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UK ruling party's conference app editable by world+dog, blabs members' digits


Hmmm .. except that if the UK leaves without a deal and don't put up checks on the Irish border they will be in breach of WTO rules by giving preferential access to UK markets via Ireland. Cue WTO sanctions !

Working Apple-1 retro fossil auctioned off to mystery bidder for $375,000


Re: Jobs

"I don't know. But remember, computing is about software not hardware.

Computing is not about electronics. Electronics are just a fast (very fast) implementation of computing."

What utter shite.

Computing is just one application of electronics, there are many others. Software is basically just switching schedules for transistors. You can have electronics without software, but you can't have software without electronics.

Spies still super upset they can't get at your encrypted comms data


Re: They will change the target in legislation

Exactly I agree completley, but this is a dog that just won't leave a bone alone. Whatever they come up with, and they will come up with something, will be a mess. For example they will be able to say to users, you still have AES 256 or whatever on your device, you can trust us, no back doors - honest. Except there will be a huge weakness in some other part of the chain.

As for "rolling your own", yeah sure that will always be possible, it's the major players and providers they will target first. Any home brew setup will then probably stand out in their traffic analysis anyway and will attract appropriate attention.


They will change the target in legislation

End to end encryption is the issue here, I think they now know that there isn't an answer to this that will allow any access that they need. So I fully expect that in some way or other the end to end element will be targetted in legislation so that traffic will have to go via an intermediary step or even that a licence will be required to provide encrypted services conditional on the licencee having the ability to decrypt any content.

Fix this faxing hell! NHS told to stop hanging onto archaic tech


Re: The name that stands out in the BBC version of the article

.. until the phone records are verified ....

Shared, not stirred: GCHQ chief says Europe needs British spies


Re: Barnier bombastic bullshit

I think your constant references to "England" rather than "UK" says enough about your probable leanings on Brexit !

HPE: Hell yeah, those job cuts worked out great… for our investors


To clarify

You can make huge profits by asset stripping.... for a short while.

Within Arm's reach: Chip brains that'll make your 'smart' TV a bit smarter


Weight Decoder ??

The architecture shows a Weight Decoder, so the TV will look at you, decide you need exercise instead and refuse to switch on ?

Off with e's head: E-cig explosion causes first vaping death


Re: Souk an e-cig

If you inhale totthpaste or bread, you deserve all you get

Wanna work for El Reg? Developers needed for headline-writing AI bots


Happy Easter......

... and 1st April !

Stephen Hawking dies, aged 76


What a life !

Tha's all I can really say ..

Fancy owning a two-seat Second World War Messerschmitt fighter?


Re: Excuse me ..

Nope, ME was applied to all new aircraft post 1938, e.g. ME210, ME410 etc. Bf109 & indeed the Bf110 were pre 1938 and kept their original prefix, they were commonly referred to as ME for later models but officially it's Bf. I've seen the serial plate on a 109G, it says Bf109.


Excuse me ..

Bf109 if you please rather than ME109

Yes, Assange, we'll still nick you for skipping bail, rules court


Re: Sheltering Criminals.

"Yeah sure, I'd be interested to see how he defends skipping bail."

Yep that's how it works, he defends himself in court against prosocution. The court then decides guilt based on the evidence.


Re: Sheltering Criminals.

"Is this really an acceptable use of an embassy?"

No matter what the alleged offence, he isn't a criminal until he is convicted of something. I think we owe him that at least.

F-35 flight tests are being delayed by onboard software snafus


Re: Still, one day...

One the other hand you'd still expect a lot more from something which has had $1.5 Trillion thrown at it.

Ex-staffer sues UK's DWP, claims superior blabbed confidential medical info


Re: rigorous process

At least it wasn't "robust" this time ...

Death notice: Moore's Law. 19 April 1965 – 2 January 2018


Re: Moore's law lives ...

"If David Braben and Ian Bell can write a game like "Elite" on a BBC microcomputer in 32k "

Even better than that, most of that 32K was video memory.

Millions of moaners vindicated: Man flu is 'a thing', says researcher, and big TVs are cure


"How do you Do" !

'Treat infosec fails like plane crashes' – but hopefully with less death and twisted metal


Re: Who investigates

I'm not sure the powers available to the ICO come close to those available to the AAIB. Obviously these powers are very different, but the principal seems to be, they get access to whatever they need without requesting permission. If The ICO had similar powers, and dedicated invistigators of similar quality, then we may see some changes.

"AAIB Inspectors have powers to investigate all civil aviation accidents and incidents within the UK. They are appointed under section 8(1) of the Regulations and have the powers under section 9 to have free access to the accident site; the aircraft, its contents or its wreckage; witnesses; the contents of flight recorders; the results of examination of bodies; the results of examinations or tests made on samples from persons involved in the aircraft's operation and relevant information or records. They also have the power to control the removal of debris or components; examine all persons as they think fit; take statements; enter any place, building or aircraft; remove and test components as necessary and take measures for the preservation of evidence."


Who investigates

That would surely require a body with powers to investigate and demand evidence like an Air Acident Board. Then someone would also need the power to impose remedial measure likes CAA, FAA etc.

However this is a bad analogy, not only is aerosapce part of engineering, it's misison critical engineering. The mentality is make it safe, and secure above all else. In no way can the software industry be compared to engineering. Software is the only discipline I can think of where it's accepted that nearly all products go out the door with issues. Until the cost and consequenses of fixing software issues match those with physical products, the mentality will always be "get it working, fix it later"

Health quango: Booze 'evidence' not Puritan enough, do us another


Sheffield Alcohol Research Group....

I'm sure that's an interesting Christmas Party

You may not have noticed, but 'superfast' broadband is available to 94% of Blighty


Just FYI

Ulster is one of the four provinces of Ireland and as such it includes parts of the Republic of Ireland.

Northern Ireland is geographically correct, Ulster is not.

HPE sharpening the axe for 5,000 heads – report


Re: All Meg has done is get rid of people, her answer to eveyrthing

Pretty much sums up a lot of current high level management. there is very little business acumen to be found now and everything is short term gain. If these people can make the numbers look good, then their bonuses are all they care about. never mind selling more as that's too difficult. Dipping into the pockets of employees by cuts to wages or staff is easy money. And when it all comes to a point where the best people have gone, and the company is going down the tubes, take the golden goodbye payment and off to the next victim.

UK govt steams ahead with £5m facial recog system amid furore over innocents' mugshots


Re: You know this is the Home Office

Great article on the BBC. Apparantly there are more border crossings in Ireland, than on all of the EU's eastern borders put together !


Now here's a novel idea: Digitising Victorian-era stamp duty machines


Reminds me ..

Just like Postal Orders, for a 27p Postal order you got a 25p one with a 2p stamp on it.

The days of ordering 74 series TTL logic from Watford and Technomatic !

European MPs push for right to repair rules


I wouldn't worry too much

For regulations such as this, the UK will get what the EU gets even after Brexit. Samsung et al won't be producing a "Brexit Special Edition" of the Galaxy S13 or whatever. In fact the UK will have to toe the line on most EU product regs anyway after Brexit, in other words, obey the rules but have no say in their creation.

Take back control .. yeah right !

Hotheaded Brussels civil servants issued with cool warning: Leak


Re: That's not hot. This is hot.

Death Valley here... 40C isn't hot, try 50C you Aussie softie

It's all relative, this is a temperate climate we're talking about, 29C is hot.

Oil and lube firm offers to ease pains of frustrated office workers


It was ever thus....

I'd put money on the "Too Hot" / "Too Cold" split being aligned on the presence or absence of a Y chromosome in the complainant

Hyundai app security blunder allowed crooks to 'steal victims' cars'


Next car I buy

Next car I purchase will depend on the manufacturer giving me a declaration in writing that all this crap can be turned off on request. I just want a car with enough electronics to move and play music from CD/USB stick

Franken-firm DXC Technology is born today, the fun begins...


Re: God I hate that word ..

Just one of many !


God I hate that word ..

“we will be serving branded cupcakes for all”

It's a BUN, how the hell did English on this side of the water get polluted with words such as cupcake ????

Manufacturers reject ‘no deal’ Brexit approach


Re: Welcome to Trump.UK

"Why do you think the Common Travel Area that includes Ireland and the UK will have to end?"

Because the CTA has never existed where the UK and Republic of Ireland were in different border regimes. When it started both were independent states, all was fine. Then both were in the EU , all fine again. Now one will be in the EU other will be out, in that case keeping the CTA means the EU having to give unrestricted access to EU territory for non EU citizens, and vice versa, i.e. crossing the Irish "border" in either direction. I can imagine this will require a unanimous vote from the other 27 members before it will be permitted, and all it will take is Spain worried about possible implications for Catalonian independence or somthing like that to block it.

Can you ethically suggest a woman pursue a career in tech?


Re: "We need to promote women disproportionately, pay them equally or better..."

Ah the gender pay gap... median hourly rate for women must be equal to that for men, otherwise there is only one logical conclusion .. discrimination, nothing else can possibly explain this !

Absolute bollocks, see didn't even need the cough.

Prisoners' 'innovative' anti-IMSI catcher defence was ... er, tinfoil


Re: Porridge 2017 Script

I can't read that without hearing the voices of Ronnie Barker and Fulton MacKay !

Gov wants to make the UK the 'safest place in the world to go online'


Re: "Gov wants to make the UK the 'safest place in the world to go online"

"Something tells me this is PR and nothing else"

Sorry no this is something much more sinister. They are trying to establish the concept of protection as equivalent to restricting access. Once that idea settles in for the majority who don't care as long as they have Facebook, the valves will be slowly closed until we can only see what we are allowed to see.

High tides: Boffins spy on dolphins baked on poisonous piscines


Re: Further study required!

Bud Lite vs making love in a rowing boat .......

......They are both fucking close to water

HMS Queen Elizabeth is delayed, Ministry of Defence confesses


The French

Why didn't they just use the French Charles de Gaulle as a basis. Nuclear powered with cat's and a design ready to use. Same goes for Trident replacement, why the UK doesn't share their ballistic sub program with the French I just don't understand. Shared costs, independence from the US on missiles.

Of course then BAE wouldn't call the shots

Nuclear power station sensors are literally shouting their readings at each other


Re: Encrypted Morse code transmitted via sound

I think we're looking at DSP's etc. here, not a stringy piece of cable, attached to an old tape player with a dirty head, playing the lowest quality cassette media. However I agree that the audio spectrum tends to be full of audible, and inaudible crap, interesting how they will deal with that

NGO to crowdfund legal challenge against Investigatory Powers Act


Don't forget Gift Aid !!

There is a certain karma in claiming the tax back !

Anyway the whole saga goes to prove that more than anything, governments fear their own people.

British military laser death ray cannon contract still awarded, MoD confirms



"... projects like the Laser Directed Energy Weapon which will keep this country ahead of the curve."

Does every guvmint announcement now have to sound like a corporate tag line ??

Non-existent sex robots already burning holes in men’s pockets


Not in the UK ...

.. I'd bet everything I have that they would be banned as objectifying women or something like that. Can't have the girls thinking they are redundant other than for procreation.

All aboard the warship that'll make you Sicker


Helicopter carried on an open flight deck ?

On an offshore vessel . Surely some mistake .

Happy days for second-hand smartphone sales


Re: Market saturation again

From the down vote, looks like your ex is a Reg reader !

NASA gets last Pluto data


Re: I'm confused

I'd suggest some sort of compression was used, I'm sure this was all factored in at the start.

US judge rubber-stamps Volkswagen's 'Dieselgate' settlement


Re: Once was a Fan ...

Also petrol cars made until 2019 will be allowed to exceed emission limits by 50% under EU rules.

To be fair that's because petrol particulate emissions are already an order of magnitude lower than Diesel. Meeting new even lower levels has proven to be a bigger techical challenge than first thought, slapping on a filter as the Gruniad implies is not the whole story.

Twitter yanks data feeding tube out of police surveillance biz


Not quite ..

"It's like the cops observing a meeting in a public place, or a conversation on a public street"

It's more like It's like the cops being able to observe EVERY meeting in a public place, or EVERY conversation on a public street

Zombie Moore's Law shows hardware is eating software


Re: The software is still there

"And at the end of it they generally solve ONE problem. Now imagine a hardwired chip that had EVERY modern graphics algorithm built into it. Seeing my point?"

Jeez calm down, if you are a developer your output isn't going to be replaced by an FPGA anytime soon. The story is saying that hardware is more efficient in a lot of cases and these will increase. Nobody is saying that hardware can replace software, any more that they are saying that software is possible without hardware.


Re: The software is still there

"Any complex modern computer processor requires microcode to operate. Microcode is software."

ARM designs are supplied to licensee's with HDL descriptions of intsruction decode, these are then implemented directly in hardware