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'British Bill Gates' Lynch laments HP's Autonomy 'botch-up'


British Bill Gates?

Only if you ludicrously overvalue the man - which seems appropriate.

A complete bullshitter who sold an empire of bullshit - insurance ads and reality TV beckon.

Can't agree on a coding style? Maybe the NEW YORK TIMES can help



Burn the witch!!

Ex-prez Carter: 'America has no functioning democracy' with PRISM


Where is the fourth estate?

Is this true or a mistranslation? Why are no mainstream U.S. media outlet picking up on this story?

Do we all have to go out and buy tin foil hats now?

Spam and the Byzantine Empire: How Bitcoin tech REALLY works


Re: @ Thing

Of course money is unnecessary in Star Treks universe as the entirety of it's society's economic activity and output is consumed by it's bloated military industrial complex and it's endless series of expansionist wars with people who are 'evil' and by complete coincidence also look a bit funny.

... but that's is a meta-economic discussion for another day :-)


Am I the only one who notices the flaw? It's all well and good to use progressively more difficult computational work to underpin bitcoin but that work uses not just real world time but energy.

We've just created an incentive to turn fossil fuels into nothing but hot air (literally). Is this an elaborate joke being played on us to teach us the futility of capitalism system? Why drive to work, develop ideas, make products in order to make money when you can get a machine to turn energy into money directly without all that complicated and confusing economic activity in the middle.

Facebook Home gets SMACKDOWN from irate users


Re: @ LarsG (@ AC 08:32 GMT)

'Stop hitting yourself'

Unless they know actual Nobel prize winners or porn actresses then what they are following are public feeds of public people. If you want interesting updates from real people:

A) only befriend people in reality who you actually want to be friends with.

B) only befriend people on Facebook who you are friends with in reality.

Most people seem to instinctively grasp the former, but a lot of people (like you and your friends) seem to struggle with the later. I don't eat food I hate, I don't sit and watch TV I don't like, I don't read Barbara Cartland so why would I follow the feeds of 'uninteresting, boring, self-important people' on Facebook/twitter and then complain about the content of the channel which I have crafted for myself.

Off to do something I want to do, and as far as possible, avoid doing things I don't.

Autonomy to HP: bollocks


Re: Based on what I know of Autonomy...

"what's KPMG's excuse?"

the man who did not want to see it signed their pay cheque so they told him what he wanted to hear.

Have we not seen all this before with Anderson Consulting and Enron?

A history of personal computing in 20 objects part 2


Wot no C64?

Greatest selling single model of any computer (until very recently being overtaken by the iPad or iPhone - AFAICR)

Steam spawns vulnerabilities, say researchers



I uninstalled Java a few weeks ago because of the security issues, then re-installed it because I really, really wanted to play Minecraft (sigh)

Take away bad drivers' mobile phones, they still crash their cars


Would it be too obvious...

... to take way their cars?

Massive strike at Foxconn's iPhone 5 factory


Re: Move production to the USA.

Automation is not purely about cost. Certain assembly steps are just too complex to be done quickly machines. Part of the engineering process is to minimize and simplify those manual assembly steps to keep the manufacturing costs down (and to make the quality easier to control).


You building it wrong!

I think the point is that Apple apparently forgot about DfM (Design for manufacturability) or somehow convinced themselves that is was no longer important. Either that or their contract with Foxconn is structured in such a way that the loses caused by the manufacturing complexity fell on Foxconn rather than Apple.

Fail... because it is. And just like antenna gate it is Apple's sainted designer's fault.


Re: "No Chines workers, No iPhone" ...

You really need to buy a new keyboard

Major Freeview EPG revamp to go ahead after appeals rejected


Time to dispense with channel numbers altogether?

Don't the DTV standards already provide metadata for name, genre etc? Is it not time to hide channel numbers from the user? What is a channel number anyway except a poor man's UID?

Then it's up to whoever designs the UI for the box to present useful info to the user, make it organised, searchable, allow storing of favourites etc. Maybe all the required info is already there but TV and STB designers are just too damn lazy.

In the DTV era a TV 'channel' doesn't mean much in terms of the underlying transport so why not make it a clean break?

Satellite broadband rollout for all in US: But Europe just doesn't get it


Re: the sub headline?

Yup... took one look at this back in the day when I moved to a street that did not have cable.

'The latency is what!?'

Did not look any further :-)

El Reg probes pregnant Playmobil lass


'I'm a lady'

My first thought... 'It's a beard!'

Nutter bans Apple purchases over environmental fudging


Re: Ban em all

'Does that mean that there were situations where they would better suit the task at hand'

Nope... never.

I am not punishing them for someone else's poor planning because that would suggest my UNIVERSITY had a plan. I am punishing them because I do not want to be associated with the army of self-satisfied, sandle-wearing, hipster drones which they have cultivated via their marketing (and in which my university print shop had apparently enlisted).


Ban em all

I remember my university print-shop used Apple Macs being 'arty' designer types (or at least suffering from the delusion of being 'arty' designer types). The only problem with this was that every other computer on the entire campus was a PC. Since the university print-shop insisted on only taking documents in a format that no other computer on campus was capable of generating, all students had to nip round the corner and pay in a private print-shop or in the public library.

I haven't used one since, just on principle.

Facebook shuts down face recognition APIs after all


Re: I'll get it in first

'All your face belong to us...'

'epic fail' of meme recognition

Nokia after the purge: It's so unfair


Re: Sad

'The shares can be compared to lottery tickets now.'

By which of course you mean a tax on stupidity.

Windows Metro Maoist cadres reach desktop, pound it flat


Re: Shutdown button

Not on my laptop it ain't. Which means I have to walk over to my tv (I use a wireless keyboard/mouse) open the lid, press the power button, close the lid than replace the laptop.

I for one used the sodding on-screen power button.

Microsoft 'mulled Nokia buyout, ran away screaming'

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Re: "What do you think?"

'MS, HP, Nokia, Sony, and others are all driving with no brakes into a massive crater of stupid.'

Thumbs up just for that remark.

Vint Cerf: 'COMMUNISTS want to seize the INTERNET'

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...confusing "opinion I don't agree with" with "conspiracy"

I'm so glad you cleared that up... So global warming is not a conspiracy between the majority of the worlds politicians, scientists and media to take over the US, raise taxes and install a 'one world goverrnment'.

Just so we are abolutely clear on that...


'Few Americans are taken in by that kind of nonsense'

Actually there are plenty of them reading this site, thanks to the right-wing, heartland funded ass-hattery of Page and Orlowski.

Thumbs down and Comments


@Jake (sic)

Tee hee

Earth bathed in high-energy radiation from colossal mystery blast


Re: Yay

'people who see flaming crucifixes floating over dead saints' resting places'

So now I'm thinking it was an early Black Sabbath concert. How old is Ozzy?


Re: Yay

Apparently someone likes a biased agenda.

1930s photos show Greenland glaciers retreating faster than today


Re: You're missing the point

'I beleive that it has been some time since the belief in AGW was the popular view'

For 90% of the world and 99% of the worlds scientist AGW is still the prevailing view. It's only if you've been raised in a trailer in Buttfuck Alabama on a diet of Fox News, Glenn Beck and tub-thumping evangelical creationist idiocy that you are likely to think otherwise. By using the phrase 'one world government' you have very neatly saved everybody here the trouble of working out whether you were or not.


Re: Great job Lewis as always! =)

'enjoying life without having to pay 100% in tax?'

WTF has any of this got to do with tax? Always suspected the people who came here to support this garbage were republicans. It would be nice to put a firewall around the US to keep the opinions of cousin Cleetus contained in whatever century they're living in.

Nokia and Symbian still number one in China



Someone appears to be a little confused

1) Symbian phones are smartphones

2) S40 is not Symbian

Facebook underwriters accused of hiding forecast

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Rigged game

There is a difference between small investors making wrong choices and losing a little money and the large financial institutions rigging the market so that the ONLY people who can make ANY money are their own large private clients. Morgan Stanley's own employees (the ones responsible for retail investments rather than private equity) have publicly stated this is unacceptable.

Perhaps the problem is that some bankers have realized there, now that the 1% have the majority of the money, rather than providing any service to the 99% there is more commission to be made by using them as cannon fodder, allowing the 1% to short sell and squeeze the sponge just a little bit harder.

Need a Citizen Smith icon

Pints under attack as Lord Howe demands metric-only UK


Re: Yep

Not true... Depends on the city. In Melbourne at least pints seem to be more common than schooners.


Not 'uniquely confusing'


If Aussies can handle this lots JUST for beer I think we can cope with pints and litres geoff

Google+ dying on its arse – shock new poll


i just think damn,wh.at a mess

Pot calling a kettle?

Stuck in a dull conference? You need Verity's survival guide


Re: The clever attendee.....

Indeed... most engineers I know will never turn down the chance of free food - work on the assumption that ever free meal could be your last.

Unfortunately most conference organisers are no longer stupid enough to offer a free bar (at least not when there are hardware engineers in the room).

Biennial boner blights Beemer biker


Re: Hang on a mo..

'Priapism is a very painful condition.'

For who?

Star Trek's Wesley Crusher blasts Google+ landgrab


Re: Wil who?

Wil... is that you?

or perhaps Wil's mum

Gov IT contractors hire staff in India to work on benefits system

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Re: Parliament was outsourced

I want to upvote this twice.

I'm easily amused.

Oz regulator to Apple: Don’t call it 4G if you can’t connect


Re: Quibbling with semantics

The obvious problem is what handset manufacturers and operators will call 4G when it really arrives in the shops and how they will differentiate it from what, by that time, they will have been selling for a few years...






It will all end in tears. Perhaps it was a mistake to make the jump between 3G and 4G quite so large in the first place, but for sure the relaxation of the definition by ITU is just postponing the problem to later.

'Intelligent systems' poised to outsell PCs, smartphones


Re: Sticking Windows where it's not easy to get at.

Actually, if you lock down both the hardware and software configuration (as you would in an embedded system) Windows is perfectly stable.

I've seen it used in both safety critical applications (air traffic control, military radar control, in an x-ray imaging system system for use in key-hole surgery) and in remote infrastructure (as supervisors in wireless base stations). In the latter configurations the average 'tech' might not know anything about the O.S. They just get told by email that a board in location X has failed, they drive out, pull out the module with the red light, put in a replacement and wait for the light to go green.

It's only when you throw in a bunch of cheap RAM from PC-world, some dodgy drivers for some no-name hardware and allow the user to install crapware from web that Windows turns to shit.

That said, this kind of stuff is all very much at the top end of embedded systems in terms of performance. In terms of volume it is dwarfed by the number of ARM and myriad lesser embedded systems out there. As has been said elsewhere, any high end system will probably have a few low end micro-controllers running independent sub-systems.

Facebook: Your boss asks for your password, we'll sue him! Maybe


Re: Dirty linen

You don't have to post pictures of drunken binges. I usually only post random stuff which I come across which I think my friends might also like to see e.g 'Celebrities Who Look Like Mattresses'.

Not much help to any potential employers I'm afraid.

Solar storm arrives, nobody notices


Re: I just went ouside, looked up

If it makes you feel better, I've been living in Finland (65 degrees north) for over 2 years and have seen eff all for that time. When the sun is active it is cloudy, when it is not cloudy it is a full moon, when it is not a full moon it is sodding midnight sun.