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This is why we CAN have nice things: Samsung Galaxy Alpha


Re: Really in the post KitKat World.... (Or the shape of things to come?)

Try streaming movies on the beach. It's not so easy .....

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4: 4G Android tablet is easy to swallow


Re: Whither Nexus 8

You can pick the WiFi-only version up from Currys for £319. However, consider the Samsung Galaxy S Pro. This has a full set of RGB pixels (rather than pentile) and is not that much different to the 'S'. Indeed, I was rather annoyed when the 'S' came out so soon and was prepared to get one - but my 'Pro' is still a superb unit. Slightly bigger and heavier - but not by much - with a (still) great display. Yes, the blacks are slightly blacker on the Amoled 'S' - but the 'Pro' is no slouch and is a lot cheaper. Incidentally, I did check the screen quite closely on the 'S' as they have demo units at Currys. I'm sure you can see the pentile matrix - but you have to get *close*. In reality, the reviewer is correct. It really makes no difference. Incidentally, some 'Pro' users complain the screen is not as sensitive as the 'S' - they may be slightly correct but I have had no real issues with this.

Slippery Google greases up, aims to squirm out of EU privacy grasp


I have some sympathy with Google. Let's say my name is John Smith and I decide I don't want certain information to be published. How can Google be sure that only my John Smith references are removed as opposed to another John Smith? Tricky.

Here comes Windows 8.1! Microsoft grits teeth, pushes upgrade to world


Re: So long M$

Boot into the desktop, then. It works virtually the same as W7.


Re: So long M$

Fair enough. You don't like windows. Fine. But don't pontificate to everyone else who might actually like the OS. Each to their own, yes?

Windows 8 is *really* quick. I haven't had a blue screen. Yes, there are patches but that is the price for an open machine. People will insist on trying to hack it :) The more OS's the merrier so you should not wish MS ti fail,


Re: Never going to use any work related thing with Metro on it.

They still have the desktop. I do tons of work on it. I only use the desktop and, with start8, have no need to go into W8 start menu. Everything works just fine. Perhaps you should try it.


Re: It could have been so good... :(

Well said.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 region-locking saga CLEAR AS MUD


Is this why?

I suspect it's to stop me buying the unit on, say, amazon.de when I'm a UK customer In other words, getting it cheaper than amazon.co.uk, and then simply sticking my UK SIM card in it. Now, I would need to insert a German SIM card, activate the unit and only then can I pop my UK SIM into the phone. Obviously, this is a lot of hassle (I'd need a German SIM card for starters) but I suppose it's because features of the phone my be targeted to that region.

I can kind of see why although it is irritating. Just a guess ....

Microsoft relents: 'Go ahead, install Windows 8.1 on clean PCs'


Re: iOS laptop

Yes, OSX. Mistyped. And it's still poor.


Lol. I do live in the real world you anonymous idiot. Too scared to put your real name, eh? People like you are pathetic. I have loads of tech friends and none of them (none of them) would even consider using LINUX in any real capacity. I do live in the real world, thank you. Linux is great for DB's etc. but I wouldn't dream of using it as my proper PC. Stick to your Linux. You're clearly happy. I'll stick to my windows as I'm happy, okay?


Re: @mike_ul

Is this no good????



Re: @mike_ul

I was fortunate to get a deal when it first came out. It cost me 25 British pounds so I guess I was lucky. Suggest you stick to W7 then which is still a good OS.

Other than that, re-install. Not always a bad thing if you have years of garbage on your machine.


It amazes me how people love bashing MS all the time. Those who say they'd rather install Linux then just install it and stop complaining, Well, except when they have no useful software to run but they can always sit there looking at their nice desktop. As for IOS, don't make me laugh. I've yet to meet an I.T professional who'd rather use that than Windows. IOS is for posers who like to sit there and look 'hip'. I like to actually *do* stuff with my PC other than watch YouTube or a few video's. Amazingly, I've never had a problem getting software to do just what I want on a Windows PC. Incidentally, I spent an entire evening using my mates IOS laptop. Frankly, when I got back home and fired up my W8 it was a revelation. It was way smoother and just better in every aspect.

FYI, I bit the bullet a while ago and installed W8 (via an upgrade to W7) and I am very happy, It's fast and smooth and works very well. I rarely use the new start menu (I use start8) although people I work with love it. MS have a complex job and as a SW developer myself I appreciate many of the technical difficulties that exist when upgrading installations. Not always easy. So cut them some slack, guys and stop constantly bitching about them. Otherwise, stick your Linux on your PC and shut up.

Samsung Mega 6.3: Enter the PHONDLESLAB


It can also be a small *tablet* - not just a phone.

There is nothing here to suggest that you must use it as a *phone*. I use my Note 2 as a Multi-Media device and for general surfing - for which the phone connection is great when you're out and about ( I use a cheap data tariff). Therefore, consider this also as a small tablet which is good deal more portable than, say, a 10-inch tablet yet gives a similar viewing experience. I simply hold it closer to me than I would a larger tablet to get the same field of view. Having played with one in CPW I was mightily impressed with the screen quality and it was hard to make the dots out. I can kind of see Samsung's point of the machine!

Japan's largest mobe operator to snub Samsung this winter


Re: This can't be true??

Like Matt below, when I come to upgrade I will check all of the units on the market - Samsung or whatever. What *does* endear me to Samsung is at least they allow you to change the battery and insert a MicroSD card. Goodbye HTC and most of Sony's offerings. Having used a Motorola Razr i recently (good phone) I get nervous when phone is less than 50% charged and end up charging more that I used to (had a Sony Xperia Ray before). Incidentally, what is *so* wrong with the S4???? I played with both the HTC One and S4 and preferred the S4. As I always keep my phone in a case, a metal body has no bearing whatsoever. However, I still think it's too big and seriously looking at the S4 Mini. Regards

Design guru: Windows 8 is 'a monster' and 'a tortured soul'


What's all the fuss about?

I bit the bullet and installed windows 8 on both my desktop and netbook. In addition, I installed start8 from stardock.com at the very outset. Having used (and liked) Windows 7 for years, I notice very little difference, now, as a desktop user. I *never* touch the IFKAM and my machines both boot into the familiar win7-alike desktop avoiding that interface altogether. Hopefully, in future, MS will make something like start8 standard - which seems to be the biggest blocker to people accepting it from a desktop point of view. From my own personal point of view, there is virtually no difference from Win7 and that makes me happy (and I have actually been using it for nearly a month now). I just don't understand all of this venom.

Windows 8: Is Microsoft's new OS too odd to handle?


Forced to install - but glad I did!!

Let me explain. But first, some of the comments on here are very strange! Okay, I purchased Win 8 for £14.99 as I recently bought a new netbook. I pulled it down and burnt to USB stick. So far, so good. However, when I tested the stick to ensure burnt okay, and then abandoned the Win8 install, problems began. You see, I had second thoughts about installing Win8 just yet as I still really liked (and knew) Win7. However, on removing the USB stick and rebooting, I got the blue screen of death. Damn!! Nothing for it but to install Win8 and 'go for it'. I did a clean install rather than an upgrade and it went in smooth. After creating a local account (didn't want to sync) I was then presented with the familiar 'modern' UI. It was only when I went into the desktop that, strangely, I began to feel I would like Win8 ( I had to!!). The picture of a daisy on a pure blue background was simply stunning!! However, I wasn't comfortable, and never have been, about the lack of the traditional start menu. That was soon fixed and for anyone looking to use Win8 in a Win7 manner, the first thing you should download is a program called 'start8' from stardock. Brilliant, I now have the traditional Win7 system back. Hoorah!!. I know that you shouldn't have to do this but, still, the best $5 you can spend. What I have now is all the advantages of Win8 in a familiar Win7 environment. Win8 loads like a rocket, runs quick and is really smooth. Note that you can also get your 'Computer' icon back by right-clicking on desktop, select Personalize and 'Change desktop icons'. You can now get Computer back!!! Overall, I like the advantages of the many changes under the bonnet but don't like the new IE within the modern UI, for example. To some degree, it does not matter. There's no point in looking back and, as I work entirely in the desktop, I'm not too fussed. Each to their own, I guess!!!!

Apple CEO: Microsoft Surface 'compromised, confusing'


Re: I'm curious

Not convinced about your argument for 3) Have been seriously checking out kit like Acer Aspire W700/S7 as well as Samsung Ativa smart PC Pro. All these units look like they really fly under Windows 8 together with full HD in an 11.6 inch screen (I like compact kit). The S7 is cool but lacks ports etc. Have a search on Youtube and see what you think.

I agree , though, that tablets aren't computers in the sense that I'd use it for work. Here, a mouse is (in my view) a neccessity when dealing with multiple windows etc. I would hate to have to prod a screen all day long!!

Horses for courses, I say.....

Samsung Galaxy Note

Thumb Up

A dwarf tablet is exactly what I want. It has a higher resolution than an iPad and is way more portable (providing your eyes are okay). If you try it you will fall in love with it. As for buggy, that can be applied to any OS. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch running 2.2 and works just fine.

Ten... high-end Android tablets


That's what i like about Android!

Firstly. nice article. You mention that there is no such thing as an 'Android' system - they are all different. You are correct but I actually think this uniqueness is a nice feature. We don't really want all phones to work *exactly* the same do we in the same way we don't all want to drive the same car. And you also have to give us a little credit for some intelligence as even though I have changed from a HTC android to a SE android it was hardly a massive learning curve. Incidentally, one of my iPhone friends moans about the fact he can't have a nice HTC-type interface with stuff updating in real-time like the weather. At least, with Android, we have a certain amount of choice with different interfaces. It makes us individual.

One final point. I *prefer* a smaller screen tablet and kind of fed up that somehow bigger is deemed to be 'better'. There is a welcome trend with phones now to get back to respectable sizes and there is a good choice for whatever size rocks your boat (another friend who has a Samsung Galaxy S2 also moans as he now regards the phone as too big!!!) .I don't see that tablets are any different I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab (7 inch) and this is great for carrying around in my suit pocket. You need that Tesco bag for your iPad. The display is sharper than an iPad due to higher DPI and I love it. I use it all the time and have never cursed the 'small' screen. Indeed, I am looking to get a Galaxy note. It's not just about size neccessarily - it's also about the number of pixels within that size. Anyway, enjoyed your article despite these minor niggles (sorry).


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