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Tell us we're all doomed, MPs beg climate scientists


Unfortunately very few of the brightest go into politics.

Ellison ditches own cloud keynote for billionaires' America's Cup boat race


All play and no work makes Larry a... very rich man?

New social network is for DEAD PEOPLE


Burn It

Think I will carry on looking for dead people on Wikipedia, which it seems is where this website has scraped most of its content from.

ps. I can see all the dead people (and the uprights) without logging in at all. But perhaps this is actually a tick in the "Facebook-like security" box?

Windows Media Center EPG has SWITCHED OFF, wail Euro users

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yet more pseduo-news with a ridiculous headline

Who is wailing exactly? People running Windows Media Center on Vista/XP? Windows 7 was released over 3 years ago - it must have crossed these user's minds that they might have to upgrade at some point...

It's time to end the Windows Wait


rubbish article

Look, here's a £100K car, it goes much faster than that £20K car. Let's write an article about how everyone MUST buy a £100K car.

Is that it. Yawn.