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El Reg needs you – to help build an automated beer-transporting robot


Think big ...

Alton Towers have a restaurant where the food is delivered from the kitchen to each table on a maze of overhead Roller Coaster tracks ... complete with loops and a person with a long stick for when it gets jammed.

Soup is delivered in caraffes with a well-sealed lid. Beer unfortunately only comes in bottles.


Survey: Tech workers are terrified they will be sacked for being too old



When ever you hear youngsters bosting how great life is now with PCs, the internet and mobile phones etc, just remind them that it was all invented years ago by wrinklies like ourselves.

AWS's S3 outage was so bad Amazon couldn't get into its own dashboard to warn the world


Re: The last voice command ever

I had exactly the same, which seems odd if it's only one region in the US that failed. Do they not have local copies of Amazon Prime music in the UK?

KCL staff offered emotional support, clergy chat to help get over data loss


Have they contacted GCHQ? Surely they have a copy of it all.

India orders 770 million LED light bulbs, prices drop 83 per cent


Re: Well even the simplest ones are a start

I bought some of the Poundland LED lamps. They all failed after just a few weeks.

Like most others, they used a series capacitor to limit the current, followed by a bridge rectifier and electrolytic smoothing capacitor, which is perfectly adequate and pretty efficient at these low powers.

However - instead of using an aluminium backed printed circuit board to take away the heat of the LEDs, they used the lower cost SRBP (Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper) circuit board, which resulted in the LEDs severely overheating.

Brit censors endure 10-hour Paint Drying movie epic


Nice work if you can get it

So they've just paid someone nearly £6000 to watch television for 10 hours?

It's probably more interesting than the rubbish on the cable/satellite channels.

Forget infrasound, now it's ultrasound that's making you ill (allegedly)


There's a company which is hoping to use ultrasonic energy to charge mobile phones wirelessly ...


They are proposing to use sound levels of 145 to 155 dB.at 45kHz to 75kHz ... millions of times more than we are ever likely to get from normal sources, yet no-one will mind because it will let them spend more time on facebook and twitter complaining about it.

Get an Apple Watch or die warns Tim Cook


Re: Alternative View?

> Now where is the live in doctor when I need one?

That didn't do Michael Jackson much good.

Random car shutdowns force Toyota to recall Prius hybrids - AGAIN


Have you tried switching it off and on?

Virgin Media keeps mum as punters fume at crippled web access


No problem here, move along please.

Wonder if they've just fixed it, or it affects just some customers? I can access Stackoverflow.com just fine in Manchester with Virgin Media.

I've had the 100 Meg Fibre To the Cabinet / Coax to the house for several years now, and have had virtually 100% reliability, and speeds which rarely drop below 75Meg even at peak times.

I raise my glass to Mr Branson!

Virgin Media wipes out websites with routing blackhole


Ah Ha!

That explains it.

I was unable to get into "The Register" from home (Manchester), all last weekend. Most other sites were OK, so I was blaming yourselves. Sorry.

I must admit that I've been very impressed with Virgin so far (I must be the lucky one?). I rarely get less than 80MB download speed, and reliability has been excellent (Touch wood)


Official: Kindles get heavier as you add e-books


Font Size

Ah yes, but if the book was used a smaller font size, would it be lighter?


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