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Report: Apple seeking to raise iPhone 6 price by a HUNDRED BUCKS


Well that's nice...

...now people can feel that their iPhone is ultra-premium instead of merely premium. Let's see their market share collapse when those that could only just afford that subsidized fee now decide that the extra $100 is just a little more than they really can afford.

I used to pay their premium. Switched to Google's Nexus 5 last november and it does everything the iPhone does except...

...it transfers pictures across to my Mac faster than Apple and 'iCloud' ever did. No 15 minute wait for 5 or 6 pictures to even start showing up and it doesn't go through that god awful photo app they have on the mac.

Not only that, the pictures are available on my PC at the same time and I don't have an iCloud app in the system bar on the PC that crashes the OS every few minutes.

Either way, they have to increase profit margins on their devices to offset the cost of the perpetual legal proceedings they spend their time in chasing every tom dick and harry over patents. Maybe they should just lease their patents to "Rockstar Consortium" their majority stake in it would be advantageous and they could use them to do all the donkey work in that area and get a nice income from people that previously didn't breach the patents over other little things.

Just think the slide to unlock could allow them to chase any maker of sliding locks used in garden gates....tee hee hee (shouldn't give them ideas)... as they shoehorn patents to every possible case.

Canadian taxman says hundreds pierced by Heartbleed SSL skewer


Re: Hmm. 6 hour window.

Seems strange to me, anyway, think about it. Does this mean that the exploit was not used UNTIL AFTER it became a public spectacle and was reported and then discussed in detail by 'SECURITY EXPERTS'.

So I would blame the Government agency for not shutting down their servers immediately. I would blame the so called Security experts for shouting from every building how the flaw could be implemented so that even someone that couldn't implement it. Then of course the same security experts even told people what websites could be used to find out if a server was secure or not from Heartbleed giving a nice way for the 'bad people' to find targets.

I want to hear of actual reports of lost data from BEFORE it was announced to decide whether it is a real deal thing to worry.

I've noticed that the biggest winner out of heartbleed seems to be lastpass who have been gaining customers rampantly based on this flaw.

Amazon stuffs games into Fire TV box: Soz, rivals... WE don't need to make cash on hardware


They don't need to make money on hardware???

But they sell their hardware at the same price or higher than rivals. The games controller is another $40 on top of the price of the hardware. I'd say they really are making money on the hardware. The games aren't that sensational to justify the cost and the voice search is a rip off, it directs specifically to only Amazon 'pay to view' programming.

I'll pass.

Skype pimps pro-level broadcast service


But isn't the competition...

themselves. All the broadcasters have been using Skype and it sucks. So they are saying that you can pay them to get a less sucky version if you are a broadcaster?

We're being royalty screwed! Pandora blames price rise on musos wanting money


I've always paid by the year for Pandora right from when I first found them and used them on a Blackberry with it's buggy software that would reject a song when you wanted to adjust the volume back in 2006, this last couple years I barely used the service. With no buffering and Verizon, regardless of what they claimed, being rather patchy with their service it became less attractive, especially when Spotify allowed me download whole album selections and make playlists rather than having music that sometimes offered totally unrelated artists and music style to the one that their 'channel' was supposed to be related to.

Then I hear that they were taking away the yearly option with it's discount that took the annual price from $48 to $36 and they claimed it was a favor to those on the yearly plan as everyone else would pay the new price.

At the start of this month I went in and cancelled the automatic renew and deleted my credit card information -- just as well since they ignored this and tried to renew the subscription anyway -- I'll just save the $4 a month (until they push it up to $4.99 in line with those that sign up after the increase in price) and it offsets the cost of Spotify so in real terms from now on Spotify only costs me $5 a month because I am not also paying for Pandora.

Instead of complaining about greedy record companies and artists Pandora should have been improving their service and including things like buffering to allow for those times when signal is lost but instead they sat on their backsides and let Apple and Google offer equivalent services for free that match or better the free Pandora version. Let's face it, they hardly make a push outside the USA.

Target ignored hacker alarms as crooks took 40m credit cards – claim


Re: Minor correction

Really if you want to be totally accurate, it's were the slightly more affluent white trash go shopping.


Can't blame them, they were probably working in a call center at the same time. There is only so much they can do at the same time, bless their white cotton smocks and sandals.


What do you expect from any company?

It's not the credit cards of Target Executives that were affected, it was just their customers. All that matters is that the customers have spent money with them and they would have stayed silent if they thought they could have gotten away with it without someone whistleblowing and telling the world at which time they would have been subject to angry customers that were lumbered with dealing with their credit information being ripped off and the court case that would have ensued that would have cost more than the paltry 12 months of lifelock of whatever credit fraud prevention they gave people.

Satya Nadella is 'a sheep, a follower' says ex-Microsoft exec



Boy when an executive or ex-executive gets pissy because he knows he wasn't even in the running for the post. Those claws come out. This guy with his whiney catty comments just make him less of an executive and more of a schoolgirl who got spurned by a boy she had a crush on.

Fukushima fearmongers: It's your fault Japan dumped CO2 targets


So right.

The lobbying against Nuclear energy has mostly been done by the fossil fuel lobbyists who see any other form of energy as a threat to their business. Though they hide under the 'green' banner.

The Nuclear power industry is possibly the energy industry in the World. It is just dogged with people that have that 'not in my back yard' mentality. Then they grasp at straws. Here is California they forced the closure of the San Ofofre Reactors citing fears that it would do the same thing. I live just a few miles from it and I have never given it a thought.

Interestingly enough, the same people that campaign to kill off the reactors are the same ones throwing their arms up in the air at the Solar Energy sites and the Wind Turbines locally because birds get hit by the blades of those turbines and mistake the beds of reflectors or solar arrays for lakes and crash into them. Now they are demanding that they are shut down to save a few birds.

Then of course they throw a fit over oil drilling, coal mining, Fracking and any other freaking type of energy they can find to blame.

Someone commented that they would love us to be on Bicycles and wearing sackcloth, no I think they really would love the world to be right back into the middle ages.

These days when someone starts spouting their crap about how the world is being ruined and that we are all doomed I just tell them to STFU and go back into their hidey hole. Just like these freaks with their 'doomsday bunkers', what do they think they will do after doomsday? Might be a lonely old world for them, lol, or maybe incest really is best in in the midwest!

Dell orbits Linux a third time with revamped Sputnik notebooks


Maybe it is time for MS to exit stage Left...

...maybe just maybe their time at center stage is over. Dell are very likely sensing this. HP have already started to look at alternative with Chrome and partnering with Google.

For the majority of people the Desktop PC and Even the laptop is an overpriced, device that they no longer need. They have Tablets and their Smartphone for most things.

MS lumber blindly. They have a warped advertising system. They advertise their Surface Tablets, or rather they advertise an optional extra that Keyboard cover thing that costs extra. Let's face it when they tell you that you need a cover with a built in keyboard to 'do real work' it really tells the buyer that their Tablet is incomplete since it can't do real work unless you pay them that extra $129.

90% of home users never really used their Pc's for anything other than Email, Social Networking (back then maybe yahoo chat), looking something up using a search engine and possibly purchasing online. These days they do most of that and more using their tablet or smart phone! Heck, people are doing their tax returns using their tablets and smart phones. They are learning that they don't need a 'Real PC' for what they do and for many they are familiar and comfortable with Linux etc.

I won't buy a Windows based system again. It will be either Linux of OSX based systems. I don't have a need for anything else these days!


Re: I'm in

Yeah, they don't discount much more than the price of getting a copy of the installation on CD or DVD from them. I wonder if they have to pay MS on the basis of the number of Systems they build as opposed to the ones they install Windows onto.

I tried Windows 8 and hated it and it fought like crazy with me to go back to Windows 7, in fact I tried upgrade to cure crashing of Windows 7. Only to find I had the same buggy crashing issues but had to deal with a less flexible interface with that 'Metro' mess. I got so frustrated I dropped into an Apple store one day and bought an iMac. I don't miss Windows and would have and probably should have just installed Linux and got rid of Windows in total.

Google in PRODUCT RECALL for its Glass spy-goggles


Nothing can protect us from bad taste

Google's bad taste in styling is something that we are doomed to have forced on us. Even if we don't purchase such things we will be trapped in the view from one of their 'explorers'. I wonder how many people have already had their privacy intruded on by some geek wearing them.

I bet that Google would not be happy with someone intruding on their privacy be it through someone wearing goo-hole glasses or through the lens of a normal camera.

Will never buy them. Would not buy anything like it regardless of who made it. They are tacky, more tacky than a watch that vibrates when you get a text message and has an intrusive camera on the wristband taking little snapshots of other people's lives.

Well I'm off to my hermit cabin up in the far reaches of the mountains to keep out of the view of these camera's built into watches and glasses....LOL

Murdoch calls for world+dog to 'expose' Google


Got to hand it to Fluck & Law

They got Murdochs character down to a T! He is exactly how spitting image portrayed him, in fact much worse! LOL

We really need a full World and it's dog expose on News Corp. Start with them and see where the extent of the corruption actually is within this abomination of a company.

Something that I was always told as a kid was that if an apple is bad at its surface it is bad all the way through to its core and I bet that the phone hacking, corruption and bribing didn't stop with just the newspapers in the UK.

Oh, shoppin’ HELL: I’m in the supermarket of the DAMNED


The checkout part is the best part of shopping

I've got to disagree here!

The checkout part is positively the best part of the ordeal of shopping. It means an end to the torture of being run over by shopping trolleys pushed by old ladies that need better glasses. Trying to get to something on a shelf blocked by those same old biddies.

The hell of walking round in circles looking for an item because someone sees fit to put it just one column wide on the very bottom of the shelf with the packaging all turned so that you cannot see it.

Or go to take a package of razors from the rack only to find that the store has such a bad shoplifting problem with them that they actually security clamp them onto the shelf and you then spend 15 minutes trying to get someone with authority to get you a pack.

Then when you get to do the checkout yourself, you don't have to grudgingly reply with a smile and a witty comment to a checkout operator that has made the same conversation several times over. Yeah I know you don't really have to answer back except for one time in a Walmart store where the checkout operator got really mouthy because I didn't respond to her banter, or flirting or whatever.

If I see a self checkout don't get in my way. I'll punch and kick my way to it so that I can pay for my stuff and get out of that living hell!

Microsoft: We're nearly OUT OF STOCK of Surface 2 and Pro 2


Re: so wait

Wondered why they make a big deal about being able to shove a memory stick into the USB? That explains it. 64GB makes for a rather cramped experience unless they have a special version of Windows called Windows 8GO (GO stands for gutted out).


Re: So...

Answer to your question is....

They made 25 of each. Most went to reviewers and the last two went to Steve Ballmer for his going away present from the company.

Icahn to Cook: 'Buy back $150bn of Apple's stock, or tell me why you won't'


So iCahn's advice is

borrow money and pay interest on it so that he can sit in a corner and get all wet between the legs getting off that he has forced another company to bow down to his pressure.

Apple should tell him to stick his head back where it came from, out of his arse!

This man is a person that only wants Apple to buy other people's shares to push the value of his own up even higher so that he can then sell at a peak price after shortly because of his bulk selling the price will plummet. Idiots like this are why the world economy is down in the crapper!

500 MEELLION PCs still run Windows XP. How did we get here?


Tell Microsoft to go shove it

and get rid of Windows and install Linux. Maybe then Microsoft will learn not to use blackmail threats against the people that have already paid for their operating system once.

It would be different if they had a 'nominal' upgrade fee but they gouge the customers and then supply an operating system that is barely either unusable because of bugs, my bad undocumented features!

Microsoft don't grasp the idea of 'stack them high and sell them cheap' they stack them high and then use threats and blackmail to try and make people pay their over priced upgrade fee. Have they not realized yet that maybe that is why people and companies don't want to upgrade with each new iteration of the operating system.

Maybe they should have learned from Apple who charge a low fee for their OS upgrade on their Mac range and most people upgrade but Apple don't make demands that they upgrade and buyers are aware that eventually their Mac will not be upgradeable! They don't scare the crap out of their users into buying upgrades for PC's that will either barely manage to run the latest OS and really leave the PC unusable.

Apple’s iOS 64-bit iUpgrade: Don't expect a 2x performance leap


A long term plan

Apple have set a long term plan in motion, they are in the ideal position with their closed in system to start the push towards all devices running 64 bit architecture. iPod, iPad and iphone.

I bet that they will launch three devices next year. A low memory 8Gb model with a 64 bit processor and cheaper camera and no fingerprint camera and probably no M7 chip with the same plastic case design rather than dump the 5C onto market as the freebie they will have a 64 bit system. The old 5S will be the middle tier model and the replacement for the 5S will have a faster processor with extra ram to allow the processor to 'breath' and maybe even a larger screen or some other new feature to the design.

The 5S is merely seeding the transition. Getting the App dev's to write apps for the 64 bit system and move away from 32 bit pushes people with older model iPhones to transition to the new 64 bit architecture so that they can use many of the apps which will soon start to become 'less available' to the older phones.

Expect the same thing to happen to the iPad and the iPod Touch range of devices.

For Apple it revives a stream of revenue as people start to upgrade their devices.

Meanwhile, Android devices, even those that are 64 bit (as they come onto the market) will be trapped in the fragmentation and there is nothing to compel the dev's from updating their Apps to be biased towards the 64 bit architecture, in the Android world 32 bit will be around for a very very very long time as the processors get older and are used in the economy models used for many prepaid carriers.

so Companies such as Samsung may launch 64 bit devices but unless they launch their own App Store or invest in a way of getting App dev's to recompile for the 64 architecture they will be in the same situation as Windows PC's have been! Lots of 64-bit windows PC's out there but not many companies that have developed 64 bit software because it makes them comfortable knowing that they can have 32 bit software running on the 64 bit systems and while there is a little increase in speed the PC is not operating at its full potential!

Apple may lose some 'customers' to lower cost Android devices but in the long term they will have an Appstore filled with 64 bit apps running on 64 bit architecture and Apple will have income as their customer base transitions over they next two or three years to new iPod, iPad and iPhone's that are 64 bit!

We made the iPhones, now we want OUR 'UNPAID' WAGES – student Pegatron toilers


Re: So...

of course it does!



Makes me chuckle...

It's not like Pegatron and the other contractors that work for most of the electronics industry to do the assembly work have a glowing reputation of treating people wonderfully and I am sure that these 'students' didn't already know there was a risk of being abused with poor working conditions or low pay or even having a depressed fellow worker throw themselves from a high floor of a dormitory building and land upon them crushing them.

Regardless of whether these people were not paid adequately for their services they were students and knew fine damn well what they were getting themselves into when they applied for the job. Maybe they should have just worked for a much small pittance working in the rice fields.

Vodafone, can you get a signal at the top of your $130bn Verizon cash pile?


Verizon Wireless customers will be the losers

Someone is going to have to pay for their purchase, it's the customers that will be the ones that had plans that were grandfathered in that are cheaper than that 'share everything' plan that will suddenly get notices that the plans will terminate as the contract expires.

AT&T pulled a similiar thing but that was purely to increase their profits at the expense of the customers that actually made use of the unlimited data.

I know that it is in the offing. This year I have had on average 10 emails a month telling me that I would be far better off switching to Shared plan from my grandfathered unlimited data and that I really need to be paying about $125 including taxes rather than the $84 I currently pay.

I am sure I am not the only person on grandfathered in plans that gets more Verizon wireless emails of this nature than any other form of email from Verizon Wireless.

Could be the time that I part ways with Verizon. Their service is not that great where I live anyway. They boast LTE but it's only usable if I drive to the top of one of the hills in the area to use it. Closer to home it's barely as fast as very slow dial up.

Dell to axe 1,000-plus call-centre bods, enterprise staff in prep to go private


Well Goodness Gracious Me, seems like another company has realized that having a call center staffed by people who most of their customers find unintelligable and who stopped buying the products because of the terrible service from call center staff in these overseas call centers have finally realized the first step to improving customer service is to close down their customer service call centers.

Having had to call Dell Customer service because part of the order had vanished and going round in circles with the Indian staff who could not understand that sending a Screen, keyboard and mouse and losing the tower does not make a complete purchase.

Then of course to have to fight with them and spend several hours telling them that they never sent out the system unit and that we would carry out a charge back. It finally took a threat of attorney's and several weeks before they finally admitted that they hadn't even packaged the system unit for shipping and it had been sitting waiting to be boxed for shipping the whole time.

The final straw was when we purchased a second PC and the hard drive failed. The replacement failed, then the replacement failed and another replacement failed. They kept telling us that it was our fault in their wonderfully broken english.

So when we replaced that PC after the latest drive failure, now that it was out of extended warranty, we just went to Apple. At least you can take it into an Apple store and they will look at it there and then. None of this dealing with people that cannot, dare not, deviate from a script and cannot think beyond that script.

Google cripples Chromecast third party replay


and do we know if this feature was undocumented in the first place? If it was made available through a SDK then possibly it may not have been undocumented? If Google did make this feature 'freely available' through the SDK then they should be obliged to support the feature. In fact they should be obliged to support it documented or not if the feature was available through their provided SDK and at least give fair notice to developers that the feature in question would be made not available so that they could revise their software to no longer make use of the feature.


Oh Google....

...that's hardly fair, to boast about how wonderful your little dongle is. Then after a few weeks you decide to cripple features that were available after developers had used them making their app's either non-functional or less functional.

Is that the smell of a wildfire burning in them there hills or is it just the smell of Google worried about content providers taking them through the courts. Maybe they have already been threatened with court action and quickly cripped their device and wrecked the 3rd party providers.

Microsoft warns of post-April zero day hack bonanza on Windows XP


Re: Microsoft arithmetic?

They really want that boast to be given to Windows 8. I am sure that in a couple of years time they will be able to make that boast again.

Most people that have Windows XP infected with Malware will end up in the same situation regardless of what OS they are using!! You can't stop people from going to sites that allow them to download the said malware and they are the same people that will click download on Windows 8.

I'll never buy a windows based PC ever again. If I do then it will have the windows OS removed and replaced with Linux. At least they don't put a use by date on Linux!


Re: THIS IS NOT TRUE !! please take time to read the original blog as provided by the blog.

Ahem, I read the story on the Register and I don't know what you are screaming about What you are quoting from Microsoft perfectly matches what Microsoft's own blog states. The information is the same information.

Regardless of how it is put, Microsoft will be effectively, by their OWN WORDS, be introducing a path to exploits on Windows XP based machines.

For myself and many others it is not what they are doing that is as bad as the VEILED THREAT to those using Windows XP. This veiled threat has been designed to drive a push for people to purchase PC's running windows 8 and in some cases, especially for those that get told by a third party, the few that race out and purchase the $120 upgrade and then when they try and install it they find that it just will not work and then they are both out the $120 and the cost of replacing the PC after the fact.

This whole thing is about Microsoft now worried about their own bottom line caused by with lower PC sales and poor uptake of Windows 8 based tablets and devices having to use threats to try and get the PC market going. Microsoft have always driven the PC market. Their operating systems use more and more resources with each new release and it does force people to purchase more and more powerful PC's just to run Windows. Does it improve the customers experience. Not a jot!

Microsoft offers claims of better performance and quicker start up times but many times their claims in the real world are not truthful, they are not lies but in real world use there is little gain and most times it requires a bigger processor to be able to use the latest and greatest (sarcasm) version of Windows before you even see any gains in performance and without improved hardware it actually has a slow down in speed.

So when someone jumps to their defense they should be asking why Microsoft really made the veiled threat because they never made any such threats to Windows Me users, Windows 98 users, Windows 95 users or Windows 3.1 users!!! They just said that they would no longer be supported and left it at that. This time they are doing it to try and drive sales to improve their own bottom line which is at risk!


Re: Simplest solution to XP diehards

David You are right. There is no reason for people to want to upgrade. In fact Windows 8 is so hard on the processor even though they claimed that it was more efficient than Windows 7 (though the only change was to take away the start button and put a processor heavy start screen system with active tiles and made it more friendly to tablets by making the connection to a network the first thing it did and the very last thing it does after start up).

These days Windows is far less central to people's online lives. Android and iOS have replaced much of that activity because the bulk of people's lives revolve around Facebook, Youtube and web browsing with a sprinkle of email slopping around in there. They don't need Windows to do it and Windows on a tablet is really too little too late for most of us.

Maybe two years ago I would have bought a Windows based phone and a tablet and stuck with windows but nobody wants a situation like this Windows XP debacle happening with Windows 8 on their tablet in maybe a years time when Microsoft decides that they will demand money for an upgrade to the OS with Windows 9 or be left behind!

Windows is not the Premium operating system that Microsoft lives under a dillusion that it is!


Actually Hippyfreetard, you really bring up a valid point. Microsoft have only ever been REACTIVE towards fixing vulnerabilities! i.e. They only fix security holes when someone brings it to light and it is public knowledge. There is no need for someone to 'reverse' engineer the fixes. If they were willing to reverse engineer the fixes they would find the new security hole that the fix opened up while trying to close another one. Something that Microsoft manages to do on a regular basis. They patch a security hole, then patch another hole that the first patch made and then do another patch to fix the two patches! If they made a visual map of the fixes it would look like a crazily made patchwork quilt.

I am sure that any holes that Microsoft patch on the later supported versions of Windows the people that are likely to take advantage of those security issues are already aware of them.

As for a 3rd party. I would bet that Microsoft would be quick to take legal action against such a company. How dare anyone mess with code that is 'owned' by Microsoft. Though the true reason is very much more likely that it would put a spanner in the works with their push to get people to either buy new PC's or pay their inflated upgrade pricing.

Maybe it really is time that people started turning their backs on Microsoft. They have lost their way and are so blinkered that they can't get anything right anymore.

Let's face it, these days Linux in it's various incarnations are far easier to use. After all, people are using it in one form or another and Android is really just Linux on a tablet or smart phone and I am sure that many that wouldn't consider it before would be more likely to switch to it if it was made as easy to install apps on a PC using Linux.


Maybe Microsoft Should ask why...

people are not upgrading. Rather than use a veiled threat to those that have not upgraded.

Of course it is interesting that since Windows XP people have not purchased upgrades at the same rate as they did when everyone raced to upgrade from Windows Me. Probably because Windows Me (was the Me for Mess) was terrible and buggy.

Now maybe if Microsoft had introduced issues that made XP less desirable to use for example crashing at random and nice blue screens then maybe people would have jumped to upgrade when when something works you don't want to change. People that switched from Windows 98se to Windows Me learned that sometimes an upgrade is not an upgrade it's a nightmare and it worried people that they would pay for an upgrade that turned into a nightmare.

Yes, price is a big issue, Microsoft seem to think that their OS is a premium product while they hype the improvements in real terms that hype doesn't match the actual product.

Windows 8 is the reason that I paid extra and purchased a Mac this time round! I would rather pay a low price for an upgrade and by the time Apple stop supporting the model of Mac I will already be planning to purchase a replacement and $20 for an upgrade is better than $120 for what is really a gamble. You don't know if it will run perfectly on your PC or the PC will grind to halt.

We did pay for the Windows 8 upgrade and tried multiple times to get it to work. We went from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and we even tried wiping the hard drive and doing a clean install and Windows Explorer would crash every 20 minutes with a message and have to restart. Hardly compatible with productivity and, to add insult to injury, it ran slower than Windows 7, against the promise of it being more efficient, sleeker and quicker. We vowed that it was end the our relationship with Microsoft. That PC is now running Linux.

Bye Bye Microsoft. This very may push people that have been tentative about trying Linux to switch to that.

BlackBerry slides crown jewels into Samsung: BBM Android app touted


and the bad business decisions keep on going at Blackberry

Why does a company give away the only thing that kept the bulk of their customers clinging on and not only that to a company that plans to roll it out to one of the few continents where Blackberry still has a fairly decent share of the market?

What does this indicate for Blackberry? For me it indicates that they have all but given up on marketing their own hardware and are looking for a partner to carry the only decent part of their smart phones, the messenger. That way they can salvage the 'enterprise' part of their business. Though how they even cover that portion of the business.

I'd be willing to bet that give it a couple of years that Samsung will make an offer for Blackberry. What better way to increase market share than to be able to market their devices carrying BBM as Blackberry devices.

Oi, Google, you ate all our Wi-Fi keys - don't let the spooks gobble them too


but surely

won't it make not difference? Will Google just supply the encryption key for that data to the NSA anyway?



Re: Microsoft FAIL

You got it, they just keep on rolling blindly saying that the world is not changing around them and thinking that if they just reorganize.

Every time they have tweaked windows (since each version is merely the same old beast of an OS with a few tweaks added). Windows needs to cleaned up, it needs to be slimmed down and it needs to work.

If have to deal with Windows 8 explorer stop working one more time it will be good by Windows. Oh yeah, it will be good bye windows regardless!

Though adoption of new releases of Windows would be higher if they didn't think that Windows was a premium operating system rather than merely there because they have all the manufacturers in a bind and trapped into supplying it as part of their imposed 'monopoly'.

I am sure that Linux would be adopted far more by people and would have become far easier to use and more user friendly if it was an option on PC's or at least have an option that would allow a person to choose the OS when they switch on the PC for the first time - either install one OS or the other or Both!


Re: deck chairs

he's thrown everything off already, he didn't even keep the band to play on, he just embraced the iceberg and screamed full steam ahead!


Oh we can only wish!

that they would get actually kill windows instead of just the way they manage the employee's.

Sometimes it takes killing a product and rebuilding from scratch to actually get it right. They spend forever working on new versions of Windows but it's never a new version it's just the same old OS with a new front end strapped on, a new start screen added.

The last time they did something creative was when they finally realized that they don't need to be building a special version for home and a version for office but that took the disaster AKA Windows Me to make them realize that they had really messed things up and had to kill that off and merged into the Windows XP system but since then it's just been more lip stick on the old Sow and calling it beautiful.

Sorry Microsoft, Sorry Ballmer but that pig is always going to be a pig. It's oversized, full of code that is not there merely because it's easier to write around the mess and leave the bad code sitting in there than take it out - just in case the code might be useful some day in the future - and when they did pull code they ended up putting it back in as a patch because so much software used the DHTML editing component that when it was removed on Windows Vista they had to stick it back into the system again as an add on that could be installed for software that utlitized it instead of standing firm and forcing the authors of the software to rewrite their software to not make use of old code.

Sky News hack of Canoe Man's email in public interest, Ofcom says


How can they condone yet another abuse of privacy by NewsCorp

Unbelievable. This is blatant condoning of an abuse of privacy no different than that of the Phone Hacking by the newspaper staff of the News of World!!!

Strange that they are turning a blind eye to it and claiming it to be in public interest in this case! This hacking of an email shows that all parts of News Corp run by Rupert Murdoch do not think twice above crossing the line both morally or legally to get a story.

It is time for these companies to be held accountable fully at the top level. Murdoch needs to be thrust into a courtroom and held responsible for the actions of his employee's! He needs learn that there are lines that should never be crossed.

REVEALED: Google's GINORMOUS £650m London Choc Factory


Re: If they are clever...

Not only will be be rented by they will claim the cost of the rent as a loss on their taxes along with the cost of paying for all their staff as well. Google are consistent, they will find a way of paying no taxes at all anywhere but they continue to show huge profits to their shareholders but never make a decent profit anywhere and never seem to pay taxes on what profits they do declare.


Re: Committed?

Don't worry Dan, they're all for equality. They are equally committed to not paying taxes anywhere!

Ballmer: 'I call it all Windows, all the time'


aww come on ballmer....

... you want people to pay your overpriced upgrade fee's? If people got improvements but each incarnation from Vista onwards has become a more lumbering beast. The operating system takes up too much memory, fails to utilize the processes adequately leaving PC's with multiple core processors failing to take advantage of all the extra power! It's ability to allocate and deallocate and reallocate memory is appallingly bad.

It's size is horrendous, it's the blue whale of the operating systems. Nothing is done to improve it's functionality concerning speed and efficiency!!! It merely wallows along like a big blue whale.

If Apple was using big cats as names for it's operating system Microsoft should have been using names like Slug, Snail, Sloth etc as names for Windows incarnations.

Maybe it's time for MS to either redo Windows completely from Scratch or move over and let another company move in and develop a low cost operating system that doesn't require ever faster processors and ever more memory just to let the operating system run at all without struggling.

Windows 8.1: 'It's good for enterprises, too,' says Redmond


Re: Polishing Turds?

Can't be any more accurate...

trouble is, most people when they buy a PC have this turd pre-installed and they are not given an alternative. Microsoft play the games with manufacturers to keep their virtual monopoly intact. They play games that stop makers from offering alternative operating systems available. It's not like there are not versions of Linux that are fairly easy to use and decent and I am sure that with the support of makers they could make Linux as easy to use and to install software as it is with Android or iOS or even Windows (though windows has always been hit and miss anyway LOL).

AT&T adds 61¢ 'Mobility Administrative Fee' for users


Re: Short Memories

and that 61 cents amounts to more than $1billion to them a year collectively for all their customers. Supposedly to support the improvements to their networks.

If it was a normal company then people would ask, Why can't you support the expansion of your service through normal charges without tacking on back door charges?

It's bad enough that they forced customers to pay for unlimited talk minutes and text messaging even though these were services that are declining with mobile service. Yet more back door increases in their service charge.


Re: I can't help but think

LOL, something that American companies seem to not grasp. Verizon tried it and then backed down. Then did it anyway several months later than schedule when the dust had settled. We Verizon customers are paying the 'administrative charge' but they just tacked it on months later and said it was always there. They just didn't say that the 10 cent fee was 12 times higher.

If they would be just honest and say this is the charge all inclusive and be done with it then it would be okay but they have umpteen lines of taxes and miscellaneous fees they all add to the cost they advertise. Jeesh just tell us what the cost is out the door and not before the added gazillion taxes and fee's you tack on and we would all be happy as larry!


I remember when

I remember when those not so nice people at Verizon Wireless added $1.20 administrative fee. Then there was uproar....

...they revoked it but...

...a few months later they slipped it in anyway when the dust had settled and nobody noticed that they had done it. They learned a lesson that day to just do something and let people not realize it was happening rather than announce it to the customer and have everyone shouting and screaming about it.

Maybe AT&T should have followed their lead and just added it in instead of telling the world of their money grubbing ways. LOL

HP boss Whitman: 'We have to offer a smartphone'


they didn't so much as crash and burn in the phone market but...

...the previous CEO kind of crapped his underwear and ran away like a terrified child without waiting to see whether their products would sell. They had the market and obviously they had the customers but they lacked the pair of gonads to work at selling their products, hardly the blame of the devices but more to blame the idiot in charge of the company at the time who wasn't just ready to kill the mobile market they were happy to kill the PC market and had given a lot of thought to killing off the printer marketplace as well because he was not in his comfort zone.

O2 dropped the ball in Olympic cycle race Twitter fiasco


Re: O2 network coverage poor - that is not news

Yes, I have to agree. When I flew back to the UK to visit family I thought I could deal with WiFi and my verizon iPhone 4 until I actually tried to do it and was so frustrated.

So I purchase an out of contract iPhone 4S and ask for a sim card, they suggested O2. What a mess! Got almost no data service, in fact I was lucky if the battery lasted a few hours because it struggling to get a decent signal and most of the time got 2g data. After 72 hours of fighting it I replaced it with T-Mobile and finally got the emails that I couldn't get with O2 because the data service was almost non-existent (even when it did say it had 3G it had no data service).

I gave the phone to my brother when I left as a gift but when I go back to visit again I sure as heck won't use O2 for any services. They are so like AT&T in their attitude to customers and service.


It seems to be all Telco's favorite excuse...

Doesn't matter if it is here in the USA or in the UK or any other country. The Telco's blame everyone else but themselves for having what amounts to a piss-poor network capacity.

They are all happy at charging their customers for the service but then they throw a hissy fit at their customers when they are actually using the network and are within their rights to use that same network.

I am sure that there were other methods of transmitting this data that could have been employed if the IOC had taken the time to develop the means but when a company says that they can carry the data and I am sure they guaranteed that the service will work. Then when it doesn't they blame their 'users' in the stands for everything going tits-up on them.

Disk drive prices swell 5% every DAY in floods aftermath


The master plan is coming along fine

With my huge stockpile of hard drives I will wait until the price peaks then hold the market to ransom.... Booohararar

Rumoured iPhone 5 'will have 4in screen' against Jobs' wish


But they don't dare say how man strokes it takes to make the iPhone 4S grow that 8mm to become the 5?

Magic fingers oooer...