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'Secret Pentagon papers' show China hacked into Patriot missile system

Ageless Stranger

Why are these "secret" files available via a public network? You would think that they would be on a closed network

Ed Miliband brands Google's UK tax avoidance 'WRONG'

Ageless Stranger


What about Apple's tax avoidance?

Is Mr Miliband a fanboi?

Dunkin' Donuts temps S Korea with ultrasonic tags

Ageless Stranger

...eating baked goods for breakfast with ultrasonic tags...


Jokes of no more than 2 lines

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What's the definition of faith?

Something you wash with thoap

Is this the first ever web page? If not, CERN would like to know

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Re: Surely this is all recorded

I don't see how, the wayback machine started in 2002


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Re: For anyone who wants to hear the sound of a male Gelada

or simply listen to any song by Justin Bieber

Ageless Stranger

missing link between human speech and monkey chatter


ANCIENT CURSED RING known to TOLKIEN goes on display

Ageless Stranger

My wedding ring

was ancient and cursed

Roomba dust-bust bot bods one step closer to ROBOBUTLERS

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Re: The ability-

It's vital if you are blind and would rather not wipe your arse with pringles

TodDANG! Rampaging monkeys storm Indonesian village

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Re: Shakespere to the rescue

I'm sure they could knock out a new (better) version of windows in half the time it would take to write a sonnet.

Just too damn lazy to reach your phone? Pick up the remote

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What if you are too lazy to pick up the remote?

Will there be a remote for the remote?

I can see this getting recursive.

Facebook tests paid post promotion

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Thumb Down

Theres a better way to tell your friends

Tell your friends, that's it, it's simple, effective and more importantly FREE!

Ape Apps help Orangutans talk to people

Ageless Stranger


How many times have the apes selected this number?

Sega squirts urinal game console onto shop shelves

Ageless Stranger

This story is exactly one month too late

nuff said

Basic instinct: how we used to code

Ageless Stranger

running into a shop and typing

10 print "Program: Elite 2"

20 randomize usr 1310

on a spectrum, leaving the confused shop keep thinking Elite 2 is out

US doc finally fingers elusive G-spot

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Re: Is it only dead women..

And feminists too (apparently)

Ten... eight-bit classic games

Ageless Stranger

Where was Jet Set Willy

Surely that was the pinnacle of Speccy gaming?

Life on Mars found – in 1976

Ageless Stranger

Thanks El Reg!

I now have a David Bowie ear worm, you have ruined my weekend

Windows XP support ends two years from now

Ageless Stranger

Support will end?

How many times have they come up with this line? I'll believe it when Ronald McDonald is prime minister!

Florida man 'fesses to naked Scarlett Johansson outrage

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Playmobil or it didnt happen

Met plod will use 1980s software to police Olympics

Ageless Stranger

Will it be running on a ZX spectrum?

No 10 develops Terminator iPad app 'to fire ministers'

Ageless Stranger

...and are we as honest tax paying citizens expected to foot the bill for the exquisite random number generator?

GIANT blood-guzzling Jurassic fleas ambushed dino prey

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Re: Not for the squeamish

They are called politicians. A name formed from the root words poly - meaning many and ticks - which are these so called blood sucking insects.

Apple issues invitations to March 7 iPad roll-out

Ageless Stranger

Oooh oooh! I'm so excited, I've got to get myself one of...oh look doughnuts!

Rhapsody nabs Napster UK

Ageless Stranger

I wonder if they will host any Metallica

Fire bad!

McDonald's punters offered sex in exchange for Chicken McNuggets

Ageless Stranger

All she said was "would you like a job blowing this? It's too hot"


Rock star physicist Cox: Neutrinos won't help us cheat time

Ageless Stranger

The answer to time travel

88 mph

Everyone knows that...

Half of Britain now owns a smartphone

Ageless Stranger

Owning a smartphone does not make the average brit smarter

...however they seem to think it does...

Steve Jobs' last words: 'OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.'

Ageless Stranger

He saw a google fondeslab

Maybe someone playing with the latest Android OS caught his eye......