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Volkswagen blames emissions cheating on 'chain of errors'


Obvious whitewash, round up the usual suspects

Could not have happened without a culture that allowed and even encouraged it, a few rouge individuals is nonsense, I was prepared to forgive VW if they dug this one out, but they have gone old school closed ranks, sacked some techies and department heads, a good whislebower policy, professional honesty, would have saved them Billions, come clean put that in place and they would be forgiven (by me anyway as if it matters) but its business as usual, People are sick of this sort of corporate culture, Its the last thing from VW i will buy

Windows hits the skids, Mac OS X on the rise


Not the story, Windows 8 still struggling "Other" kicking off big time

Despite the monster success of iOS there really has not been a shift to OSX. OK a steady very slow leak but is hardly worth the ink to print the headline.

Despite that consumers are forced to use it and on some pretty crap adware in my experience. However W8 is hardly growing! people don't like it, W7 was a great successes and people do( quickly abandoned by MS ) even in this environment Linux is going nowhere Apple is I bit better than flat. "Other" is the one worthy of the story. I presume this is Chrome and down to the inexpensive hardware. People just give it a go. given the rise and rise of the IOS pastiche Android, it seems that this is the real threat to MS not OSX

Europe approves common charger standard for mobe-makers


Well intended but flawed desiscion.

Micro USB is flimsy. I buy about one per month as the plugs are a easily damaged such that getting only intermittent contact with normal wear and tear ( for me ) after 3 or 4 weeks on the road.

Getting it in in the dark is not always easy if you know what I mean !

2 years? It's an decade in internet time. something else will be along anyhow.

Apples lightening connector seems to be better engineered in every regard, although not sure on the first point as I have only just switched back to Apples universe after a couple of years using a Samsung.

Apple CEO Cook: 'We're not in the junk business'


Cook is right but, given up?

It shows they have given up on Market share, at one point it looked if Apple would roll up Smartphone like they did portable music player, Now the focus is on brand power and being able to sell at good margins like they are able with PC's ( and no body else is).

Asus FonePad: You may feel a bit of a spanner



I have a Galaxy Note and people tell me it makes me look like a spanner all the time.

It has spared me the expense of buying a tablet and a phone, who's the spanner now!!

(me obviously but not bovered.)

this thing It occurs to me, if you could hook it to your landline would make a good desk phone (which are pretty much all terrible)

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 secrets REVEALED ... sort of


Put the start menu properly back

And Windows 8 will be fine, or watch the slow bleed of home customers to Mac, or Linux or whatever. and Enterprise stubbornly sit on W7 until you bring out Windows 10.

Intel, Apple forging chip-baking deal?



I will stick my neck out and say that Apple are developing a i86 version of its mobile processor.


Because Apple want to ditch Samsung,

Because Intel needs to take on Arm on at Mobile, Winning Apple would be a watershed for intel and beginning of the end for Arm dominance (in that Market),

Because Apple has done it before, it would not be a surprise if the code was not compiled already.

Because Intel has seen off every competing architecture that has threatened it.

Because the technological challenges are solvable.

Because of the blurring of the lines between mobile portable and desktop, and its easier to support one architecture than two

Happy birthday, Lisa: Apple's slow but heavy workhorse turns 30


led to MS Windows

Lest face it Apple Lisa was not a success, and MS windows Wiped the floor with Mac. Jobs stuck the signposts up though, just struggled with a market that only ever purchased IBM kit. the computer business was very conservative back in the day, When the Market was ready it was Bill Gates who had the genius to exploit it with Windows (and mug IBM to boot) Similar thing happening with iPhone now, Apple bust down the doors with the right product and one which there competitors can easily copy, and watch there competitors make off while there arguing with the judge.

'Build us a Death Star, President Obama' demand thousands


Worked for Ronald Raygun

The Reagan initiated Star War's program in the 80's did for Communism, economic recession, Arthur Scargil and the Miners strike, flared trousers, sunday closing, free school meals and created 1000s of kim dot com billionaires , Xfactor judges, The Smiths, the iPod, reinvented religious intolerance solved the oil crisis and lead to the word wide domination of home furnishing supplier Ikea, so what not to like.

BBC's Incurious George vows to 'calibrate systems' after Savile affair


Beginning of the end for the BBC?

Its (BBC) totally flat footed response to this, and its commercial enemies circling like sharks, lead me to believe.

There was at the very least negligence and a failure of duty of care by BBC managers at the time, and even plausibly some collusion with other BBC employee's over the crimes committed allegedly by JS.

Either way those who would dismantle the BBC have never had such an issue over which to attack it. if there is one thing the general public will never forgive its child abuse..

Having got that cynism out of the way the truth needs to be known, even at the expense of the BBC.

One thing where i would disagree with the article is over luis Theroux, his documentary with Savile completely failed to expose the man, or even a suspicion of what he was up to, the only moment in the whole thing that Jimmy allowed the act to slip was over his enforcer role when he was a nightclub manager, even then he painted himself as a protector of young women as i remember, all be it a volent one to any would be aggressor.

This guy ether fooled or intimidated everyone it would seem , including and not surprisingly his fellow creatives, egomaniacs, luvies at the BBC and the general public.

iPad Mini: Why is Apple SO SCARED of the Kindle?


Can't be ruled by a ghost smartphone

Its new territory for Apple normally they just create a market then simply own it, like with the "premium" PC or the ipod, or for a short time the smartphone. Now there are some other bigboys who want to play in the same park who also have a nice football, (the metaphor rather runs out there).

The real battle is for content provision, The good news for Apple is nobody has really "won" at movies or periodicals, but Amazon are winning at books an literature, the Kindle is a great product my Mum has one and she loves it. Google are all over the place and nowhere, with an Army of followers who love Android because its not iOS (even though they are so similar).

Anyway the point of the post Apple have to scrap it our from here on it, in IT years the tablet computer is heading for middle age and there is everything to play for, If Apple sit in an ivory tower and dont react as well as lead they will loose.

Why the Apple-Samsung verdict is good for you, your kids and tech


Samsung could always,

0. Pay the 1bn, it can afford it

1. Adjust there product so it doesn't infringe

2. Keep on selling

Cameron 'to change his mind' on the one thing he got right in Defence


he government has had its head in the sand on this from the get go, If we can't afford to run the ones we have with just three or four helicopters on them, at the most. how will we afford ones twice as big with 20 fast jets, this is another project that at the very best will yield expensive vulnerable floating box, most probably will soak up billions tike MRA4 Nimrod and be cancelled. Already its to late to start again and build a sensible option, Nuke power / F18, or a less sensible option gas turbine / F18. I Think at the design stage they stripped away the capability for CAT's and Traps with the propulsion choices, with only two powerful gas turbines is it really fast enough to Trap, plus power and house the CAT's

The 35b fill face the same issues as the sea harrier, not enough power for long missions missions with effective weapons loads, particularly now the more powerful engine option is cancelled.

Now the government is caught in dilemma either go with the brain damaged and expensive to operate current config, or go back to the drawing board and beef up the design. (probably to late and way too expensive).

It goes back to duff choices made at the start of the project, unwillingness to be truly face up to the cost and a constant push to build it as cheaply as possible and with locally sourced resources

Put it out of its misery before we spend any more on it,

HTC One X Android smartphone


Re: When contemplating the latest generation of high-end smart phones I feel myself..........

I agree, This is a fantastic looking device, but i am frustrated by my iPhone for its endurance, it seriously stops me using the smart features to preserve the phone function should i really need it, I have elderly parents and kids to fret over. other than the battery life, i would already have my order in, I would not mind the additional heft for piece of mind that i could leave it all week on standby or use it solidly for a couple of days mixed calls and data, I agree on the storage as well, conspiratorial. the cloud is a bit of a myth particularly if you start travelling

Apple MacBook Pro 13in Core i5 laptop


I understand why this is not cheaper, that just not Apples market, let Dell and lenovo etc fight it out down there,

At a thousand quid i dont understand why its not better specified.

The Great Smartphone OS Shoot-out


I think you are a little hash on Apple they have had remote wipe/lock, VPNs, encryption, policy enforcement for some time. and i believe the "closed system" is more of a positive rather than negative in this market

I still prefer my BB for work but not for the reasons cited, the keyboard, battery life, operational focus on messaging, make it a better tool for the job, and i do have some of my music loaded on it .

But i notice an increasing number of business people on the early morning Frakfurt 737 and Paris flights wielding iPhones, a few months ago it was all BB's


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