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Vodafone Live 'improvements' kill mCommerce


Simple Solution

Firstly Vodafone need to keep the devices requesting HTTP Headers intact as these are required by most to determine what to serve to that device, in terms of image sizes, page markup, media formats, DRM capabilities, Java capabilities, Language and Encoding support, security support etc etc...

I also suggest they don't mess with anything carrying wap specific Doctypes as these pages have been designed specifically for mobile devices in mind.

They should implement and respect the HTTP Header 'Content-Type: no-tansform' thus if a server sends out this header they should honour it and not transcode anything during that request.

Also some of our clients have clearly stated they are not impressed to see their Brands Logos messed up by Vodafones image transcoding.



I meant 'Cache-Control: no-transform' in previous post not 'Content-Type: no-transform'