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US Senate passes USA Freedom Act – a long lip service to NSA reforms


One 'accidental' lapse and its "I told you so"

This is but a short lived 'victory'.

In a few months, maybe a year or two to be sure, there will be an act of 'terrorism' that will slip past the NSA and FBI 'Accidentally'.

An investigation will take place and it will be found that the alphabet agencies were unable to stop the event because they came up on a brick wall when trying to collect the required data.

Cue "we told you so" and the allowance of even greater surveillance, all in the name of protecting peoples freedoms.

It's FREE WINDOWS 10 time: 29 July is D-Day, yells Microsoft


Re: How many of you Windows user will be...

Well it will be my Birthday...so probably.

WOODEN computer chips reveal humanity's cyber elf future


Re: This is so exciting

How degrading.

Rand Paul stages Senate filibuster against Patriot Act


Re: not exaclty Stackhouse

Well if you're going to use one West Wing reference, you might as well get the full bag and remember to say that "what they meant was 'Buccaneer'.

Spotify springs bloody leak as losses grow to $197m – report


Re: Must be fucking nice

Not a fan of Ed Balls at all, but he doesn't get £80k redundancy. Suggest you don't read the Daily Mail.

He gets 1 month pay for each year he's been an MP upto 6 years, thats his redundancy. Otherwise he is entitled to upto £56k in expenses to shut down his offices, lay off staff, etc.

DARPA's made a SELF-STEERING 50-cal bullet – with video proof


No videos of the 'moving target' changing direction though. It's always on a straight and level trajectory.

I'd be interested to see a video where the 'target' moves left after moving right or up and down.

Easy ... easy ... Aw CRAP! SpaceX rocket ALMOST lands on ocean hoverbase


I'm just disappointed that they are not landing in some secret volcano base.

Elon Musk needs to work on his Bond Villain.

BBC waves £230m of feepayers' dosh at tech backbone deal


So, basic rule of building an effective and efficient team? Make sure the team consists of all the people needed to get the entire job done (preferably the minimum number).

And put them all in the same room.

By splitting up all these contracts into lots of small 'specialist' contracts, all they're doing is adding a massive amount of inefficiency into the process. I wonder if they will track how much time is wasted waiting for replies to queries and requests to/from other companies.

I can see huge out of date gantt charts on the walls now, and the words "oh well we are waiting on X to complete Y before we can continue...we've emailed them, but they haven't replied yet.".

Apple Watch: Wait a minute! This puny wrist-puter costs 17 GRAND?!


Re: Wonders what planet has 18 hour days....

So their 'medical' features don't even include a sleep tracker then?


Re: Wonders what planet has 18 hour days....

Apple are always leading the pack, i'm sure there will be an announcement soon enough with how they are speeding up earth's rotation ready for the watch launch.

In other news, all other apple products now have an extended battery life, last 1/4 more days.

Don't pay for the BBC? Then no Doctor Who for you, I'm afraid


Re: We should pay for TV we dont want

I haven't been to hospital since i had butterfly stitches at, probably, the age of 8. I don't smoke, I exercise regularly, I use a private dentist, 20:20 vision etc etc. But yet a good percentage of my salary goes to the NHS each month.

I've never called the police, my house has never burnt down, and when the grass over grows on the roadside near my house, i'll go out and cut it. But yet I still pay my council tax.

I dont watch alot of TV, infact I couldnt tell you when I last watched a BBC program myself, but I understand the importance of the BBC charter model. It is the only thing keeping good quality programs that appeal to ALL audiences, on the air. I'm not interested in University Challenge, but i'm happy to pay knowing that there are others out there, possibly less fortunate than myself, who DO enjoy watching it.

Look at Pay-per-view attempts at 'educational' programming. Track the History or National Geographic's channels show listings for the last 10 years and watch the slide into reality TV.


We should pay for TV we dont want

I'm desperatly against a pay-per-view model. It will result in 100 look-a-like program all trying to capture that magic formula for top viewing figures.

100 variations of Top Gear? No thanks.

It's vital that people don't have a choice where their money goes. Just because 1 million people watch Brian Cox's latest series, and 10 Million watch 'The Voice' or Strictly, does not mean that either of the latter shows are better and deserve more money.

Childrens programs, news, education, science etc will all be scrapped for 'Top Gear Overdrive' (A live top gear followup program), 'Call the Babysitter', and 'Strictly come Dancing, on ice, trampolene edition'

Don't touch me up there! Photoshop creator appeals for 'ethical' use


Defending Subsrcriptions

I use the folowing Adobe Products on a regular basis:






The current subscription model is the ONLY way i could afford to 'own' all these products.

I can easily budget a small monthly amount for it and know that every month or so i'll get new features to explore.

Before this, the one off cost of this package would simply be too expensive. I would have to download a torrent, then wait a year to get any new features (from the next version) and I wonder how many people who are complaining about the subscription model use an illegal version of the software anyway!

(Re)touching on a quarter-century of Adobe Photoshop


Adobe, masters of the trend

What impresses me most about Adobe is they are never behind for long.

A most recent example is Adobe Muse. It was clear that websites were getting more and more graphics-centric. Graphics artists, illustrators etc all want to create compelling websites/content but dont have the HTML skills to do it.

Adobe recognise this and develop Muse. A fantastic package for people like me who want a gorgeous website but don't know how to program it.

Some people might say that Adobe Flash was their first attempt at this sort of package but it was never designed to be used to create entire websites with. Graphic designers just saw what could be done with it and went mental.

The number of Flash websites that popped up almost overnight, and then disappeared just as quickly when they found their content was invisible to search engines. (and the rise of the search engine as the internet engine of choice).

Jupiter Ascending – a literally laughable train wreck of a film


Re: Isn't it amazing that...

Thirded? (Is that a thing?)

Saw Kingsmen yesterday and it is brilliant. It's a film that doesn't seem to know what it wants to be, and is a million times better for it!

One minute it's Austin Powers, the next it's Bourne Identity with moments of "jeez did Tarantino direct this?" violence. And it all melds together brilliantly becuase you don't know what you're going to get next.

SamSUNK! Korean giant's electronics biz takes punch to the smartphone profits


Re: @Truffle

Always nice to read a reply that isnt attributed to AC.

I agree with your points. Differentiation is key. Where Samsung have an opportunity that HTC, Hauwei et al. dont, is that they could, if they got their act together, create a decent eco-system.

They already build many of the 'things' in the new 'internet of things' wave. TV's, Fridges, Washing machines, Microwaves etc etc. That's what they should be focussing on, create the automated home with your Samsung Galaxy at the very heart of it.


Apple don't sell phones I want.

Also, Apple US Marketing spend on iPhone in 2013: $351m

Samsung US Marketing spend on ALL Samsung phone models in 2013 : $363m

(Wall Street Journal).


Yes :

Apple profit margin per phone : 40%

Samsung profit margin per phone : 7.5%

There's the problem.

Is it humanly possible to watch Gigli and Battlefield Earth back-to-back?


Adam Sandler

Bet you cant survive an Adam Sandler marathon.

Hola HoloLens: Reg man gets face time with Microsoft's holographic headset


Education just got more interesting

For me, the biggest winner in this technology would be teaching.

Imagine history lessons, where you don't learn about the Battle of the Bulge, but you walk around in it, experience it. Or stand in the crowd at a Martin Luther King speech.

Science lessons where you can explore the surface of planets....

97% of UK gets 'basic' 2Mbps broadband. 'Typical households' need 10Mbps – Ofcom


10Mbps? Luxury!

I live in the relative centre of Bristol (one of apparently our country's great tech cities). I live in a new housing estate built only 2.5 years ago. I live less than 50 metres from one of the nations largest and newest 'Superhospitals'. AND I live about 100 metres from the main fibre backbone that travels up the infamous Gloucester Rd.

My maximum broadband speed? 2Mbps.

In their vast wisdom, no one put down any new fibre when the housing estate was made, and the cabinet serving the estate, which sits just 50 metres from the main backbone, isnt wired up to it.

My heart bleeds for all the people living out in the middle of nowhere who can ONLY get 2Mbps. I live in one of the country's 'tech' cities, and i cant get any better either!

Forget the climate: Fatties are a much bigger problem - study


Muscle, not fat

Apart from one sentence at the end, the entire article misses the vital information that muscle weighs far more than fat. There are many, many people (especially as, in the last 5 years or so, people really are getting on the health 'bandwagon') like myself, who fall into the 'overweight' category despite having sub 15% bodyfat.

Whether the brackets for the height of people being measured is accurate, its a person's composition which vitally isn't measured in any way using BMI.

Amazon: Put our ALWAYS ON MICROPHONE in your house, please. WHAT?


Re: Lunacy

Good luck putting the entire breadth of human knowledge on your local hard drive.


Re: Lunacy

Its always connected to the cloud because you are really restricting you're potential customer base if you require users to own their own server farm.



Re: Well..

Saas Fee. Dullest ski holiday i've ever been on. (FYI)

ONE MILLION people already running Windows 10


Figure doesnt mean 1 million users

To say 1 million people have signed up to the insider program means little.

I have signed up to it, downloaded the UK version, and still haven't managed to install it after about 4 attempts.

On my test machine it gets to 3% before telling me that it couldn't install. Lets be honest, MS will have figures for :

Sign-ups (as shown)

Downloads Started

Downloads Completed

Installs started

Installs completed

User uptime.

It is interesting that they have only released the figure at the very top of the funnel.

Women! Worried you won't get that Job in IT? Mention how hot you are


Look in the mirror

Personality isn't genetic and you can go a long way with your looks simply with a gym membership and a decent idea of what to wear.

Blaming all your personal failings in life on "i'm not getting anywhere in life becuase i'm ugly" or "i'm not getting anywhere in life becuase i'm a unpersonable recluse", is laziness pure and simple.

Top 10 SSDs: Price, performance and capacity


If you're still 'considering' a SSD I am amazed. These have been available from numerous suppliers in a whole range of sizes and flavours for many years now. They have a dramatic impact on performance, more so than any RAM or CPU upgrade i've ever done.

Come on you luddites!

IRONY ALERT: Former MI6 chief warns of 'mass snooping' - by PAEDOS


Re: I think it's a fair point to some extent

Very true.

My girlfriend isnt stupid. She can speak 3 languages and has a Masters degree in International Communication. But i still had to stop her from posting up every detail of our recently booked holiday onto Facebook.

She hadn't considered that she was telling people exactly when my house would be empty and for how long for!

Ab phab: Apple is Britain's coolest brand YET AGAIN


Glass door?

Surely a glass door is relatively easy to break through.

Maybe its a Sapphire Glass door....but then it'd have to be a tiny door.

'Windows 9' LEAK: Microsoft's playing catchup with Linux


Says more about Reg readers

Who cares that Microsoft is now implementing this?

Its not like people have been screaming for it to start with, and by the looks of things its not Microsoft who are hailing it as some revolution like the numerous commentards above suggest.

These are leaked videos from unofficial sources.

Now, if Microsoft have a big fancy launch event and regale us with how this is the 'next wave in desktop' or whatever, then i retract my remarks but at the moment this is more about Reg readers seeing an opportunity to get on their high horses than M$ Marketing hyping up a non-feature.

Top Ten 802.11ac routers: Time for a Wi-Fi makeover?


Agreed. All this review shows is that if you want good wireless speeds you have to sit on top of the router.

Sneaker-maker Reebok cooks up performance-enhancing BACON


Re: What the hell is CrossFit?

CrossFit is to fitness, as Scientology is to religion.

So California is probably the best place for it to stay.

Microsoft unveils fondle-ready keyboards, mice


Round corners on the keyboard, watch out MS, Apple will have a patent for that.

Hyundai Veloster coupé


Why does the review keep on banging on about it's good looks?!

It's hideous!

Looks like the elephant man and Adele's love child. Woeful MPG as well for a small engined modern car. I drive a 300bhp, 2 litre turbo car, which is nearly 15 years old and I still see around 35mpg, the reviewer only got 38 in this heap (and i bet my 35 put alot more smiles on my face!).

Sitting down all day is killing you


Holy smokes

I was so shocked my this article...

I had to sit down.

1 euro in every 7 spent on a Visa card


What if..

But what if my phone battery has died and I need to buy a new phone battery?

Apple tops estimates with earnings leap of 118 per cent


Excellent news....

The irony is, if this was Microsoft making this level of profits, there would be Anti-competition lawsuits, European and US Federal judgements and Microsoft having to apologise for dominating a market with a single product.

Becuase its Apple though, they make nice shiny things which look pretty, awwwww they're fine. We dont want to sue them!

I wonder how long this attitude will last before Apple are seen as the mighty oppressive overlord.

Top techs preview CES 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017...



Jet Packs, Hover Boards, Skyways, and robot butlers of course! (for the consumer, not just proof of concepts)

Best-selling games of 2011 revealed


The results are heavily skewed surely. Just looking at the Top PC games shows Football Manager 2012 & 2011 as 1 and 2 respectively. Now lets be fair here, Football Manager 2011 would have gained sales from Jan-Dec. Whilst 2012 only Oct-Dec or Skyrim would be Nov-Dec!

Surely these results should be divided by the number of days in the year that the titles were actually on sale for?

Poll: One in six interrupt bonking to answer mobile


Have these people not heard of 'hands free'?

If not, they can enjoy some 'facetime' before they grab their phone and facetime.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Poor review, graet game

First off, i don't know how old the reviewer is but they write like they're still in school. No flow, no progression, it seems like each paragraph has been written by a different person!

Anyways, the game. It's brilliant. I'm not sure why so many people are having problems with it crashing, i have just let it auto choose my graphics settings (high apparently) and jumped in to the game. It has not crashed once in about 48 hours of game-play. The only thing it doesnt like is if you alt-tab out of the game then it wont reload when you alt-tab back.

As for the comments of making it MMO? I pray that they NEVER make a MMO Elder Scrolls game. It fantastic as it is, and being able to take your time and do what you like is what makes these games special. Having groups of kids running round killing you and nicking your stuff all the time when all you wanted to do was walk across from one village to the next would remove any enjoyment for the average gamer.

There are so many "wow" moments in Skyrim that you just dont get anywhere else. In how many other games can you come over a hillside and see a giant herding woolly mammoths like sheep?!

Keep doing what you're doing, just make the games bigger and more beautiful, and let me get lost in them for weeks.

BioWare Baldur's Gate


You cant say that!

"No two trees are alike"...written directly above a couple of screenshots clearly showing 2 identical tress. :)