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Trousers Brown Counterpoint: Is Gordon right?

Steven Pepperell

@Food by Sail

Yar....I be thinking this is a great idea. Cause once again being a pirate would be a valuable career choice. Away from all these pesky ninjas!

Mines the one with the 2 pistols and the cutlass, and yes thats my parrot drinking all the rum.

Bic punts 'disposable' pre-charged phone

Steven Pepperell


...Hopefully this will differ from their razors and wont rip the face off you.

Heart because using bic's results in blood loss

Apple iPhone 3G

Steven Pepperell
Paris Hilton

The video review would of been so much better......

...if his beard was set on fire. Goateess can be good, or like this guy they can be teh spawn of satan himself.

Also WTF is this doing on the Reg. Im a proud reader of El Reg, but guys and gals we dont want a review buy some halfwit gadget show host. We want the full on technical orgy that only a geek review can give.

Mind you wouldnt never think about buying it anyway.

Paris, cause when she does a video you get what you want...

Asda declares baby's arse 'pornographic'

Steven Pepperell

To be fair...

would you eat a cake with a big arse on it?

Gov claims 'password protection' OK for sensitive docs

Steven Pepperell


....take there latops off them. We all pay for them to have second houses so they can be close to 'the office' so make them bloddy go there to work instead! as last they cant leave a desktop on the train!.

Wouldnt of happen with John Prescott......he'd have eaten it first.

Foldable sports plane gives Everyman a chance at crashing

Steven Pepperell

Optional extras

Hellfires anybody?

Mines the one with the minigun ammo in the pocket

American auto dealer offers free handguns

Steven Pepperell

@Sigh, perspective, etc.

I completely agree mate,

Just one minor point tho.. regarding smuggling stuff into Britian.....do you know how much heroin gets shipped here every day!

STOP Dont do drugs kids

The economy: A big Arab did it and ran away, claims PM

Steven Pepperell

$135 a barrel...

...and thats cutting me own throat

Wait a sec this is 2008....where is my damn hoverboard!!!!!

Joining Virgle is looking very appealing right now

Life a mess? The Moderatrix can help

Steven Pepperell

@Chirpy Breakfast Companion


'ah, so your a waffle man!!!'

Son of 419 victim contacts El Reg

Steven Pepperell


-- Spare Change, Guv'?

Fedora 9 - an OS that even the Linux challenged can love

Steven Pepperell

@Looks Good

with grep and sed and htop so it looks pretty while is curning away.

Apple blocks cheaper UK iPod sales

Steven Pepperell

@Ownership Rights

should'nt that be iPawned

World Bank chief: Ethanol cars run on human misery

Steven Pepperell

its cool

cause we wont need cars anyway cause soon we will be the oxen pulling the cart of our lizard lords and masters.

BOW DOWN!!!!!!

US war robots in Iraq 'turned guns' on fleshy comrades

Steven Pepperell
Black Helicopters

Killware 2.5

...is shareware we HIGHLY suggest to give us $20000 by paypal if you like this program....you do like the program DON'T YOU!

No sense of humour? Avoid Bootnotes

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Paris Hilton

IT angle thing..

If anybody ever wonder where the IT angle is just remember due to the nature of angles....they're all around us

mines the one at 90º

Paris cause she spends most of her life at 180º and the rest in degrees of stupidity

Only Ubuntu left standing, as Flash vuln fells Vista in Pwn2Own hacking contest

Steven Pepperell
Black Helicopters

@Damian Gabriel Moran

I was going to say use Links but thought somebody would mistake it for something else. I was wrong, theres always one.

Black Helichopers, cause Damian the pun police are after you! :P

Steven Pepperell

One way to be safe from flash exploits

Use Lynx!

No ads!

Works with El Reg!

What else do you need!

Tengu - the PC pal

Steven Pepperell
Paris Hilton


incredibly s1ht is that. at least usb missle launchers are fun. this thing is just pointless

Paris cause shes more useful

Sharpcast syncs PCs, Macs and mobiles

Steven Pepperell
Paris Hilton

Re: "PCs"

I would love to hear how you worked this out.

Paris cause even she knows a PC can run Linux

Denmark signs up for wind powered electric car switch

Steven Pepperell

Dong Energy

I suppose there British version would be Johnson and Johnson

Coat, That'll be the Columbo style mac please

Blunkett gets another job

Steven Pepperell

@Dog column?

"He also has a column in The Sun alongside his guide dog."

"What does his guide dog write about?"

Life with Blunkett I would imagine, the sites that dog must of seen, I dont envy it.

HP goes octal with workstations

Steven Pepperell

@ Colonel Zander

yeah totaly dude. Imagine what this could do in Linux ( Peace :P)

Hitachi halves hard drive head size

Steven Pepperell

@Forget new drive head technologies...


Ian McKellen keen to reprise Gandalf

Steven Pepperell

Driving Instructor

Just had a thought that Gandalf would make a brilliant driving instuctor for neds/chavs


Road pricing 'back-burnered' by Brown gov't

Steven Pepperell


"I don't think you realise how many artics it takes to keep just one supermarket going for a week"

Yeah, wouldn't need many if we got rid of 75% of cars. as i could only buy 2 bags of shopping cause i would have to carry them on to the bus. plus it would currently take me 3 buses and about an hour to get to said supermarket in the first place.

Or i could drive......

I use the train when i can but public transport is useless in my area so i need to drive to the train station. My thoughts normally go to de-privatising buses and trains but with our current government im not so sure that's a good idea...

However if sombody starts a petition on removing show off 4x4's (not defenders, but hulking big BMW's with low profile tyres, which are really good when you hit mud honest :-E and that just to ship little Johnny to school cause its all of 2 mins down the road, yes i walked to school and my legs havnt fallen off YET!).....continues have a mutley moment

AOL axes another 2,000 jobs

Steven Pepperell
Paris Hilton


I do feel sorry for the employees being laid off is crap.....but so are AOL

MIT builds load-carrying mechanical boots

Steven Pepperell


where is the add on minigun turret? or space marine esk armor?

American-style casino opens in Iraq

Steven Pepperell

Will the americans ever leave...

Place your bets....

Canonical and VMware team on mini-Ubuntu

Steven Pepperell

Sound like...

a excuse to order more hardware on the El Reg petty cash if you ask me......good job

Windows Genuine Advantage cries wolf (again)

Steven Pepperell


"yet I was here at 3am ringing up an Indian bloke to exchange 48-digit codes at a sluggish pace "

"Could you please enlighten me what exactly is wrong with the bloke being Indian here?"

Nothing wrong being Indian, lots wrong with hiring anybody with a heavy accent on a english helpline. Plus tbh the M$ call center dont do anything, you could tell them that you've copied the cd so many times you changed your name to Mr Warez FTW and they would still say "ok sir thats been activated for you...(cont. script)"

Acer countersues HP in PC patent row

Steven Pepperell

well done

on the flowchart, but i do have one question

Where was the iPhone, or even Paris Hilton WITH a iPhone?

Joking aside more of this kinda thing, how knows whats next BOFH the comic

Apple emasculates the iPhone

Steven Pepperell

i Joke

What did the Mexican buy from the Apple store....

A iiiPod

NASA preps robots for future fake moon landings

Steven Pepperell

The bit at the end

sounds rather alot like discworld, I take it El Reg are fans


Microsoft Windows patent will spy for advertisers

Steven Pepperell

maybe im getting the wrong end of the stick

But if somebody asks me to buy software with ads in it they can fluck off, everyday M$ turn me into a bigger Linux user.

The simple fact is PEOPLE HATE ADS and at M$'s prices why should we put up with them. I don’t care if there of interest to me because I can bet there not going to be. If im interested in buying something I go looking for it. For example no matter how many ads I see for vista im not going to buy it cause its crap

While where talking about ads El Reg, what with all the smut filled ads on your page lately, im supposed to be able to read this site at work. Without getting fired!

BBC Trust to hear open sourcers' iPlayer gripes

Steven Pepperell


Ladies and Gents,

It’s perfectly simple; make it into something like this http://www.jalipo.com/epg/

Make sign up based on licences (ie no licence no account) this mean DRM isn’t needed

Cross compatible


No huge downloads

MS update sends PCs 'haywire'

Steven Pepperell

as the saying goes...

you cant polish a turd

Belkin builds download 'speedometer' into next-gen Wi-Fi box

Steven Pepperell


if my son bought a mac i would dis-own him as well :P j/k

US man flies 193 miles in deckchair

Steven Pepperell

To give the guy his dues

Its got fluckload more leg room than easyjet :P

Boffins go dotty over quantum teleportation

Steven Pepperell


are you on crack?

Britney's new album title - can you help?

Steven Pepperell


3 Barbers and a baby

To baldly go..

Bury me in a Y shape coffin

Crazy 2 (For real)

3 adds video to the Groove

Steven Pepperell

yeah but...

seems like a rip off to me. your could get a very much more enjoyable and longer lasting starbucks for that. Do they charge you data rate to download it as well?