photo.

Top-secret US spaceplane sets off on another classified mission


I was out star gazing last night, nothing much else to do while taking long exposure shots, and noticed a satellite rise from the north sky heading south and then change direction and set in the east. I have no idea what it was and didn't see it come around again.

Beer because it's what I was drinking

The Register lands in Australia


G'reg? (ger - reg) G'day

Ay reg? (aye - reg) Ay mate!

Regya? (reg - ya) Straya'

IBM scientists take image of atomic bonds



Reg hack uncovers perfect antidote to internet


well no one got hurt?

But oh mygod you didn't follow section of OHS Rules and regulation for sub terran excavation part 4 of addendum 8.

Grow up, Spain has more important things to worry about than someone not wearing a hard hat.

'Sex and the female brain are connected' - shock discovery


Child support and a semen donation?

Size does matter: Outlook.com punters want meatier passwords


What do you mean password strength does not rely on length?

A longer password is MANY MANY MANY more times more secure than a complex one.


Microsoft tightens grip on OEM Windows 8 licensing


Re: Well you are overlooking something

Yeah, I am sure the 4.5 (people, not percent) that get rid of OEM and install Linux are really displeased about having to pay for it. Everyone else is really happy that their laptop does have an operating system on it.

Valve: Games run FASTER on Linux than Windows


I love that everyone thinks linux will remain unbloated if everyone makes the switch.

Red hat steam

> Missing dependency

Telstra aces LTE market


Back OFF!

Stay off my 4G!

Microsoft: MED-V won't help you escape WinXP end-of-life


At my work out apps are updated to REQUIRE the latest version of IE about a year after they come out.

Some of our apps no longer even work on Vista! Complete 7 roll-out should be complete within weeks.

PFY vs Bearded 80s Netscape Bore: BOFH

Paris Hilton

Excuse me, but did you get the software to work?

Sean Parker launches Chatroulette killer: For why?


"Parker believes he can stop the inevitable spiral into filth by building in "abuse prevention" filters."

The man who backed a P2P network honestly believes he can stop exactly what people will use his service for, Porn and Trolling.

Oh yeah, has he head of this neat application called Skype?

LOHAN seeks failsafe for explosive climax


Clearly we need a lego man on the baloon, when it bursts we could use a kinect sensor to analyse the change on his face, using an arduino, somehow, we could have that trigger the igniter.

It's a long shot, but it might just work.

Pirate island attracts more than 100 startup tenants


Year 1:

1000 tech start ups

Year 2:

10 successful start ups, 990 Drug lords.

Engineer Doe thought people's private info 'might be useful'


"In about 10 years or so we will see the collapse of Moore's Law. In fact we already see a slowing down of Moore's Law. Computing power cannot maintain its rapid exponential rise using standard silicon technology."

"Using standard silicon technology"

That's like saying we can't have hybrid cars because gasoline engines don't run on electricity. USE A DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGY!

LOHAN's fantastical flying truss takes to the air


Ah... Why not ditch the truss idea all together and simply have a box of some description with a small weight, like the battery, in the bottom. Maybe even a sphere or egg shape instead of a box.

Plenty of stability and aero without the inefficient truss.

LightSquared screams 'conspiracy' over leaky test results


Why don't they just use the very top end of their spectrum to broadcast GPS signals? Surely it can't be to hard to make a tower on the ground look like a tower from space?

That way they can use their spectrum all they want and everyone near by will get a more reliable GPS lock.