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NHS staff rapped for gossiping about patients on Facebook

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It's a worry ....

During Consultant rounds this morning, Mr Ben O'Brian shit in the bed again. Nursing staff are furious. O'Brian is the Consultant. The patient felt too ill to comment.

Fanboi called 911 repeatedly because iPhone didn't work

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worra twat

They should throw the book at the selfish dimwit.

Americans' right to hang fake balls on trucks left dangling

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OMG ! I recognise that scrotum ! I wondered where I left it. Commensurate reward offered for safe return ....

US Army orders more Judge Dredd smartgun ammo

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Like it matters !

You need to get out more, dude !

Court forces bisexual budgie smuggling blogger to go down

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Not so

When did you last hear Hoover grumbling about every vacuum cleaner and its dog being called "the Hoover" ?


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