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Sony Pictures MEGAHACK: Securobods pull out probes, analyse badness

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Format *.*

Format *.*

Eh? what is this tripe? An explanation for new DOS users?

The micro YOU used in school: The story of the Research Machines 380Z

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Re: Crashed it?

Ah yes I remember too now you mention it. Used to love fiddling with the front panel as a nipper.

What were the calls to set the screen up? call("resolution",1,3); or something similar?

Royston cops' ANPR 'ring of steel' BREAKS LAW, snarls watchdog

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Don't worry Tubbs, they won't get far...

Anons: We milked Norks dry of missile secrets, now we'll spaff it online

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"Oh good people of North Korea, it is time to wake up. Soon you will experience a new culture, and your worthless leadership will be recognised by everyone. Come and join us!"

And exchange your admittedly flawed regime (possibly the last which is NOT controlled by the western markets) for the good old free market where we can at last assimilate you into the rest of the world. That way you can perform human rights abuses and no one will point the finger at you as naughty commies any more.


Reg readers brew up the ultimate cuppa

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Well I'm glad to see the YT supporters weighing in, it is the superior blend.

And yes it is marvellous brewed with soft water (ours is beautifully filtered through millstone grit).

No-one seems to have mentioned that it is imperative that the water be boiling when added, not slightly off the boil, but still trying to leap from the kettle spout. once applied a quick whizz of the teaspoon and allow it's penultimate gyrations to becalm. then 2 minutes of sitting, another flick of the spoon, SQUEEZE (yes I said it) then flick the teabag into the bin from the furthest distance possible (creates a beautiful beige pattern behind the binlid), and add your choice of poisons (M+2S is my preference), if however you are feeling particularly decadent, then you may add an ASDA extra-special range Darjeeling to the mix for the real prince of teas.

Burglar steals $60,000 of computers from Steve Jobs' home

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High value items

It doesn't sound like that much to me, if you spec up a top of the line powermac, that can come to about $13k, so a couple of them and you're half way there.

Smartphones to supersede games consoles?

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Well I've heard this before I think, it sounds like Sega's Dreamcast pipedream again, or the use-your-PSP-as-a-controller flop, a pretty idea until you start to imagine the problems associated with using you phone. It didn't work for dedicated controlers (DC, PSP) , and is less likely to be popular when someone rings you as you're about to finish that final level of Gradius MCMLV 3D Extreme (or whatever)

Beeb measures Blighty in doormats

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Septic measurements?

So auntie beeb is now using the short scale like our septic cousins over the pond? Im sure this will make the recession seem a little less significant if very one imagines we're a thousand times better off...