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Using group policy: GPOs good, scripts much better

Adam Shailes
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The power of ZEN

You can't beat the power of ZenWorks even in AD driven environments.

No eDirectory required now as well.

ZCM 11 is looking sweet.


Novell seeks rich suitors

Adam Shailes

More FUD... Novell techology is way ahead of the competition!

Novell today is still making worthy contributions to this sector. Its only FUD that archs on about the past that at every point people try and write Novell off.

Lets take the three following:

NSS (Novell Storage Services) is far more adavanced the NTFS. If I have a folder that has lots of files/sub folders on a OES 2 Linux or NetWare Volume) and I assign a file rights its just done. Do that on even the latest verison of Server 2008 and I can make lots of cups of tea whilst I wait for it to happen.

Need to get workstations to Windows 7, ZCM 10 (Zenworks 10) can with a few clicks, can take all the personal settings of a Windows machine, then auto reimage that machine with Windows 7 and then restore the personal settings.

eDirectory winds hands down on perforance and time to replicate changes compeared to AD.

Having just attended Brainshare Amsterdam, Novell still has clients and its winning business. So ratter then speard the fud, check out what it can do for you.


Google's email service goes down

Adam Shailes

Cloud uptime not as good as Google blog it then..?


"Looking just at the unplanned outages that catch IT staffs by surprise, these results suggest Gmail is twice as reliable as a Novell GroupWise solution, and four times more reliable than a Microsoft Exchange-based solution that companies must maintain themselves."

Funny I still have access to my Novell GroupWise account today and so do the X number of clients we support on their own systems and less downtime then GMail in the last 12 months by the sound of it!

Figures and stats are fun :)

Lenovo ThinkPad T61

Adam Shailes

Linux Preinstalled Option.

Richard Neill wrote:

(7)Still no option to buy with Linux preloaded, or no OS.

Lenovo do sell Thinkpads now with Novell SLED 10 preinstalled.

Sent from a X60 running with Novell SUSE Enterprise Linux Desktop 10 running.

Lenovo ditches IBM from ThinkPad early

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Lenovo to ship Linux laptops

Adam Shailes

Wonder about ThinkVantage Technologies?

Suse Enterprise Linux Desktop 10, happens to be what clients are asking us to deploy! Its also a good desktop. Lenovo make good desktops and laptops. Couldnt be better news.

Fingers cross they bring more of the ThinkVantage Technologies over to Linux as well. Its the one key feature missing when running anything other then Windows on a Thinkpad. (Currenty only ThinkVantage Access Connections for Linux exists).

Novell opens office for SMBs

Adam Shailes

Because the Novell Editon of OpenOffice comes with:

Because the Novell Editon of OpenOffice comes with:

Support from Novell

Starts faster on Windows then the opensource verison

Has better VB support

Has the same common fonts as windows

Does not screw all my fonts/page margins up from word docs.

And 100s of other fixes from Novell engineers and the community which will make its way into the version on OpenOffice.org some time in the next year!

Novell are no angel but its history and enterprise skillset make Linux cool, hence why we are slowy able to migrate our clients off windows desktops.

We wouldnt be doing the migration work we are doing today if Novell didnt have a Linux Desktop or a version of OpenOffice!

Supported Linux, Linux thats enterprise and small business ready means more users and a smaller server and desktop share for Microsoft.

All good in my eyes.


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