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Philips Cinema 21:9 Gold 50in ultra widescreen TV

Really? I need a "handle"?

Shame that more and more films are being made in 16:9

The Kings Speech being one that sticks in my mind. Next time you go to the cinema and the curtains don't draw back that little bit more either side when the actual film starts, that's because the director has made the film in 16:9 - the normal TV size. Presumably to look better on DVD, Blu-ray and TV. I think it's a real shame as 21:9 (or whatever the exact ratio is) is much more immersive. But, admittedly, only when on a bigger TV or at the cinema. And even if a film is 21:9 at the cinema, lots of DVD/Blu-ray versions of films are then "panned-and-scanned" from 21:9 to 16:9. E.g. Back To The Future. Shame, as I really want to be able to justify buying one of the beauties!

Another reason to jail-break your iPhone 4: You can get Siri

Really? I need a "handle"?

"...from iPhone 4" doesn't make sense.

OK I am being a pedant here but "Apple withheld Siri from iPhone 4" should read "Apple withheld Siri from the iPhone 4". A phone is a discrete item, not a continuous one. In the same way that "a sheet a paper", is different to "paper". I love Apple, but it really gets on my wick how they are trying to change the basics of English to suit them and it seems to be working.


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