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ISP outcry halts cybercops' automatic .UK takedown plan


But... But.... But...


Surely this would even make the Newzbin block illegal, let alone the take-down of sites??

UK broadband speeds crippled during 'rush hour'

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Lies damn lies & statistics

Hold on a second, is it all contention? I'm on the same physical line I was on when I was with Tiscali a couple of years back. When I changed over to O2 (yeah, Be) my speed went through the roof, in a GOOD way.

I would say there's an awful lot of traffic shaping getting in the way of these figures, rather than good old honest contention for bandwidth. Traffic shaping gets switched on and off at fixed times, it's nothing to do with actual real demand.

Apple's iPad not so shiny once you get it home


Riiiiight so, swapping these figures around a little bit and massaging in another direction...

86%, or the vast majority of people bought their own iPad

82% wouldn't even consider parting with it for money

73% of people can find tasks that they find their fondleslab useful for

Just over half (54%) of the respondents think it's actually quite good value for money

In other news, statistics is proven to be the biggest source of confusion by 367% of the population...

Report: World digital music sales to soar £250m


Home Taping Is Killing Music!

But but but... but... but... surely some mistake here, quick! Re-open Newzbin!!