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Wintel must welcome Androitel and Chromtel into cosy menage – Intel


not sure if Antel of indroid has the same ring to it.

Bill Gates orders hitman to kill right-hand man Steve Ballmer


Imagination land and the Somalian pirates were my fave :)

BT Sport scores own goal with £897m Champions League footie rights deal


We had BT vision etc, it was shit!

Wanted to go to virgin but cant get it around here so am now with sky, it makes me sick that even though I have left BT, they get my money in some way.

It's Grand Theft Auto 5 day: Any of you kids remember GTA the First?



Not as good as Carmageddon at the time but still a brilliant waste of time.

Samsung to bring 55-inch MONSTER curvy-telly to the UK


The should peel the samsung logo off and put an Apple logo on, then it will sell in huge numbers at that price. :)

Google cursed its own phones with wacked Wi-Fi, say Nexus users


My nexus 4 hasn't crashed at all since 4.3 if anything the WiFi seems much better

Microsoft: That $900m Surface write-down is smarting


We bought one direct as a Pool device running alongside our Ipads and Android devices. It was really well received at first as the best of both worlds, usefulness of a laptop and convenience of a tablet. As time has gone on, it is gathering dust and no-one uses it.

Google lifts skirts, reveals Play All Access to UK market


It is a bit of a pain in the neck to find it on the browser and I had to sign out and back in again on my mobile to access it.

Galaxy S4 phondleslab selling like lukewarm cakes, analysts reckon


cant say I know anyone with an S4 but know lots with an S3 on 24 month contracts

Considering most contracts are 2 years, I can say I am surprised it would affect sales of a new phone 12 month later and considering the numerous amounts of market research I have seen (and of all the people i know) people who buy Android powered phones are less likely to have money (or desire/stupidity) to purchase the latest and greatest each year compared to apple fans.

Galaxy S4 way faster than iPhone 5: Which?


I wouldn't say my Nexus 4 performs quite as fast as an iphone 5 - Not that i would expect it to given the price difference

First look: iOS 7 for iPad


Keyboard has more than a passing resemblance to Vanilla Android.

Samsung wins Apple MacBook contract, starts spitting out PCIe SSDs


Be interested to see how much that Mac book air will cost.

Fasthosts CEO Burton hits alt-F4 for last time at web biz


I am sure this is probably going to get loads of negative comments but we use Fasthosts as one of our hosting partners for our clients on a budget and I honestly cant fault them.

Much better than some of the other cheaper suppliers out there.

Service was always good for me but is excellent now.

What's big, rich and goes down on you in every department? BT


Probably the worst company in the world to deal with based on my experience.

Crims take to Facebook to flog ZeuS kits


Luckily, you have to cycle through hundreds of status updates and all the random spam adverts to so chances are that no-one saw it.

Microsoft carves out 'niche' in tablets, says numbers chap


Re: Growing market...

I read

"carves out 'niche' in tablets"


"We can't sell them no matter how hard we try, how do we put a positive spin on it"

On a plus note, we have loads of Ipads and Androids in my work, we are introducing a few surface devices and give them their due, they have been well received as useful devices and they are alot easier to manage :)

Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal



O2 used to be brilliant for me, Sky was not so great, I would be upset if i was still with O2

The official iPhone actually runs Android - in Brazil


The worlds best iphone?

Android? Like Marvin the robot? Samsung eclipses Google OS - Gartner


Wonder what would happen if they branded one of their windows phones as a galaxy, would everyone instinctively go out and buy it?

Yahoo! strikes! display! ad! deal! with! boss's! old! boss! Google!


Re: and so the takeover begins...

Yagoo! ???

Google donates 15,000 Raspberry Pis to UK schools


alot of the schools around my area buy lots of Ipads (despite being strapped for cash) so kids are taught alot about media consumption, i think it is a great idea to fill schools IT departments up with these things, the amount of kids that are still coming out of school into an office environment that have very poor IT skills is ridiculous.

In my school, our IT lessons consisted in how to use MS office and we had to follow specific instructions. I can safely say that I learnt nothing about computers in school.

O2 refuses to deny plans to offload home broadband product


O2 Broadband for me was excellent.

Sony PS3 extends lead over Microsoft's Xbox 360 by a cool million


@pear My PS3 is also a feature rich blu-ray player lol, I prefer my 360 as all my friends are on there and the controller is a better fit for my hands, the PS controller give me hand cramp.

How an Amazon engineer's slip-up started a 20-hour Netflix cock-up


I am glad I am not that man (or woman)!

Samsung, LG 'lose confidence' in OLED TV tech


That decides it then, that spare £10k I had sitting in my change jar on the mantle piece will be better spent elsewhere.

RIM is really in trouble when even Windows Phone 8 looks great


Although I am not overly keen on the devices, life in the IT management department was much easier when we had blackberries, Goddam you.... progression :)

Samsung Google Nexus 10 tablet review


iOS is very difficult to manage in a corporate environment in my opinion.

Apple, Spotify, Amazon: All your Cloud are belong to us, says firm


Windows Phone 8 reboot woe causes outpouring of forum misery


My SGS i9000 Android phone reboots every now and again usually while the web browser is crashing but I still love it :)

Curiosity finds . . . wait for it . . . a ROCK on MARS!


Why do they call it a Rover?

Is it because they are not initially sure if it will make it to its destination and once it gets there they are not sure how long it will last before it no longer works.

Samsung says 'yes' to iPhone 5-sized Galaxy S III


Yey, hope it comes out in the UK, i have been looking for a top end 4" Android phone to replace my SGS i9000. the 4" form is perfect for me. Only thing that lets my phone down is that it is getting a little slow.

I was even considering Iphone. Now I can potentially have an amazing 4" phone without breaking the bank.

Google sneaks in back door, slips YouTube onto iPhone 5


All the apple fans in my work are expecting more of the same so no one is overly excited.

I guess people assume Apple have become predictable/boring???

Hopefully they will release something that will blow everyone away but i think the current hardware is already really good, I think the visual evolution of the operating system has let it down a little as it has hardly changed in looks since the day it was released I will be interested to see what happens.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hands-on review


Great device

My brother has the original and no matter how fantastic it is, he is a laughing stock when he gets it out due to its sheer size.

Google unleashes Chrome 19, flattens 20 bugs


To AndrueC, I do alot of browser testing etc for my job, I must say, for all its faults (which there dont seem to be many compared to others), I have not personally experienced any slowdown or freezing.

I have it running on my personal laptop, which is the slowest in the world and it is so much faster than IE or chrome.

BMW recalls 1.3m motors over fire risk


You have to applaud companies like this who risk damaging their brand to fix a fault.

I would be more inclined to buy one than if they denied a problem

Inspiration Works intros Android tablet for tykes


I like!

Trevor and chums tackle IT certification


I think alot of the certification, especially the Microsoft Stuff isn't necessarily about learning how to use a computer etc, you are learning how to answer Microsoft's exam papers.

I have worked as a techie for over 10 years and still struggle to understand how they get some of their answers. I know alot of people just brain dump the lot which is a shame as my windows 2000 MCSE used to be quite a good qualification

San Diego woman strips to bikini to look for her chihuahua



This post is useless without pictures (providing she is hot.)

Fasthosts downed by dicky Dell switch


Mine wasnt down for long

Think i had outage for around 20 mins last night.

No-one can be as bad as Webfusion though for their VPS'. Mine used to go offline weekly, lost me a client. Apart from this hiccup I have been very happy with Fasthosts and will continue to use them.