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Fake ATM scam rumbled by Defcon hackers

Rich Davies

RE: Fishy

I'm sure a room full of hackers can tell the difference between a computerised ATM, and a Personal Computer.

Like maybe the fact that the 'PC' had a Dell sticker on the front.....

Hackers scalp StrongWebmail to claim cash prize

Rich Davies
IT Angle


When theres a cash advantage to hack an account, then anyone could offer to split the prize with a member of staff at StrongWebMail.

Thats why they banned paying an insider.

Social engineerign hacks can never be stopped. They were just trying to prove that the system is as secure as it can be....

and failed

Israeli Linux fan squeezes Windows refund out of Dell

Rich Davies

This is until....

Vendors get smart and offer 'free' versions of Vista. No refunds then eh

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices

Rich Davies

Blast from the past

Does anyone remember back when XP was younger?

'You can take my win2k, as soon as you prise it from my cold, dead harddrive'

'XP is soooooooooo buggy, and eats all my RAM'

'SP1a? why not make sure the service pack works teh first time'


I have seen the future

'Why should I upgrade from Vista, its m$'s most stable Windows version'

The thing is, noone in their right mind upgrades their PC from WinXP to Vista, as chances are, your PC is more than a few months old. Vista is built to utilise *new* hardware. Aero *does not* slow down your PC unless your GPU is not up to scratch. In 2 years time, the spec of the PCs will easily handle Vista at full pelt. If Vista was built to work on Joe Averages PC (like Linux), then a new version would need to be avaialble every 6 months (like Linux)

When 'God Machines' go back to their maker

Rich Davies

iPhone Vs All other phones

Isn't it funny that when Nokia release a phone, because thats all the iPHONE is, you don't have hundreds of Nokia fanboys arguing how its going to change the world.

Yahoo! fixes bug that gave free rein to user accounts

Rich Davies


Rein: to curb; restrain; control.


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